inmotion rs lite

Inmotion RS Lite – A $1000 Discount Off The Ultimate Dopamine Queen

by Nathan Schaumann

Inmotion recently released a slightly more “tame” version of their flagship Inmotion RS – the Inmotion RS Lite. Coming in at a price of $2,999 ($1,000 less than the OG RS), the Inmotion RS Lite features dual 1500W motors, a 30Ah battery, and a 55mph top speed. Check out the spec comparison below:

Inmotion RS Lite
Inmotion RS
55 mph
68 mph
Range (riding slow)
75 miles
100 miles
Range (riding fast)
43 miles
54 miles
116 lbs
128 lbs
1500W * 2
2000W * 2
Water Resistance
11" Tubeless
11" Tubeless
Dual regen + hydraulic
Dual regen + hydraulic
72V 30Ah (2,160 Wh)
72V 40Ah (2,880 Wh)

Click here for the latest price of the Inmotion RS Lite.

Read our full review of the original Inmotion RS here. Video below!

Inmotion RS Lite – Conclusion

The Inmotion RS Lite is a solid addition to Inmotion’s growing scooter lineup – while featuring the same tech as the original RS, the RS Lite opens up a wider customer base with it’s more affordable price point, and slightly less intimidating top speed. Also, a 12 pound weight reduction is nothing to sneeze at – it could be the difference between being able to lift with one person (I can lift my 120lb Wolf King GT with no help) and not being able to (I can’t lift my 135lb Wolf King GTR without help).

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inmotion rs lite

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