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Teewing Mars XTR – A Low-Cost Hyperscooter

by Nathan Schaumann

The Teewing Mars XTR is a newcomer on the market, and is a direct competitor to the Wolf King GTR and the Inmotion RS. It’s battery is the largest of the three, featuring a 45Ah battery compared to the GTR’s 35Ah and the Inmotion’s 40Ah. The Mars XTR also has the best water rating, with IP66. Although we haven’t gotten our hands on one to do a full review yet, you can find some full video reviews here and here. In this article we’ll dive into what looks great and not-so-great about the all new Teewing Mars XTR.

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Teewing Mars XTR – Specs

  • Battery: 72V, 45Ah (3240 Wh)
  • Water Rating: IP66
  • Price: $3,399
  • Top Speed: 68 mph (claimed)
  • Weight: 136 lbs
  • Motors: 2 x 2000W (10kw combined peak)
  • Charging Time: 8 hrs
  • Max Rider Load: 440 lbs
  • Climbing Angle: 50°
  • Range: 88 miles (claimed)
  • Tires: 11-inch
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Teewing Mars XTR – Features

  • Nutt hydraulic brakes
  • Telelever suspension with EXA adjustable hydraulic shocks
  • Tubeless tires
  • TFT display
  • LED front + rear lights
  • Built-in fire extinguisher
  • NFC key + password
  • 5 speed modes
  • Port with 1500W capacity for charging laptop/phone (requires separate inverter)
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Things We Love

Speed: 68 mph is pretty insane for a scooter. Electric Scooter Guide performed an independent GPS-tracked speed run, and achieved 65 mph, so not too far off Teewing’s official claims.

Range: The 45Ah battery is good for 88 miles of range, according to Teewing. Electric Scooter Guide got 56.8 miles on their standardized test track, which is a much more reliable real-world-range figure.

Water Rating: IP66 is as high as any water rating we’ve seen on a scooter, so you should have absolutely no issues riding this in the rain or through shallow puddles. Teewing’s warranty policy, however, doesn’t include water damage, so we wouldn’t advise anyone getting too confident with the water capabilities of the Mars XTR.

US-Based Service: Teewing has a shipping warehouse and dedicated service center in New York. This means that time zones will likely be more compatible with US-based customers trying to get support versus Chinese-only support. Also, in the event that you have to ship your scooter back for repairs, New York shipping logistics are much easier than trying to ship something back to China.

Things We Hate

No UL-Certification: Most electric scooters being released in 2024 come with a UL-certification attached to their batteries, but the Teewing Mars XTR does not. However, acording to Teewing’s website, the XTR contains an onboard fire extinguisher that “activates when the battery compartment temperature rises, emitting fire-extinguishing gas to suppress flames and ensure safety.” The battery also has a BMS (battery management system) to regulate temperature and monitor voltage/current.

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Tires: The Teewing Mars XTR features the same 11-inch off-road tires that we have seen on many Chinese low cost, high-speed scooters. I personally have owned many of these scooters, and the standard 11-inch knobby tires provide poor traction on asphalt, poor handling when making tight turns, and also make the ride pretty bumpy. It doesn’t look like the Mars XTR comes with a street tire option, so you’re stuck with the mediocre knobby’s unless you want to buy a compatible set of street tires yourself and go through the hassle of installing them.

The Freshly Charged Take

Overall, this scooter looks like it fits neatly within the ranks of the “hyper-scooters”. It costs less than other scooters with similar specs, and there are relatively few trade-offs that are made to achieve this low price. We hope to get one in our garage to unbox and test soon!

Click here for the latest price of the Teewing Mars XTR.

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