The Ultimate EUC Comparison Tool

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Use this EUC Comparison Tool to help sort, filter, and organize the most popular EUCs available.

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EUCReviewRange (mi)Speed (mph)Tire (")Motor (W)Battery (Wh)Weight (lb)Load (lb)PriceSuspensionEwheelsEeveesAlien RidesREVrides
InMotion E20Review$399No
Megode MTen Mini7121150018027150$450No
Begode Mten4 (300 Wh)Review$750No
InMotion V8F222116100051832260$899No
King Song 14D (420 Wh)Review$899No
Begode Mten4 (750 Wh)Review$900No
Begode A2Article$1,000No
Begode Mten4 (600 Wh)Review$1,049No
InMotion V8S20181680048030220$1,199No
King Song 14S4018.61480084034220$1,249No
InMotion V10F302516200096045260$1,299No
King Song 16SReview$1,350No
Begode Tesla T4Review$1,460Yes
InMotion V12 HSReview$1,550No
InMotion V12 HTReview$1,550No
Begode Tesla V36031162000150048.5300$1,599No
King Song 18XL (V2)7030182200155453325$1,599No
King Song 16X6531162200155453265$1,599No
Begode Falcon453115150090055320$1,599Yes
InMotion V11Review$1,799Yes
Begode Nikola+Review$1,890No
InMotion V11Y5037.3182500150065.5290$1,899Yes
King Song S18Review$1,995Yes
King Song S16 Pro5037.3163000148068.3290$1,999Yes
King Song S16Article$1,999Yes
Begode RS19Review$2,099No
Begode EX.N10045182800270073325$2,159No
King Song S22 ProReview$2,199Yes
Begode MasterReview$2,299Yes
Begode Commander HS14050202800360085300$2,499No
Begode Commander HT14045202800360085300$2,499No
Begode Extreme (2400 Wh)6050183500240077265$2,599Yes
Begode HeroReview$2,680Yes
Begode EX30Review$2,700Yes
King Song S19Review$2,750Yes
Extreme Bull Commander MiniReview$2,799Yes
Veteran Patton7050183000222089265$2,850Yes
InMotion V14 AdventureArticle$2,999Yes
Veteran Sherman MaxReview$2,999No
Inmotion V13 ChallengerReview$3,000Yes
Begode Monster Pro15045243500360088280$3,299No
Begode EX20S100402030003600104265$3,400Yes
Extreme Bull Commander ProReview$3,499Yes
Begode ET Max10055204500300097265$3,600Yes
Begode Master ProReview$3,899Yes
Begode Master Pro V2130552245004800118260$3,899Yes
Extreme Bull GT Pro115702140003000103.6320$3,999Yes
Veteran Sherman SReview$3,999Yes
Veteran LynxReview$4,199Yes
  • Table inspired by AtlasP and his EUC Comparison Spreadsheet. Check out AtlasP’s original spreadsheet.
  • Data accumulated from,,,,,, and from manufacturer websites.
  • If ranges are reported, the lower limit range was entered into the data chart.
  • Information is provided as a shopping and comparison guide. Please refer to distributer and manufacturer websites to confirm details before buying.
  • Max speed value is not the recommended riding speed. Ride at your own risk and please ride responsibly.
  • Purchases made through affiliate links found on this site go towards supporting the website at no additional cost to you. Thanks for the support!

Are you a nerd like me and want more charts? Here you go:

EUC Comparison: Dollars per Mile Range and Dollars per MPH Speed

Screenshot 2023 10 05 at 1.12.41 PM

I was curious to see which electric unicycle gives me the most miles for my money so I calculated and graphed EUCs by the number of dollars per Mile Range above.

I did the same with number of dollars per MPH speed to see which fast wheel is the best bang for my buck.

EUC Comparison: Dollars per Single Horsepower

Screenshot 2023 10 05 at 1.14.00 PM

Dollars per horsepower charts the number of dollars spent per one horsepower. The power from an electrical motor is usually measured in kilowatts or watts but can be measured in horsepower like their gasoline motor ancestors. 

Using the conversion 1 watt = 0.00134102 mechanical horsepower I calculated the horsepower of each electric unicycle and then calculated and charted the number of dollars spend per single horsepower as seen above.

This gives me a better understanding of the power to price ratio when I can see how much money I spend for every horsepower.

Looking for your first EUC? Be sure to read this article I wrote on how to choose your first electric unicycle.

Muscle EUC Electric Unicycle Power

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