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Apollo Go Electric Scooter Review: The Amazing Future of Urban Commuting

by Andrew N

In the bustling landscape of commuter electric scooters, one contender emerges as a game-changer: the Apollo Go. Packed with innovative features, promising power, comfort, and peace of mind, the Apollo Go sets a new standard for urban mobility. Join us as we delve into a detailed review of this next-generation commuter scooter

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Unboxing and Setup

Upon unboxing, the Apollo Go impresses with its meticulous packaging, comprehensive toolkit, and extra parts, reflecting Apollo’s commitment to quality. Equipped with a 36V 15Ah battery and a 42V output charger, the scooter offers convenience and reliability, taking approximately 7.5 hours for a full charge.

Apollo go unboxing experience

Performance and Features

  • Dual motors and pneumatic tires deliver unparalleled power and comfort, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough terrains.
  • PunctureGuard tires that self-heal to prevent flat tires and provide peace of mind.
  • With a top speed of 28 mph and a robust build, the Apollo Go promises a thrilling yet secure commuting experience.
  • The intuitive cockpit design, featuring high-mounted turn signals and regen braking, enhances safety and control for riders.
  • Bluetooth app that allows users to adjust acceleration curve, regen braking, diagnose issues, and track rides.
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Design and Durability

  • The sturdy construction and IP66 water resistance rating make it ideal for various weather conditions, providing peace of mind for daily commuters.
  • Innovative design elements, such as the unique folding mechanism and seamless kickstand integration, highlight Apollo’s attention to detail and user convenience.
  • Self-healing tires and low-maintenance drum brakes ensure longevity and hassle-free maintenance, adding to the scooter’s appeal.
Apollo go is portable at 46 lbs 1

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: Exceptional ride feel, dual motors, efficient regen braking, high visibility turn signals, comprehensive packaging, 12-month warranty, and quality control measures.
  • Cons: Slightly sensitive buttons, limited adjustability of headlights, Apollo does not cover water damage under warranty, and a higher price point compared to competitors.
apollo go IP66 water resistance rating

Should You Buy the Apollo Go?

  • This scooter stands out as a premium choice for commuters seeking reliability, performance, and advanced features in an electric scooter.
  • With its solid build, innovative design, and impressive performance, the Apollo Go justifies its price tag as a top-tier commuter scooter.
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In conclusion, the Apollo Go redefines urban commuting with its blend of power, comfort, and cutting-edge features. Whether navigating city streets or embarking on daily commutes, this commuter scooter offers an unmatched riding experience. Consider investing in the Apollo Go to elevate your daily travels and embrace a new era of urban mobility.

Click here for the current price of the Apollo Go.
Use coupon code: FC50 to save $50.

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Apollo go specs and charger

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