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If Apple Made an E-Scooter, it Would be the Unagi One

by freshlycharged

On the electric scooter forums, I kept seeing a demand for a light scooter with dual motors. I didn’t think it was possible to get a scooter with dual motors under 50 lbs. At the time, the lightest dual motor scooter that I knew of was the Kaabo Mantis 8 weighing in at 60 lbs.

I didn’t think a lightweight dual motor scooter existed until I found the Unagi Model One.

How much does the Unagi Model One weigh?

The Unagi Model One comes in at a whopping 26.5 lbs and offers dual 250 watt motors producing 1000 watts of max power. The body is made of aluminum and the stem is made out of Japanese Toray carbon fiber.

The Unagi Model One is definitely not for everyone, but to me, it is the perfect last mile solution. If you are looking for a super lightweight and easy to transport scooter, the Unagi Model One is an excellent choice.

If you are looking for an off-roading machine that can go far and over 20 mph, the Unagi Model One is definitely not going to meet your needs.

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Is the Unagi Model One Worth It?

Worth is in the eye of the beholder. If I’m struggling to pay my rent, then the answer is no, the Unagi is not worth it. If I’m wealthy enough to afford the latest smartphone or the best MacBook Pro, or drive the newest Tesla, then the Unagi may be worth it. Maybe.

For about $1000 you can get more speed and range with something from the Zero electric scooter line. But you’ll never find a dual motor scooter that weighs as little and looks as refined as the Unagi Model One.

From super phones to supermodels, our society highly values lightweight, sexy, slenderness and that’s what you get with the Unagi. If appearances, luxurious quality and lightweight portability are important to you, then you should consider the Unagi.

If you are looking for a good value commuter scooter with much better range, speed, and water resistance, check out this long range commuter scooter.

If weight is not much of a factor, then the ZERO 8 will get you more speed and range with suspension at a lower price.

Why Should I Get an Unagi Model One Electric Scooter?

  • Ultra portable
  • Best in class design
  • High quality parts
  • Lightest dual motor scooter on the market
  • Great for short range commutes
  • Perfect compliment to those who love minimalistic utilitarian design (think Apple and Tesla)

Since the the Unagi Model One does not have suspension or air filled tires, it is mainly designed for those who will be riding on smooth pavement and roads.

What is the range of the Unagi Model One? The manufacturer states a 15.5 mile range but from our real world usage, the Unagi Model One seems to only get around 8 miles of range. Because of the low range, the Unagi is designed for scooter enthusiasts with shorter commutes.

Some people choose scooters based on looks and I would say that the Unagi Model One is the most aesthetically pleasing scooter I have ever seen. The Unagi Model One is gorgeous with the sleek minimalistic design made of magnesium alloy handlebars, a TORAY carbon fiber stem, a single piece aluminum body, and a hidden kickstand.

The Unagi Model One would be perfect for someone who lives on campus, downtown, or uses public transportation and needs an ultra portable last mile solution. It’s also great for the conservative rider who isn’t looking to go over 20 mph.

Why Should I Avoid the Unagi Model One Electric Scooter?

  • Low range
  • Average speed
  • No suspension
  • Expensive
  • May be uncomfortable for large riders

The Unagi is not for the speed demon since it will only go up to 20 mph unlocked and will get throttled down as the battery get lowers. The scooter is not designed for someone who wants to go off-roading since it has no suspension and solid honeycomb tires.

If you need to go longer than 8 miles roundtrip without charging, you will want to look for another scooter.

The Unagi is not designed for tall, heavy, or big footed riders. I wear size 11 shoes and can comfortably ride the Unagi but if I had any larger shoes, I would run out of space on the deck.

The Unagi Model One electric scooter has a weight capacity of 275 lbs. I weigh 180 lbs and only get about 8 miles of range riding it at full speed.

The Unagi Model One is a stunning scooter but it is not for those on a tight budget. You can find scooters with similar range for half the cost. The cheaper scooters won’t look as nice as the Unagi but it will be a lot nicer on your wallet.

Unagi Model One Deck

What Sets The Unagi Model One Apart From The Competition?

Incredible Packaging

Scooters normally come in one box, but the Unagi Model One comes with an exterior box protecting the main box. As soon as I pulled out the original packaging, it reminded me of how my Apple desktop came in a really clean white box.

The handlebar assembly even had its own box and each screw had its own place. Unboxing the Unagi Model One is an immensely enjoyable experience.

There was a ton of thought put into the packaging of the Unagi Model One which felt like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, in the electric scooter industry it seems as though packaging and instructions are an afterthought.

Opening the Unagi Model One from its box made me feel like a little kid on Christmas day.

Different Batteries

I’ve never heard of an electric scooter using Sony batteries. The Unagi Model One use to have LG batteries but they have now switched to Sony batteries which I find to be superior.

Unique Stem

Not only is the stem made from carbon fiber, it is made from Japanese Toray Carbon Fiber which is the same stuff used in the rockets from SpaceX. It just sounds cool to tell people that your electric scooter is made from the same material they make rockets that shoot into space. It is also shaped perfectly to fit in your hand for carrying.

Unagi Model One Beautiful Toray Carbon Fiber Stem

Solid Honeycomb Tires

The solid honeycomb tires are designed to absorb the bumps and cracks without ever going flat. While the shock absorbing qualities of these honeycomb tires are better than solid tires, they are not as comfortable as pneumatic tires. Be prepared to feel the chatter if you ride on rough roads.

Luckily, because of the low range, you won’t have to endure the road chatter and vibrations for too long.

Unagi Model One Solid Honeycomb Tire

Magnesium Alloy Handlebars

The handlebars are made out of magnesium alloy and silicone. Magnesium alloy is 33% lighter than aluminum so it helps shed weight. The silicone feels great on the hands compared to traditional rubber grips.

Unagi Magnesium Alloy Handlebar

Extremely Clean Handlebars

All in one controls on the handlebars. The cockpit control panel of the Unagi Modle One reminds me of my Tesla Model 3 where just about all the knobs, buttons, and dials have been removed in place for a minimalistic design and functional.

The clean design of the handlebar jam packs all the controls in five buttons. It makes for a very futuristic look that is easy to adjust.

Hidden Kickstand

I love the kickstand that hides in the deck when not in use. I do think they could have designed a more sturdy kickstand but the way they hide it is an ingenious design. The kickstand is so sleek and just shows me how much thought they put into designing the scooter.

Easy One Button Opening and Closing

The folding mechanism on the Unagi Model One is the easiest folding mechanism I have ever dealt with. With one push of the button, it opens and closes extremely smooth. It locks into the center position making it super easy to carry.

Unagi Model One Quick Folding Mechanism

Manufacturing Quality Control Employees

Unagi is a US based company that manufactures their scooters in China like most other electric scooter companies. However, they have their own US employees working in the China manufacturing plant to ensure top notch quality control.

Gorgeous Paint Job

As soon as I pulled out the Unagi Model One from the packaging, I was completely blown away by the amazing paint job. It comes with three coats that includes a laminate and a high abrasion resistant paint to prevent rusting from ever happening.

Unagi Model One Toray Carbon Fiber Stem

30 Day Trial Period

Unagi offers a 30 day no questions asked risk free trial even if it’s been used. They do not accept damaged scooters, so make sure to take care of it during your 30 day trial. They also require you to keep all the original packaging in order to return the unit.

Unagi Model One Water Resistant Rating of IP54

The Unagi cannot withstand strong sprays of water. However, with an IP54 rating the Unagi is supposed to be able to handle light rain and will not be negatively affected by the occasional shallow puddle. Just make sure to cover your battery port before attempting to ride in light rain.

Unagi Subscription Program that Has Insurance

Unagi currently offers a subscription program in Los Angeles and New York City where they will deliver the scooter in 2-3 business days. It comes with insurance for damages or theft which and will replace your scooter in 2-3 days if something were to occur.

The Unagi subscription program also includes free maintenance on the scooter so you don’t have to worry about being handy.

Unagi is trying to roll this out across the US, but currently only have the program in two cities. If your scooter does get stolen, there is still an $85 deductible. I was told by the Unagi representative that if a new scooter comes out, they will also let you trade in your old Unagi for an upgrade.

This subscription service is a great choice for some but there seems to be no end to the payments. So if you plan on keeping the scooter for more than two years, you may be better off buying it outright.

Three Perfect Situations Where The Unagi Model One Makes Sense

The College Student That Lives On Or Near Campus

If you lived on or near a campus, this scooter would be perfect for any student who can afford it. Leaving a scooter unintended outside is just asking to be stolen. Bringing in a scooter into classes that are large, could be challenging and get you some interesting looks from staff and students.

The tiny Unagi Model One folds nicely and easily and is lightweight enought to make it easy to bring into classes or dorms. It’s so small that you could even fit it under your desk.

The Downtown Employee

A lot of downtown employees have to pay for expensive parking or park far away. The Unagi is perfect to throw in your trunk, find free parking, and finish the last mile on it to your place of employment. Security guards hate people wheeling scooters into high rises so the fact that it’s lightweight and easy to carry is a huge plus.

Carry this into your elevator with ease to start your day of work. Once you’re done for the day, easily carry it out and scoot your way back to your car. Not only will you save time but you’ll look forward to a relaxing cruise back to your car.

People Who Live Downtown

If you live in a downtown area where everything is close, this scooter is a no brainer. Downtown theft is extremely high, so leaving a scooter outside is extremely dangerous for theft. The tiny Unagi Model One is so lightweight and easy to carry that you can bring it into wherever you are going.

What I don’t like about the Unagi Model One

Love and Hate the Silicone Deck

I love that it has a silicone deck instead of grip tape. Grip tape can be a pain in the but to clean and it is easy to wipe down the silicone mat. However, I also hate the silicone deck because it is easy to see if it is dirty.

Solid Tires Are Not As Comfortable

I hate and love solid tires. I find that air tires are way more comfortable than solid tires. However, I hate when my air tires get a flat and I have to change them.

The Unagi solid honeycomb tires are not as bad as most solid tires because the honeycomb acts as a dampener to help absorb bumps. The honeycomb can fill up with dirt if you ride through mud, so try to avoid it at all costs.

Unagi Model One Solid Honeycomb Tire

I Wish It Offered A Little More Range

I wish the Unagi had a little more range for the price. I understand that it would impact the weight to add more range, so it’s definitely a trade off.

Overall Thoughts on The Unagi Model One

The Unagi Model One is an incredible scooter but it is designed only for certain demographics. Unagi knows that they are a premium scooter in their class of 13 miles range or less. Eight miles is the range I get if I have it unlocked at 20 mph and doing full speed riding.

However, Unagi knows that people who love nice things will buy the Unagi. You won’t find a cleaner looking scooter. I would think that if you owned a Tesla, this scooter would be a perfect match.

If you are not on a budget, like the nicest things, and don’t care to go very far on one charge….The Unagi Model One is an awesome choice!

Gorgeous Unagi Model One

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