Hover-1 Alpha Cargo – My First Cargo Electric Scooter

by Nathan Schaumann

I’ve never tried out a cargo scooter, and the folks over at Warehouse B in Lindon, Utah were kind enough to hook me up with a Hover-1 Alpha Cargo to try out. The Hover-1 Alpha Cargo exceeded my expectations in more ways than one, and I had a great time riding/reviewing it. Overall the biggest plusses were the large tires, comfortable seat and easy-to-read display, and the biggest drawback was overall lack of power/torque. Read on for a full list of the things l liked/hated, plus a range test and an acceleration/speed test!

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If you are located in Utah, visit Warehouse B in Lindon for half-price (or less) refurbished models.

IMG 1612


  • Motor: Rear 300W (550W Peak)
  • Speed: 16 mph (claimed), 15.23 mph (Freshly Charged Certified)
  • Range: 15 miles (claimed), 13.99 miles (Freshly Charged Certified)
  • Tires: 12″ tubed
  • Battery: 36V, 7.5A (270Wh)
  • Weight: 49.3 lbs


  • LCD Display
  • Pre-installed Rear Cargo Basket
  • Integrated front/rear lights
  • 4 speed modes (including “pedestrian mode”)

Hover-1 Alpha Cargo – Things I Love


The tires on the Alpha Cargo are the perfect size for a smooth and comfortable (and safe) ride. Any scooter with tires smaller than 10-inches can be dangerous when hitting potholes or small bumps at any speed, and the 12-inch tires of the Alpha Cargo have no issues on multiple types of terrain. I also appreciated that the tires are air-filled, rather than solid, as many cheaper electric scooters have solid tires.

hover-1 alpha cargo


I love that the kickstand is mounted in the rear, rather than under the deck. Deck-mounted kickstands can sometimes be tricky to reach with your foot, but the rear-axle-mounted kickstand of the Alpha Cargo is a breeze to put down/up. It also is quite thick and robust, as opposed to the flimsy metal rods that come on most lower-priced electric scooters.

hover-1 alpha cargo


The e-brake automatically activates when you depress the brake lever, and provides excellent stopping power. It is neither too gradual nor too abrupt, and I found during my 14-mile range test that I didn’t use the actual mechanical brake even once.

IMG 1617

Folding Mechanism

The folding mechanism is super easy, not over-engineered, and seems sturdy and secure. While this scooter naturally isn’t as portable as non-cargo scooters due to the seat + basket, the folding stem ensures you can fit this scooter comfortably in the back of any sedan/hatchback.

Half-Twist Throttle

Half-Twist throttles are one of the less-common options for electric scooters, but for the Hover-1 Alpha Cargo it is a great fit. It can be tiring to keep the pressure on the twist throttle for long periods of time, so the Alpha Cargo’s cruise control is a welcome feature.

hover-1 alpha cargo

Hover-1 Alpha Cargo – Things I Hate


As useful as this scooter is, with the comfortable seat + basket, I just don’t see myself riding this very much due to the speed. Most of the scooter trips I make are 3-5 miles, and while a 25 mph scooter will take you on city trips about as fast as a car will, a 15 mph scooter just seems to take forever by comparison. I wish they had put a 500W or 600W motor on this scooter instead of a 300W, and upped the top speed to the low or mid 20’s.

Seat Height

One thing I don’t quite get about this scooter: the seat height isn’t adjustable. Not only is it not adjustable, but it is quite low. I am a 5’11” rider, not super tall, and it is significantly lower than the ideal height I would pick if I could raise the seat. I would recommend this scooter for riders 5’8″ or under. It would also be a great fit for kids.

hover-1 alpha cargo

Mechanical Brakes

Although the E-Brake does work well, the Alpha Cargo has only one mechanical drum brake, which on its own doesn’t provide a whole lot of stopping power. Since the scooter only goes 16 mph it’s not that big of an issue, but if they took my advice and added a 500W motor I would suggest the addition of a rear drum brake as well.

Freshly Charged Range Test

  • Tested Range: 13.99 miles
  • Total Elevation Gain: 334 ft
  • Outside Temperature: 48 degrees F
  • Average Speed: 13.1 mph
IMG 6D0A4909FA3C 1

Freshly Charged Speed/Acceleration Test

  • 0-10 mph: 3.14s
  • 0-15 mph: 6.48s
  • 60 ft: 4.74s
  • 330 ft: 16.93s
  • 1/8 mile: 31.69s @ 15.23mph
  • 1/4 mile: 61.32s @ 15.13mph
  • Top Speed: 15.23mph
IMG 1625

The Freshly Charged Take

All-in-all, I was very happy with this scooter. It’s a practical scooter for anyone who doesn’t need to (or doesn’t want to) go any faster than 15 mph. I was impressed with the build quality, eye-catching display, large tires and general ease to use and ride. Pick yours up here from Hover-1’s official store, or if you are located in Utah, head over to Warehouse B in Lindon to pick up a refurbished model for $225 or less!

Here is a video of my wife enjoying the Hover-1 Alpha Cargo scooter while I accompany her on my Begode EX30.

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