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New Ride1Up Rift Electric Bicycle Review – Fat Tire Ebike with Plus One Capability

by freshlycharged

Ride1Up is known for making high quality ebikes at a budget friendly price, and the brand new Rift is no exception. The Rift is Ride1Up’s first fat tire ebike designed to be ridden in all seasons and challenging terrain. It is also the first fat tire ebike that we have tested with the ability to carry an additional passenger of up to 150 lbs. The Ride1Up Rift is a versatile ebike that is perfect for adventure lovers, hunters, and those wanting to bring along an additional person on all their escapades. In this review, I will tell you what I love and hate about the Ride1Up Rift. Click here for the current price on the Ride1Up Rift. Save $40 with coupon code: fc_rift

What I love about the Ride1Up Rift?

  • Can add a passenger kit to carry an additional rider
  • Built-in rack with 150 lb weight capacity
  • 48V 20Ah LG battery
  • Color display
  • Soft and comfy seat
  • 4 piston hydraulic brakes with 180mm brake disc
  • IP65 water resistance rating
  • 120mm suspension with hydraulic lockout
  • Can be used in all weather conditions
  • 26″ by 4″ puncture-resistant tires
  • Fenders offer great protection
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • Powerful 750 watt motor

What type of brakes are on the Ride1Up Rift?

The Rift features 180mm 4-piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes. 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes offer unmatched stopping power, allowing you to safely and quickly stop your eBike in any situation. These are the same amazing brakes that Ride1Up Revv 1 has.
Ride1Up Rift 180 mm brake disc with 4 piston brake caliper 2

What is the rear rack weight limit on the Ride1Up Rift?

The Rift’s built in rear rack has a weight capacity of 150 lbs. With the optional passenger kit, you can easily transport kids, friends, or your significant other on your adventure. I was surprised on how well the Rift rode while Jimmy was on the back of the bike. Some ebikes can feel imbalanced when carrying a passenger due to incorrect bike geometry. I have always been impressed with Ride1Up’s designs due the management team having a lot of cycling experience.
Ride1Up Rift passenger kit

What is the range on the Ride1Up Rift?

Ride1Up states that you can get up to 60 miles of range on the Rift with it’s massive 48V 20Ah LG battery. I realistically expect to get 35 miles of range because I am 200lbs and mainly ride in PAS 3, but that is still impressive for a bike that weighs 84.5 lbs.
Ride1Up Rift lg 48Volt 20Ah battery

Life is better in color!

I’ve constantly complained about Ride1Up not using color displays, and I am happy to finally see one on the Rift. The LCD display is crisp and can easily be read in direct sunlight.
Ride1Up Rift color display 3

What is the suspension travel on the Ride1Up Rift?

The Rift is equipped with 120mm front suspension that has hydraulic lockout. I never had issues with the suspension bottoming out under my 200 lb frame and it works well. A lot of suspension on fat tire ebikes like the Aventon Aventure and Beecool Challenger are super cheap. The lackluster suspension make a boing noise when going off curbs and hitting potholes. The Ride1Up Rift suspension sounds solid when hitting imperfection and feels great.
Ride1Up Rift plastic fender with lackluster light

What is the water resistance on the Ride1Up Rift?

All Ride1Up ebikes are all equipped with a IP65 water resistance rating. This rating means they are protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction. You should avoid heavy rainstorms, but you should be fine riding the Rift in light rain and wet conditions. Click here for the current price on the Ride1Up Rift. Save $40 with coupon code: fc_rift
Screen Shot 2023 05 09 at 12.38.24 AM

What I hate aboutthe Ride1Up Rift?

  • Box came destroyed by UPS
  • Runoff from the pedal assist
  • Light on the front and rear is not that bright
  • I prefer metal fenders over plastic fenders
  • Heavy
  • Delay when changing pedal assists levels

What type of sensor is on the Ride1Up Rift?

The Rift comes equipped with a cadence sensor. Ride1Up make a high quality cadence sensor which reacts as soon as you pedal. Most cadence sensors take a full pedal revolution to kick in where the Rift is almost immediate. However, the Rift does have a runoff when you stop pedaling. You should expect to the motor to keep pushing you forward 5-10 feet after you stop pedaling. You can cut off the motor power by touching lightly on the brakes.
Ride1Up Rift 750 watt motor with shimano altus deraileur

Not much to hate on the Ride1Up Rift

The Rift is a well designed bike but it isn’t perfect. The shipping box was destroyed when we received our unit, but luckily it was packaged well that it only slight cosmetic damage. There is an odd delay when turning up the pedal assist levels, that I have not felt before in another ebike. When going from PAS 1 to PAS 2, you will have to wait half a second before the bike realizes it is in PAS 2. If you have never ridden an ebike in the past, you probably wouldn’t even notice.
Ride1Up Rift hydraulic brake lever for 4 piston hydraulic brakes
However, since I have tested over 100 ebikes, I could tell there was a delay. The plastic fenders offer great coverage but I would have loved to see metal fenders being used. I simply like the aesthetics of metal fenders over plastic. The front and rear light are great to help you be seen at night, but they are terrible for seeing what is in front of you. If you are planning on riding a lot at night, I highly suggest buying a rechargeable handlebar light for safe night riding. The bike is heavy at 84.5 lbs so it’s not very portable, but it also adds to the stability of the bike when traveling at speeds of up to 28 mph. Click here for the current price on the Ride1Up Rift. Save $40 with coupon code: fc_rift
Ride1Up Rift kenda krusade knobby fat tire

Final Thoughts

If you have looking for fat tire ebike that has the versatility to add a passenger, the Rift is your best option on the market. There are a lot of fat tire ebikes but we have never tested one with the ability to hold up to 150 lbs on the rear rack. The 120mm suspension on the Rift is the best we have tested on a fat tire ebike and it does well at soaking up imperfections on the roads and trails. You won’t get the obnoxious boinging noise that you see with inferior suspension offered on most fat tire ebikes. Ride1Up has become my favorite budget ebike manufacturer because they don’t skimp out on quality parts to drive the cost down. The Rift is equipped with puncture resistant tires, 4-piston hydraulic brakes, Shimano Altus derailleur, LG batteries, color display, and a built in rack. You will definitely want to have the Rift on your list if you are looking at adding a fat tire ebike to your collection!
Ride1Up Rift vertical background

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Click here for the current price on the Ride1Up Rift. Save $40 with coupon code: fc_rift Click here to view all our coupons and discounts on scooters and other PEVs. Click here to view all the safety gear that Jimmy and I use. Facebook – Please join our eBikepedia Facebook group for the most up-to-date information. Interested in electric scooters, check out our gotscooter blog. Click here to check out all our coupon codes for other PEVs.

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