The Biggest Reason Micromobility Personal Electric Vehicles are Booming

The Biggest Reason Micromobility Personal Electric Vehicles are Booming In 2023

by freshlycharged

Micromobility devices like electric bicycles, electric scooters, Onewheels, electric unicycles, and electric skateboards are quickly growing in popularity. Sales have soared during the pandemic as distributors are struggling to keep up with the growing demand for these electric mobility devices.

There is a hunger for electric rideables as the sector is seeing its biggest growth ever.

Why the sudden growth in Personal Electric Vehicles (PEV)?

The overnight flooding of rental electric scooter and electric bike fleets in major cities quickly introduced the world to micromobility. While the rental scooters that littered the streets were often seen as a nuisance, they were also a convenient, effective, and cheap method to move around the city.

When the height of the pandemic caused the rental companies to pull their e-scooters from the roads, many found themselves missing the useful and fun electric rideables. So instead of relying on rental electric bikes and scooters, people turned to ownership.

Micromobility gives city dwellers the ability to avoid crowded public transportation. It is a great way to commute while maintaining social distancing. It is also a wonderful last mile solution.

Micromobility comes in all shapes and sizes. Here is a summary of the best micromobility.

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Why is micromobility capturing our imagination?

Micromobility takes classic modes of transportation we knew and loved as kids and makes them appealing to adults.

Most adults would never consider picking up an analog skateboard or scooter but add some lithium batteries, an electric motor, and maybe some gyroscopes, and suddenly you have a device that is very appealing to even senior citizens.

Micromobility isn’t just practical, it’s good fun. Zipping around on an electric unicycle or electric scooter is super fun and evokes childhood feelings of wonder.

Screen Shot 2020 09 02 at 10.10.18 PM

What is the biggest reason for the boom of micromobility?

Never before have we had so many options. Technology and manufacturing has allowed for better and less expensive electric rideable devices that go farther and are more reliable than ever before.

Add good warranty, support, and maintenance from excellent vendors like Ewheels and the confidence of the public to buy a micromobility device has never been higher. Read my full review on Ewheels and why I choose them for my electric scooter and electric unicycle needs.

Micromobility is at an inflection point. The combination of pandemic induced demand, advancing technology, and surging public interest along with reliable sellers and distributors has resulted in this micromobility boom.

It is a great time to be a micromobility enthusiast.

It’s an even better time to get started into the hobby of micromobility.

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Read this to learn more about my favorite micromobility.

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