Velotric Fold 1 Review: Finally a Budget Ebike that Doesn’t Cut Corners!

by Nathan Schaumann

We just got the chance to review Velotric’s newest model: the Velotric Fold 1.

The bike came in square-ish packaging, which draws attention to it’s ability to fold into a compact space. Setting up the bike was a breeze, and shortly after unboxing we followed the instruction manual on how to remove the bike’s 20 mph speed limiter and unlock it’s top speed of 28 mph. Keep reading for our full review, list of things we liked and didn’t like, and whether or not we think you should get this bike.

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Velotric Fold 1 – Specs

  • Price: $999
  • Speed: 28 mph
  • Battery: 46.8V, 13Ah (608 Wh)
  • Motor: 750W (1050W Peak)
  • Stated Range: 55 miles
  • Weight: 63 lbs (stated), 67 lbs (Freshly Charged Certified)
  • Charge Time: 6.5 hours
  • Max Load: 440 lbs
  • Water Rating: IPX6
  • Tire: 20″ x 3″ (puncture resistant)

Velotric Fold 2 – Features

  • UL-certified battery (removable)
  • Thumb Throttle (on the left side)
  • 2-piston hydraulic brakes (180mm discs)
  • Thick rubber hand grips
  • 7-speed shimano shifter
  • Installed bell
  • Adjustable stem for different heights
  • Foldable front neck + frame
  • Front coil suspension w/60mm of travel
  • Integrated front light
  • Metal fenders
  • Plastic, foldable pedals
  • Built-in rear rack w/120 lb weight capacity
  • Integrated rear/brake light

Things We Love

Warranty: The Velotric Fold 1 comes with a two-year warranty, which you activate by scanning the QR code located on the handlebars. This is a neat feature we haven’t seen before on many PEV’s.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 1.00.14%E2%80%AFAM

Display: The LCD display is very bright, and easy to read in direct sunlight. While we would prefer a color display, this one looks decent even in grayscale.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 1.10.09%E2%80%AFAM

Battery: The battery, in addition to being UL-rated (which ensures fire safety) is IPX7 water rated, meaning it can be fully submerged in up to 10 feet of water and still be fine!

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 1.07.46%E2%80%AFAM

Cable Management: The wires are relatively neat, and most are tucked into the cable wrap or through the frame. There are also quick disconnects which make changing a tire or motor much easier.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 1.10.52%E2%80%AFAM

Light: We like the bright headlight; in Jimmy’s 3 car garage, the light was able to illuminate the opposite wall, even in the middle of the day.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 1.13.12%E2%80%AFAM

Tires: The Velotric Fold 1 uses Chaoyang tires, which have a nice soft compound which increases traction with the road, and provide better stopping power. They are also puncture-resistant – last time we tested a bike without puncture-resistant tires, we had to change a flat after riding over some goatheads.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 1.13.52%E2%80%AFAM

Metal Fenders: A lot of budget E-bikes use plastic fenders, but we love that Velotric chose to add metal fenders to the Fold 1.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 11.34.17%E2%80%AFAM

Rear Rack: Some budget e-bikes have a rear rack as an optional add-on, but the Velotric Fold 1 comes with a sturdy, built-in rear rack with a 120lb weight capacity.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 11.36.08%E2%80%AFAM

Low Step-Thru: This is one of the lowest, if not the lowest step-thru bikes on the market, which makes it really nice for shorter folks, or for those who have mobility issues.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 11.36.54%E2%80%AFAM

Things We Didn’t Love

Plastic Pedals: Andrew’s least favorite thing about this bike is the foldable pedals, which are all-plastic, get stuck often, and don’t provide great grip. Heavier-duty pedals are a $20-30 upgrade and are easy to install.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 11.40.41%E2%80%AFAM

Rear-Mounted Battery: We don’t like the fact that the battery is externally mounted, and not housed within the frame. It gives the bike a much less “finished” look. Also, if you ride with your seat low, you’ll have to raise the seat every time you remove the battery. However, the battery is 13Ah, which is larger than most budget e-bikes which come with a 10Ah battery.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 11.44.30%E2%80%AFAM

Controller: The Velotric Fold 1 features an 18A controller, which is a lower power output than most other e-bike controllers. Even though this bike has a 750W motor, it feels less powerful than some 500W motors we have tested with beefier controllers.

Top Speed Limiting: Even once you have unlocked the 28mph top speed, this is only available in pedal assist level 5. In pedal assist level 1, maxing out the throttle will only take you to about 11mph. We wish they would update this so you can use the full power of the motor in any assist level.

Coil Suspension: Even with 60mm of travel, the front coil suspension is extremely easy to bottom out. We wish they would upgrade to hydraulic suspension, or something a bit firmer.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 11.47.39%E2%80%AFAM

Rear Light: The rear light is not very bright, and almost impossible to see in direct sunlight.

velotric fold 1

The Freshly Charged Take

You should buy the Velotric Fold 1 if you want a budget, foldable e-bike with the highest water resistance rating available, and a larger-than-average battery. At $999, this is a great deal, and it competes well in the budget e-bike category along with the Lectric XP 3.0.

Screenshot 2024 05 14 at 1.06.02%E2%80%AFAM

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