Mantis X Plus – Kaabo’s Newest 48V Scooter

by Nathan Schaumann

Kaabo has a fantastic scooter lineup, from the nimble Mantis 8 to the off-roading champion Wolf King GTR, an off-roading champion. And now, the Mantis X Plus.

The all-new Mantis X Plus, is aiming to be a premium-quality 48V scooter that fills in the gap nicely between the existing Mantis 8 & 10 models and the beefier Wolf scooters.

After doing some research and checking out the pictures, we are expecting this scooter to be a great mid-tier option. We especially love the features such as adjustable suspension and a gorgeous display. Let’s dive in deeper to the specs, and the things we love and hate about this scooter so far.

Although the Mantis X Plus isn’t on sale yet, you can pick up the Mantis King GT on Voro Motors.
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Kaabo MANTIS X PLUS electric scooter


  • Speed: 31 mph
  • Range: 47 miles (claimed)
  • Battery: 48V, 18.2Ah
  • Charging time: 6.5 hours
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Max Rider Load: 265 lbs
  • Motor: 500W x 2 (2200W combined peak power)
  • Tire: 10 x 2.5 inch pneumatic


  • NFC card reader
  • Huge display (same display that is included in the Inmotion RS)
  • Comes in 3 colors (Blue, Red, Green)
  • Front and rear adjustable suspension
  • Dual disc brakes + EABS
  • Sine Wave Controller
  • USB charging port
Kaabo MANTIS X PLUS electric scooter
Kaabo MANTIS X PLUS electric scooter

What we love about the Mantis X Plus

Display: The Mantis X Plus boasts one of the most gorgeous displays we’ve ever seen. If I personally were to get one of these scooters, it would be for precisely this reason. The display is massive and features bright colors, and contains all the functionality and more of the smaller TFT displays on the Wolf scooters.

mantis x plus 65814e6f39b94 1280x1280

Sine-Wave Controller: According to our database only about 30% of scooters have a sine-wave controller, so it definitely is a premium feature that hasn’t become ubiquitous yet. We love sine-wave controllers for their smooth acceleration and increased safety (less risk of skidding out in a turn).

Adjustable Suspension: It’s nice to see adjustable suspension on a lower priced scooter like the Mantis X Plus. Typically we only see it on high-powered scooters like the Nami models or Wolf King GTR, but including it on the Mantis X Plus ensures an extremely comfortable ride for any size of rider.

What we don’t like about the Mantis X Plus

Lights: While the front lights on the entire Wolf lineup are fantastic, those fantastic car-grade double headlights haven’t made it down to the Mantis models yet. We anticipate having to add an external light to the handlebars if we were doing any serious riding at night. The turning signals in the rear also could be a little larger / brighter.

Kaabo MANTIS X PLUS electric scooter
Kaabo MANTIS X PLUS electric scooter rear turning signals

Battery: We estimate that the Mantis X Plus’s 48V, 18.2Ah (875 Wh) battery is good for around 20-25 miles of real-world range when using the highest speed setting. Many competing 48V scooters such as the VMAX VX4 GT and even Kaabo’s own Mantis 8 Pro have much larger batteries, at 23.2Ah (1,113 Wh) and 24.5Ah (1,176 Wh) respectively.

The Freshly Charged Take

We’re excited to receive one for testing, and when we do we’ll be able to try out features such as the adjustable suspension and the NFC card reader. Overall, we expect this to be a very robust scooter, perfect for trail riding and hilly terrain, but without the breakneck speed and higher price tag of the Wolf models.

Kaabo MANTIS X PLUS electric scooter

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