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Gotrax GX1 – Our FAVORITE Cheap Dual Motor Scooter

by Nathan Schaumann

The Gotrax GX1 is our most recently tested scooter. Gotrax is a company that has been around for a while, and is mostly known for their commuter scooters sold at Walmart and other major retailers. However, they have recently moved into the high-powered electric scooter space, beginning with the GX1! This is a quick and agile dual motor scooter with solid build quality and a solid brand to back it up. Keep reading for our full list of things we liked and didn’t like about the Gotrax GX1.

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Gotrax GX1 – Specs

  • Weight: 76 lbs
  • Tires: 10″ x 3″
  • Battery: 48V, 15Ah (720 Wh)
  • Motor: 600W x 2
  • Max Speed: 30 mph
  • Range: 25 miles (claimed)
  • Charge Time: 5 hours
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Water Rating: IP54

Gotrax GX1 – Features

  • Password protected
  • Mechanical brake levers w/140mm brake discs
  • Hydraulic suspension (front + rear)
  • Thumb throttle
  • Bell
  • Multiple speed modes, including “walk mode” and “turbo mode”
  • Integrated front + rear lights
  • Plastic fenders
  • Silicone deck

Things We Like

Acceleration: Despite having a top speed of only 30mph, the acceleration curve is surprisingly zippy. We like that the settings provide 2 different acceleration modes within dual motor mode, accessible by pressing the “scooter” button.

gotrax gx1

Aesthetics: We love the overall appearance of this scooter. The deck and stem lights look great, and the shapes and angles of the frame make it stand out. The build quality is also excellent, and we didn’t find any loose or rattling parts or weird sounds coming from any part of the scooter during our test ride.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 at 7.56.37%E2%80%AFPM

Thumb Throttle: We’re used to seeing large “dead zones” in scooters equipped with thumb throttles, but this scooter starts accelerating as soon as you push the throttle even a tiny bit. Huge plus.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 at 7.58.14%E2%80%AFPM

Hidden Screws: Gotrax has devised a unique way of hiding the deck screws – on the sides of the silicone cover, there are little tabs that you can pull out to reveal the screws needed to open up the deck. This is a great way to provide for easy maintenance without detracting from the appearance of the scooter.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 at 7.59.13%E2%80%AFPM

Steering Pole: One thing we like about the Gotrax GX1 is the large steering pole. A lot of commuter scooter have very thin steering poles, which run the risk of snapping in a high-speed crash. The GX1 has a sturdy, very thick stem, with zero flex when you pull or push it.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 at 8.00.28%E2%80%AFPM

Things We Don’t Like

Safe Mode: The safe mode is a good idea in theory, but practically on this scooter it is just obnoxious. On most scooters you have to press the brake once to get going, but on the GX1 you need to press the “plus” button on the handlebars. If you accidentally hit it twice, you will switch from sport mode to Eco mode. We wish there was a separate button to get the scooter out of safe mode that wasn’t the same button for adjusting the speed modes.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 at 8.01.52%E2%80%AFPM

Brake Light: The brake light is almost invisible – we rode the scooter all around the neighborhood and not once did Andrew notice Dalton’s brake lights from behind.

Screenshot 2024 05 21 at 8.04.04%E2%80%AFPM

The Freshly Charged Take

If you only have $1,000 to spend and are looking for a scooter that can hit 30 mph, the Gotrax GX1 is a great option, with solid build quality, that you should definitely consider. The scooter (and specifically the deck) was a little too small for Andrew, who is 6 feet tall, but Dalton loved it both for it’s agility and light weight.

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Screenshot 2024 05 21 at 7.53.41%E2%80%AFPM

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