Fastest Scooters Under $500

by Nathan Schaumann

Your budget is $500, and you have exactly one concern: SPEED. This list highlights the fastest scooters under $500 available on the market. All data imported from the Freshly Charged Scooter Comparison Tool.

ScooterPriceSpeed (mph)Range (miles)Watt-HoursMotorWt. (lbs)TireTire (")Water RatingSusp.Control
Ningbo Vican L15$43926.024.6768Single46.0Tubed10.0N/AFull
Evercross H5$49026.015.1480Single54.4Solid10.0IPX5Full
Zondoo ZU08 Pro$43025.016.7480Single45.09.0N/AFullSine
Inmotion Air Pro$49922.016.8438Single38.0Tubed10.0IP55NoneSine
Teverun Blade Q$49921.013.8360Single44.08.0N/AFullSine
Isinwheel S9 Max$37020.016.5420Single34.0Tubed10.0IPX4Front
Navee V40$39920.011.8281Single36.0Tubeless10.0IP55None
Blutron One S40$39920.014.1360Single36.2Tubed10.0IPX5None
GoTrax G4$42420.014.5374Single37.4Tubed10.0IP54None
AovoPro ESMax$42920.023.0609Single44.0Tubed10.0IP65FullSine
GoTrax Eclipse$49520.014.8432Single58.0Tubed10.0IPX4Front
Blutron One Plus S65$49920.020.3540Single38.8Tubed10.0IPX5None
Navee V50$49920.015.2374Single37.0Tubeless10.0IP55None

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