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Mod Berlin Ebike Review: A Classy Yet Powerful Ride

by freshlycharged

The Mod Berlin ebike is a classy electric bike that rides as smooth as it looks. From its powerful mid drive motor design to the overall ride quality, the Mod Berlin will not disappoint. I loved riding the Mod Berlin around Downtown Austin, Texas and along the Colorado river.

The Mod Berlin is a gorgeous ebike with impressive craftsmanship. However, just like all ebikes, it is not perfect. In this review, we will tell you what we loved and hated about the Mod Berlin ebike. Click here for the current pricing on the Mod Berlin. Click here for the current pricing on the Mod Berlin Step Thru.
Mod Bikes Berlin Mid Drive Brushed Aluminum Cable Wrap Faux leather grips torque sensor gorgeous

10 things I love about the Mod Berlin

  1. Mid-drive motor
  2. Torque sensor
  3. Extremely sturdy build
  4. Brushed aluminum finish
  5. Metal fenders do not rattle
  6. Climbs hills with ease
  7. Extremely responsive
  8. Comes in a step thru and standard frame
  9. EXA Form Suspension seatpost
  10. Comfy gel seat

What kind of sensor is on the Mod Berlin?

The Mod Berlin features a mid-drive motor with a torque sensor.  Torque sensors are far superior to cadence sensors. Torque sensors measure the pressure you put on the pedals, and provide power accordingly whereas cadence sensors measure how many revolutions the pedals go around before turning on the motor assist. The few downsides to a torque sensor is they are more expensive than cadence sensors, and most torque sensors don’t offer a throttle only option.
Mod Bikes Mid Drive Motor

Beautiful design and built to last

Jimmy and I were both impressed with the Mod Berlin.  From the sturdy build to the brushed aluminum finish, the bike feels and looks amazing when riding.  The bike rides so smooth and the fenders don’t rattle at all when hitting bumps and dropping off curbs. The Mod Berlin has similar tires as the KBO bike, but the ride quality is far superior.
Mod Bikes Berlin Mid Drive Brushed Aluminum Cable Wrap Faux leather grips torque sensor front

Does the Mod Berlin perform well on hills?

I love using throttle only on ebikes when I come to hills.  However, the Mod Berlin doesn’t have a throttle so I was worried when I came to my first hill.  Luckily for me, the torque sensor on the Mod Berlin is so responsive that it handles hills with ease.

Step thru vs standard frame

Most people think step thru bike frames are only for women.  However, that is far from the truth. Step thru bike frames are now becoming popular with those with limited mobility. The nice thing about the Mod Berlin is you can choose between a step thru or a standard frame.  If you aren’t as limber as you used to be, the step thru ebike gives you an easy way to straddle the bike with ease.
Mod Bikes Berlin Side Profile Seat suspension Gel Seat Faux leather grips mid drive motor

Does the Mod Berlin have suspension?

The Mod Berlin offers what Mod Bikes calls “dual suspension.”  At first when I looked at the small front suspension and seat suspension, I thought it was a gimmick calling it, “dual suspension.” However, the Mod Berlin suspension makes the ride ultra-comfy. The Mod Berlin is like a hybrid road bike and most don’t offer suspension. The small suspension in the front and on the seat add just enough to make the ride 10 times smoother than a traditional hybrid bike.
Mod Bikes Berlin Gel Seat with suspension

Why don’t all ebikes come with a gel seat?

One of my favorite things about the Mod Bikes is they all come with a nice gel seat.  Gel seats are a relatively inexpensive upgrade, so I am not sure why I don’t see it on more ebikes. When I go for long rides, a nice saddle is key to a comfortable ride. Click here for the current pricing on the Mod Berlin. Click here for the current pricing on the Mod Berlin Step Thru.
Mod Bikes Berlin Gel Seat with Rear Rack

5 things I hate about the Mod Berlin

  1. Only one size
  2. Holes for cupholder is weird on the step thru
  3. No throttle
  4. No color display
  5. Brushed aluminum battery is black

Does the Mod Berlin come in different sizes?

The Mod Berlin comes in a step thru and standard bike frame.  However, there is only one size for each type of frame. Jimmy’s wife is 5’ 4” and she can stand over the step thru frame, but it still felt too large for her with the seat at it’s lowest level. Cupholder is a crotch buster. The cupholder holes on top of the step thru frame is in an odd location. When you are standing over the frame, the cup holder is right in your crotch.  After looking at the frame, there really wasn’t another great place to put holes for a cupholder. I would think the best thing is to leave the cupholder off so you are not busting your crotch up against it when you have to stop abruptly.

Does the Mod Berlin have a throttle only option?

Unfortunately, there is no throttle on the Mod Berlin. The torque sensor is ultra-responsive but sometimes I want to be lazy and simply use a throttle. Just keep in mind that you will always have to peddle to go when riding the Mod Berlin.
Mod Bikes Berlin Faux Leather Grips

It’s 2021 and where is my color display?

I love how you can easily navigate the display on the Mod Bikes. Instead of P settings like we see on other ebikes and escooters, you can easily change settings without an instruction manual. However, the display reminds me of displays from early ebikes. The Mod Bike displays could use an update.
Mod Bikes Black and White Screen

A battery identity crisis

Previous models of the brushed aluminum Mod Berlin had batteries with a brushed aluminum casing. Mod bikes let me know that their most recent brushed aluminum bikes came with a black battery. It’s not the end of the world, but I prefer the brushed aluminum casing because it matches better.
Mod Bikes Berlin Battery

Who should get the Mod Berlin ebike?

If you want an ebike, but still want to feel like you are riding a traditional bike, the Mod Berlin is an excellent choice. The mid drive motor with torque sensor makes you feel like you are riding a traditional bike with superhuman powers. If you are riding a lot of smooth pavement and streets, the Mod Berlin is designed exactly for that. If you like nice things and want to stand out from other ebikes, the brushed aluminum finish is one of a kind look that will be sure to get compliments.
Mod Bikes Berlin Side kickstand rear rack suspension seat

Who should avoid the Mod Berlin ebike?

If you want to use a throttle only option, the Mod Berlin is not the bike for you.  If you are planning on riding loose gravel and dirt trails, I would suggest an ebike with larger tires like the Mod Black or Aventon Aventure. If your streets have lots of potholes and imperfections, the small tires and suspension on the Mod Berlin are probably not your best option.

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