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Clip is the EASIEST E-bike Conversion Tool to Instantly Electrify Your Bike

by Nathan Schaumann

The Clip is the fastest and easiest way to upgrade your bike.  We recently wrote about Swytch, the e-bike conversion kit that you can attach to any regular bicycle. The Clip is a similar concept, but it’s even easier to install and detach!

Jimmy’s wife got to test out Clip on an old unused bicycle that had been collecting dust in the garage for years. What did she think of the Clip? First off, being able to install the Clip all by her non-techy self is a marvel and a testament to the simplicity of the design.

The Clip instantly breathed new life into the old pink single speed bike and Winnie was off exploring the neighborhood.

It takes seconds to install and uninstall, requires no tools, and is super portable. So if you have a favorite bike that you want to instantly convert into an ebike for your commutes, check out Clip.

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Clip E-bike Conversion Kit: Features

Two Configurations: The Clip comes in a “commuter” version, which features a 96Wh battery for $499, or an “explorer” version, which features a 192Wh battery for $599.

Range: The Clip “commuter” has a range of 4-6 miles, while the Clip “explorer” has a range of 10-12 miles.

Removable: E-bikes get stolen a lot, but Clip is portable and easy to detach from your bike, taking only seconds to install and uninstall so you can take Clip with you to the office or class!

Motor: The Clip features 450W motor for speeds of up to 15 mph.

Charger: Comes with a 48V 3A power adapter.

Weight: The Clip “commuter” weighs 8.8 lbs, and the Clip “explorer” weighs 9.8 lbs.

Charge Time: The Clip “commuter” has a charge time of 30 minutes, and the Clip “explorer” has a charge time of 60 minutes.

Dimensions: 18” x 5.5” x 5.75” (both “commuter” and “explorer”)

FAA Compatibility: The Clip “commuter” is small enough to be allowed on an airplane!

Tire Size: The Clip is compatible with tire sizes from 26″ to 28″.

Clip: Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Super Portable
  • No tools needed
  • Super easy install and uninstall
  • Regen braking
  • Smooth assist and boost up to 15 mph
  • Sleek design and looks
  • Smaller battery version is approved for air travel
  • Compact design with comfortable carry handle
  • Throttle/boost button is easy to use, already comes paired with the Clip, and charges while stored with the Clip
  • Works even with my bike basket and fenders attached
  • Fast charge times

Clip: Cons

  • Does not work on bikes with front suspension
  • While parked using a kickstand the bike can tip over easily
  • The throttle/boost button looks big and clunky for what it does
  • When the throttle button is stored away with the Clip, the button is held in place by magnets which feels like it could fall out and get lost when jostled around

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