Onewheel Comparison Tool

by Nathan Schaumann

Use this table to help sort, filter and organize (nearly) all the Onewheels and similar boards currently on the market.

BoardFreshly Charged ReviewPrice ($)Speed (mph)Range (miles)Weight (lb)Tire size (")WaterMotor (W)Battery Voltage (Nominal)Battery Amp-HoursBattery Watt-HoursLoad (lbs)
Floatwheel adv Pro1799
Onewheel GTReview2350
Gosmilo X1+899
Onewheel GT S-SeriesArticle3200
Trotter Magwheel T-2 (Gosmilo X3, T2)Review899
Gosmilo X5999
Trotter Magwheel T-3Review1199
Gosmilo X3899
Unicool D2480
Onewheel Pint XReview1100
Trotter Magwheel T-1 (Gosmilo X1, T1)Review679
Gosmilo X1899
Unicool D3100018.618.62710IP54500484.4211.2220
Onewheel PintReview750
Surfwheel SU429
Surfwheel TR329
Surfwheel SU(HX)299

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