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My All-Time Favorite Scooter Is… Not What You’d Expect (Rovoron Kullter Luxury Full Review)

by Nathan Schaumann

I’ve owned a lot of electric scooters, and in this article I’m going to share with you why the Rovoron Kullter Luxury, a scooter most people have never heard of, may be the last electric scooter I ever buy.

My Introduction To Electric Scooters

My first scooter was an Apollo Ghost, which sparked my initial love for scooters as I rode it to and from university every day. After selling the Ghost, I opted for the Emove Cruiser (Freshly Charged review here) due to its increased range for daily rides. A few months later I made the significant upgrade to a Wolf King GT (my 5,000 mile review here) which was my primary mode of transportation for over 2 years. Throughout that time I also bought a Wolf Warrior X Pro (FC review here), Zondoo ZO03, a pair of Tifgalop X10’s, and most recently, the Wolf King GTR (FC review here). Despite enjoying all of these scooters for different reasons, I always eventually sold and moved onto a new model. However, that cycle seems to have come to an end with my latest scooter purchase: the Rovoron Kullter Luxury.

The Rovoron Kullter Luxury

When I purchased the Rovoron, I did NOT expect it to become my “forever scooter”. In fact, I bought it during an end-of-year flash sale at for $999 (regular price is $1999 here on, with the intention of trying it out for a few weeks, reviewing it, and then selling it like my previous scooters. However there are so many things I love about the Rovoron that I can’t see myself parting ways with it any time soon, if ever. In fact, if someone offered me full price for my Rovoron (netting me a $1k profit) I’d decline. So what makes the Rovoron Kullter Luxury so special?

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Rovoron Kullter Luxury

Rovoron Kullter Luxury: Things I Love

Ride Quality: The Rovoron’s ride quality is the best I’ve ever experienced on an electric scooter. Riding on smooth roads feels like floating; it’s incredibly smooth compared to any other scooter I’ve tried. The 10-inch street tires, with their flatter shape, do a lot to help with this smoothness, though they do offer slightly less traction in wet conditions. The Rovoron also has absolutely ZERO stem wobble, and it’s handling is amazing. I don’t know a lot about the specifics of rake and trail angle, but the engineers at Rovoron nailed it. You always feel in control of the scooter, regardless of your speed or the tightness of the turn. I recently rode a friend’s Segway GT2, widely renowned for ride quality, but every second riding it I missed the smoothness and handling of the Rovoron.

IMG 1765

Weight: The Rovoron weighs 68 lbs, which is absolutely insane for a 47 mph scooter. After checking our Scooter Comparison Tool, I can confirm that there isn’t another scooter out there that weighs less than 70 lbs and can reach 47 mph. To put it in perspective, the Segway GT2 weighs 115 lbs and reaches a max speed of 42 mph. Even with that added ~50 lbs, the GT2 has a smaller battery (1512 Wh vs the Rovoron’s 1890 Wh). With most of my other scooters, the thought of loading it into the back of a car fills me with dread, but the Rovoron is a breeze. It passes the one-hand lift test, easily. Additionally, the Rovoron fits into the trunk of any sedan! Even in my Honda CR-V, where I’m used to having to fold down the rear seats to load in scooters, the Rovoron fits perfectly into the regular cargo compartment, with plenty of room to spare. I can’t overemphasize how HUGE this is for a frequent scooter rider/commuter.

IMG 1763

Folding Mechanism: As the previous owner of multiple Kaabo Wolf scooters (Warrior, King GT, King GTR), I’ve grown accustomed to spending 2-3 minutes to properly fold or unfold a scooter, usually accompanied by lots of muffled swearing and sore hands/fingers. I am not kidding when I say I could fold and unfold 10 Rovorons in the time it takes me to fold and unfold my Wolf King GT. Folding the Rovoron is as simple as pulling out the stem lever and lowering the stem. Two steps. What makes the Rovoron even better is that the stem latches into place on the kickplate, allowing you to pick it up from the stem with just one hand! I love love love this about the Rovoron, and it makes it so much easier to take on road trips or ride somewhere where I know I will have to park it upstairs.

IMG 1738
IMG 1759

Deck/Kickplate: The Rovoron Kullter Luxury is the perfect size for me. I am 5’11”, and I find the dimensions are perfect for both my arm reach to the handlebars and my foot placement on the deck. I love the huge kickplate, and not once have I wished the deck was larger or smaller. I frequently ride with my wife, who stands in front with her hands on the inner handlebars near the stem, while I stand behind her, arms around her with my hands on the handlebar grips. The deck is the perfect size for both of us to stand, feet firmly planted.

IMG 1777

Light: One thing I don’t like about many scooters is that the front light has multiple settings but only one button, so you have to cycle through them every time you turn on the scooter. I don’t understand this, because I always want the brightest setting or no light at all. Fortunately, the Rovoron simplifies this by offering only on/off settings without unnecessary dim or “low beam” options. I also love the stem lights on the Rovoron, which look awesome at night and are excellent for increasing visibility to others on the road.

Power: I’ve concluded that the Rovoron Kullter Luxury has all the power I need. Even after getting used to 60+ mph scooters for years, I found that I didn’t miss that extra 15 mph when I switched to the Rovoron. 45 mph is about the fastest I feel safe riding anyway, especially considering it’s at or above the speed limit on most roads in my area. It’s nice not having that constant temptation to speed unnecessarily. The acceleration on the Rovoron is impressively quick: here were the results of my Dragy verified acceleration runs:

  • 0 – 10mph: 0.89s
  • 0 – 15mph: 1.61s
  • 0 – 20mph: 2.43s
  • 0 – 25mph: 3.49s
  • 0 – 30mph: 4.81s
  • 0 – 35mph: 6.76s
  • 0 – 40mph: 9.30s
  • 0 – 45mph: 13.37s
  • 60ft: 2.73s
  • 330ft: 8.44s
  • 1/8 mile: 13.72s @ 45.1 mph
  • 1/4 mile: 23.42s @ 46.27 mph
  • 1/2 mile: 42.79s @ 45.97 mph
  • Top Speed: 46.58 mph

For comparison: my Wolf Warrior X Pro makes it to 30mph in 5.86s, 40mph in 12.04, and does the 1/4 mile in 25.58s. All substantially slower than the Rovoron Kullter Luxury.

Suspension: I really love the bouncy suspension of the Rovoron Kullter Luxury. The front suspension is a little stiff for me, but when my wife and I ride together it is perfect. It is also fun to bounce up and down on the deck while riding, as the suspension has a delightful springy feeling.

IMG 1740

Throttle Response: There is virtually no dead space in the trigger throttle, and though the Rovoron has a square-wave controller, I still find I am able to control the throttle pretty delicately and cruise at constant speeds while maintaining half-throttle, which is something typically hard to do on scooters with square wave controllers.

IMG 1741

Aesthetics: The Rovoron Kullter Luxury looks great. I love it’s somewhat subdued profile – it doesn’t stand out and draw attention like the Segway GT2 or Wolf King GT, and you won’t get funny looks when bringing it onto a train or bus. It fits in aesthetically with most commuter scooters, but will blow them all completely out of the water once you hit the throttle.

IMG 1503 min

Rovoron Kullter Luxury: Room For Improvement

Though the Rovoron Kullter Luxury is a fantastic scooter, it still has plenty of defects that make it far from perfect.

Light: I wish the front light were brighter. I find it is sufficient up to about 30 mph, and after that it’s dangerous to ride anywhere without really good street lighting. I also wish the Rovoron had front turning signals, and I wish the existing rear turning signals were brighter and angled upwards to be more easily visible to cars.

IMG 1737

Kickstand: The kickstand might be my #1 petty complain about the scooter – it is a tiny piece of metal that hides under the deck and usually takes me 2 or 3 tries to fish out with the toe of my sneaker. This is super annoying, and I wish it jutted out from the deck to make it easier to deploy.

IMG 1739

Range: I did two full range tests, one with dual motor mode riding at full throttle and the other with only single motor. The dual motor test got a range of 30.28 miles, while the single motor test got 35.67 miles. I would love the Rovoron even more if it could reliably get over 40 miles on a single charge. However, achieving this would require a larger battery, likely increasing the scooter’s weight to over 80 lbs. An alternative solution would be a removable battery, allowing you to bring along an extra battery for super long trips without adding to the scooter’s weight. A Rovoron Kullter Luxury with a removable battery (and a better-designed kickstand) would be my dream scooter.

IMG BCB8EA86288F 1

Display: The display is impossible to read from any angle besides directly head on. This is a pretty dumb design flaw that isn’t an issue on most scooters even with the same style of display. It can make it quite dangerous to check your battery percentage while riding at high speed, because instead of quickly glancing down you have to take about a second adjusting your head into the right angle so you can actually read the screen. Would love this to be updated.

Charger: The Rovoron Kullter Luxury only came with one 1.75A charger, which used alone would take 18 hours to charge empty to full. Luckily there are two charge ports, and I already had a pair of 5A chargers that I have been using to charge it from empty to full in about 3 hours. I’d like to see future editions of the Rovoron to ship with either a 5A charger, or two 2A chargers.

Steering Column: After my first ride in the rain, the steering became super stiff. I discovered that mud had accumulated inside the contact point between the steering column and the main frame of the scooter. Adding some WD40 helped the issue somewhat, but there is still mud residue stuck in there gumming up the steering.

Water Resistance: The Rovoron Kullter Luxury has no water resistance rating, which I further cofired when I opened up the deck to replace a cable and found standing water inside the battery/controller compartment. This was pretty frustrating, and I plan to add some of my own waterproofing features on and around the scooter.

Maintenance Issues: Before finishing my review I have to address the various maintenance issues I’ve encountered with the Rovoron. Initially, upon unboxing scooter had no acceleration. The display and lights turned on, but the scooter just wouldn’t go. After opening up the deck, I discovered the throttle cable, which provides the signal from the throttle to the controller, was unplugged. I plugged it in, and the scooter started working normally.

The second maintenance issue I encountered was the dual motor switch/cable – after a couple hundred miles of riding the dual motor functionality would only engage when I was turning right. If I was heading straight, and hit the dual motor button, the front motor would remain without power unless I jiggled the steering column or turned it to the right, and then the front motor would suddenly come on with full power. Luckily this happened before my 30-day warranty ended, so minimotors shipped out a replacement dual motor cable, which fixed the issue.

The last maintenance issue I have dealt with is that one of the charging ports (the front one) keeps coming detached from the scooter. Three different times I have opened up the deck and re-screwed it in, but it keeps falling out when I pull on it lightly, which is necessary to do when unplugging a charger. This isn’t dangerous in any way, but it is annoying and opens up another point for water ingress.


I really love this scooter, and plan to ride it for a long time. While I would love a removable / larger battery, better display & kickstand design and a slightly brighter horn, the Rovoron’s impeccable ride quality and combination of power + portability are more than enough to make this my favorite scooter I’ve ever owned/ridden. It’s sad that the Rovoron Kullter Luxury never sold very well, and I’m not sure how much longer it will be around. If you’d like to get one, the current price is $1999 here at simplyev, with an added $500 off using the coupon code ALL25.

IMG 1774 1

Scooter Comparison Tool

Use our Freshly Charged Scooter Comparison Tool to evaluate the Rovoron Kullter Luxury alongside more than 500 other scooters. Compare and organize scooters by factors such as price, top speed, battery size, weight, water-resistance rating, and more!

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