Kaabo Wolf King GT 5000 Mile Review

by Nathan Schaumann

I am a serious electric scooter enthusiast. I have ridden my Wolf King GT 5000 miles and counting. It has almost entirely replaced my car for trips under 50 miles, and I frequently ride together with my wife. We even took our engagement photos on the scooter (yep, I’m serious.) Since I’ve ridden the Wolf King GT just about as long and hard as anyone out there, I feel pretty qualified to give an overall summary of the main positives + negatives.

Get one here from Voro Motors.


  • Incredible power, top speed, and hill climbing ability.
  • Impressive lighting system for night riding.
  • Excellent stability, even at high speeds.
  • Sine-wave controller for smooth low-speed riding.
  • Clear LCD display with extensive customization options.
  • Wide handlebars for increased stability.
  • Spacious deck and kick plate.
  • Horn with strong sound suitable for road use.
  • Ample ground clearance for various terrains.
  • Good performance in snowy conditions.
  • No speed wobble at any riding speed.
  • Adequate power for two passengers.
  • Relatively quiet, no loud motor noise.
  • Customization options for acceleration and regen braking.
  • Quality tires suitable for off-road use.


  • Stiff and non-adjustable suspension, leading to discomfort for riders under 200lbs.
  • Unpredictable power surges when accelerating, causing safety concerns.
  • Complex and fragile folding mechanism.
  • Hydraulic brakes prone to leakage.
  • Smaller battery capacity compared to some competitors.
  • Battery indicator is voltage-based, not accurate for remaining range.
  • Awkward button placement for turning signals and horn.
  • No instant switch between dual and single motor mode.
  • Tires lose air over time, requiring frequent replacement.
  • Charging port reliability issues.
  • Slow scooter turn on/startup process.
  • Non-adjustable handlebar height.
  • Inconsistent passcode input requirement for advanced settings.
  • Inaccurate speedometer reading.
  • Difficulty in adjusting lights due to horn placement.
  • Thumb throttle and TFT button replacements needed.
  • Kickstand design poses injury risk.
  • Lack of a mobile app for scooter tracking and remote control.
  • Rear light/turn signals difficult to see.
  • Inadequate front/rear fender coverage.
  • Frequent replacement of components such as tires, brakes, and displays.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this scooter to anyone wanting a super scooter at a reasonable price. The power, top speed and hill climbing ability is incredible, and I love watching my friends try the scooter out for the first time.

Things I Love about the Wolf King GT

The power on this scooter is just insane. I’ve gotten it to GPS-tracked 68mph, and it even beats my car (Honda CR-V) to the 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile. It also beats it to 10mph, 20mph, 30mph, 40mph and 50mph, but narrowly loses to 60mph by about a second (12 seconds vs 11 seconds). There is no hill this scooter cannot defeat, even when riding with two people and loaded backpacks.

The lights on all wolf scooters are incredible, and the King GT is no exception. After riding the Wolf King GT at night, any other scooter lights feel weak by comparison.

IMG 0088

No matter what speed you are riding, there is absolutely zero speed wobble. The dual stem acts as a sort of built-in steering damper, and I’ve never ridden a scooter that feels nearly as stable at speeds > 40mph.

The sine-wave controller makes it easy to maintain constant low speeds, even in the higher speed modes.

Like all the newest Wolf scooters, the King GT features a gorgeous LCD display that is clearly visible in any amount of sunlight. I love that it includes info on the instantaneous amp output to each motor, as well as motor temperature. The settings menu is incredibly extensive, and you can customize everything from the top speed and acceleration in each of the five riding modes, to the regen braking and ABS levels.

The handlebars are much higher than most scooters, and are super wide. I’m a fan of the handlebar stance, as it greatly increases the stability, especially at high speeds.

I personally am a fan of the thumb throttle, and the way my hand is positioned when I accelerate makes it almost like a twist throttle.

The kick plate is massive, as is the deck. There is plenty of room to stand and move around on the scooter. When riding with my wife we never step on each others feet. My wife read this sentence and suggested I also mention that the deck is wide enough that she can fit a yoga mat between her legs when I take her to yoga.

IMG 0001

Photo note: Though I used to wear a bike helmet when riding scooters, after a particularly bad crash where I broke my jaw while testing another electric scooter, I now ride with a full-face helmet, knee pads and elbow pads at all times. Lesson learned: Don’t skimp on safety gear.

The horn is extremely loud, and perfect for use on roads with cars.

The ground clearance is huge, almost overkill. I have no idea why they chose to raise the deck even higher on the new GTR.

IMG 0596 1

Photo note: Check out that skid mark!

Things I Hate (in rough order of importance)

The suspension is extremely stiff. I am a 140lb rider, but even for heavier riders (or when I am riding together with my wife on the scooter), there is hardly any “give” in the front suspension. This makes for a quite uncomfortable ride. I’ve tested scooters under $800 that are more comfortable to ride than the King GT. I also really wish the suspension was adjustable.

I may have just gotten a finicky controller, but I frequently deal with unexpected sudden power surges, even when moving the throttle forward only slightly. It happens in all speed modes, both with dual and single motor activated. This makes it extremely dangerous to accelerate while turning, as the front motor can suddenly spin out and cause you to lose control.

The folding mechanism is difficult, complicated, and many of the components break easily. You’d think Kaabo would have had this figured out by now, but folding the Wolf scooters is a pain in the rear end. I always dread having to pack the scooter into my car to go anywhere, as it takes a full 5 minutes (and lots of grunting) to fold or unfold it.

The hydraulic brakes that come with the scooter provide great stopping power, but unfortunately they are not the best quality and mine started leaking not too long after buying the scooter. I replaced them with another pair of Kaabo – branded brakes and I had the exact same issue a couple months later. Since then I have been using Nutt brakes and haven’t had any issues.

I wish the battery was bigger. There are plenty of scooters in a similar price range (Dualtron Ultra 2, Dualtron Thunder 2, Solar FF 2.0, Yume X7) that have 72V 40Ah or 72V 45Ah batteries. The King GT’s 72V 35Ah battery is good for around 30-40 miles when riding at higher speeds, but that just isn’t good enough for super long range cruising. See my full article here on the King GT’s tested real world range.

The battery indicator is directly correlated to the voltage readout, instead of an actual remaining range estimator like on the Dualtron X Limited. This means the indicator can vary by up to 30% simply depending on how hard you are accelerating or decelerating.

I don’t like the way the buttons are set up on the scooter. It’s tough to reach the turning signals and the horn with your left thumb while still maintaining a firm grip on the handle. Improving this would be a great safety upgrade, as it would make riders much more likely to use turning signals while riding.

I wish there was a way to instantly switch from dual mode into single and back again. Currently you have to hold down the “plus” button for 3 seconds, and doing this while riding causes weird power surges and sometimes shorts out the motors. My Wolf Warrior X has a simple button to switch back and forth that works beautifully even while riding, and this seems like it could be very easily implemented on the King GT.

IMG 20220126 135204786

Photo note: The King GT is a beast in the snow! There are multiple trails near my hometown of Provo, Utah that are too rocky to ride in the summer, but once there is a layer of packed snow the King GT rips right up them.

I’ve gone through 4 or 5 sets of tires on my King GT’s, but not due to excessive wear. Instead, it’s because they always start to lose air, even with the “self healing gel” that they put on the inside of the tires. My longest pair lasted me about 1500 miles before starting to lose air gradually.

The off-road tires that Voro offers for the King GT have terrible grip when turning. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, even when riding off-road (the street tires do just fine off-road), and even so there are many better off-road tire options available that don’t wobble uncontrollably when leaning into a turn.

One of my charging ports broke recently, and even after ordering a new part and installing it, it still doesn’t charge through that port. Still not sure what the issue is.

IMG 20220119 103755714

You have to hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn the scooter on, and once you do there is still a loading screen for another 2-3 seconds. Also, the TFT display doesn’t have memory of the last speed mode when you turn it off, so this adds another 4-5 seconds to the already lengthy process of turning the scooter on and getting it ready for riding.

I wish the handlebar height was adjustable. My wife is 5’3″, and it’s pretty awkward for her to ride it herself.

In order to access the advanced settings you have to input your passcode a second time, and although there is a setting to switch off this requirement, it doesn’t work.

The speedometer is inaccurate, and reads about 5-10% fast. I got around this by changing the tire size in the settings to 10.5 inches instead of 11 inches.

The lights are difficult to adjust because the horn is placed directly in front of the screws.

The horn only has one setting, and it is way too loud to use on sidewalks or to alert pedestrians at slow speeds.

I have had to replace the thumb throttle a couple times, as both the internal spring that pushes the throttle back, and the throttle piece itself break after extended use. Edit: literally the day after writing this review, my thumb throttle piece snapped off again. Pictures below:

IMG 0728 1
IMG 0727

There is a small dead zone on the thumb throttle, which was annoying at first I got used to it pretty quickly.

I’ve also had to replace the TFT button piece numerous times due to the plastic attachment piece snapping in half.

Many people have complained that the kickstand juts out – I also hurt my ankle a few times when first getting used to the scooter. I’m glad they updated this on the new GTR.

I wish there was an app that connects to the scooter so you could remotely lock/unlock the scooter, or even track its location in case it gets stolen.

The rear light/turning signals is fogged over, and is pretty hard to see even at night.

The rear fender isn’t long enough and doesn’t completely cover the wheel, and I had to add cardboard to extend the fender to prevent my back from getting splattered with mud when riding off-road or in the rain.

Things I have had to replace on my two Wolf King GT’s across 5,000 miles of riding

  • TFT display
  • TFT display buttons (twice)
  • Brakes (front and rear, twice)
  • Tires (four times each)
  • Thumb Throttle (twice)
  • Charging port
  • Rear Brake Disc
  • Kickstand screws (they both snapped off after about 5500 miles)

Speed Stats (Dragy GPS tracked)

0 – 10mph 0.7s
0 – 20mph 1.77s
0 – 30mph 2.97s
0 – 40mph 4.7s
0 – 50mph 7.23s
0 – 60mph 12.07s

60 ft 2.48s
330 ft 6.99s
1/8 mile 11.09s
@ 58.39 mph
1/4 mile 18.30s
@ 66.25 mph
1/2 mile 31.75s
@ 67.25 mph
Top Speed 68.39 mph

Range Test

Full Range Test article here

Distance: 39.4 miles
Avg Speed: 31.6 mph
Elevation gain: 1388ft

Hill Climb

81ft elevation gain over 520ft (15.5% grade)

11.64s @ 42 mph


If the Wolf King GT had a 45 or 50Ah battery (instead of 35Ah), adjustable suspension, no power surging issues and were easier to fold/unfold, I would never need another scooter. Unfortunately this is not the case, so I’m excited to get my GTR, which I know has adjustable suspension and a removable battery, and see how close it comes to being the perfect scooter.

Get yours here from Voro Motors.

IMG 0597 2

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