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Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Onewheel

by freshlycharged

The Onewheel is a ton of fun. This unique device is an experience like nothing I have ever experienced. The Onewheel is also not for everyone. Here is my list of reasons why you may not want to get a Onewheel, in no particular order.

You should not get a Onewheel if…

  1. You do not like to have fun and adventure.
  2. You do not like to go out and explore.
  3. You are very averse to taking risks or doing dangerous things.
  4. You do not have the money to pay for the Onewheel and the safety gear.
  5. You cannot afford to take risks.
  6. You cannot afford to get injured.
  7. You do not like to be the center of attention.
  8. You do not like to meet and talk to new people.
  9. You do not have health insurance.
  10. You like to go fast and break speed records.

Check out my video for more details:

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