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Dualtron Mini Special Long Body – Full Review

by Nathan Schaumann

We just tested out the new Dualtron Mini Special Long Body – and it is extremely compelling. It looks compact like a commuter scooter, but it features the speed, power and hill climbing capabilities of a mid-level scooter. In this review, we’ll tell you everything we liked and didn’t like about the Dualtron Mini Special, as well as whether or not you should get this scooter.

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Dualtron Mini Special – Specs / Features

  • Brand-new EY3 color display w/bluetooth connectivity
  • Mechanical drum brakes
  • Electric horn
  • Foldable handlebars
  • Customizable lights
  • Coil suspension
  • Plastic fenders
  • Tire: 9″ x 2″ pneumatic
  • Battery: 52V 21Ah LG (1092 Wh)* also comes in 12Ah and 15.6Ah configuration
  • Max Speed: 33 mph (Freshly Charged certified)
  • Stated Range: 40 miles
  • Weight: 67 lbs
  • Charge Time: 14 hours
  • Max Rider Load: 200 lbs
  • Motor: 450W x 2

Acceleration Test

The Dualtron Mini isn’t nearly as fast as the other Dualtron scooters we’ve tested (such as the Thunder 3 or the X Limited), but nonetheless provides plenty of power for city commuting. Here is Andrew’s recorded data:

  • 0 – 10 mph: 1.86s
  • 0 – 20 mph: 5.88s
  • 0 – 30 mph: 14.66s
  • 0 – 33 mph: 19.16s
  • Max Speed: 33 mph

Things We Love About The Dualtron Mini Special

The Sound: Dualtron scooters have a unique sound when accelerating, and we love it. Some people prefer silent accelerators like the sinewave-powered Segway GT series or the Kaabo Wolf King GT/GTR, but we like the low purr of the Dualtron scooters.

The Display: We are glad that Dualtron finally upgraded their display. In the past it looked very outdated, and it’s good to finally get bluetooth connectivity and app-linked features.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.13.57%E2%80%AFPM

Cable Management: Most of the wires are tucked into the deck or stem, and the ones that aren’t are covered in high-quality cable wrap.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.15.00%E2%80%AFPM

Lights: There are lights running along the deck, as well as up and down the stem on both sides. They are customizable with the app, and they look awesome.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.15.29%E2%80%AFPM

Suspension: The suspension feels rock solid. Andrew took the Mini Special off plenty of jumps, and never heard any rattling. The coil suspension seems to be very well built.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.16.52%E2%80%AFPM

Things We Don’t Like About The Dualtron Mini Special

The Buttons: With the new EY3 display also comes new buttons – and they are located on the bottom of the display, so you access them with your thumb. They are somewhat awkward to use, not ergonomically placed, and are very small.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.18.49%E2%80%AFPM

The Latch: At the top of the handlebar stem, there is a latch that would usually be used for locking the scooter in place when folded, but on the Dualtron Mini Special there is nothing to latch it into. So it is basically useless.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.33.52%E2%80%AFPM

Stem Flex: There is a serious amount of stem flex, which doesn’t instill confidence when riding over bumpy terrain or at high speeds.

Folding Mechanism: Unfortunately, the unique folding/locking mechanism isn’t super easy to use. It takes a bit longer than most commuter scooters’ locking mechanisms.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.04.43%E2%80%AFPM

Charge Port: The charging ports are underneath the deck, and at an angle. This becomes a problem when lifting the scooter up stairs or over curbs – if the underbelly of the scooter rubs along the ground, the charge port will get damaged.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.33.12%E2%80%AFPM

Tires: We would love to see larger tires on a scooter that goes 33 mph. 9-inches just isn’t enough to conquer potholes on most city streets. Also, tubed tires are much more likely to get a flat than tubeless tires, so we would like to see a Mini Special with tubeless tires.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 11.07.31%E2%80%AFPM

The Freshly Charged Take

If you love the Dualtron brand and want a more portable scooter that still has a decent top speed, this is the scooter for you! Also check our review here of the Rovoron Kullter Luxury, a slightly larger scooter, also produced by Minimotors.

Screenshot 2024 05 06 at 10.54.14%E2%80%AFPM

Scooter Comparison Tool

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