Voro Motors now Carries Dualtron Scooters

Voro Motors now Carries Dualtron Scooters

by freshlycharged

We just received some awesome news that Voro Motors recently acquired Minimotors factory dealership rights. That means Voro Motors will now carry Dualtron scooters. I am so excited for this move because Voro Motors has an impressive reputation in the electric scooter industry for service and repairs.

I have always observed the Dualtron scooters are underserved in America because there is not a ton of reviews from content creators. Dualtron scooters are expensive and heavy to ship so the only reviews we have seen in the past are from users.

Voro Motors let me know that he is planning on carrying all the Dualtron scooters except for the X2. They are receiving the X2 to test and may change their mind about carrying it.

The History of Minimotors

Minimotors was founded in Busan, South Korea in 1999. Their inital focus was on selling and manufacturing motor boards and senior style electric scooters. How Minimotors started and what we see today are two different companies.

One of their biggest accomplishments was in 2015 creating the world’s first dual motor off-roading electric scooter powered by brushless DC powered motors, BLDC.

Today Minimotors is famous for producing some of the most powerful scooters on the market. On top of having a ton of power, they also have a distinct look and unique lighting.

Dualtron Mini

One of Minimotors most budget friendly scooter is the Dualtron Mini. Weighing in at only 48 lbs, it is a perfect scooter for portability. The Dualtron Mini comes with a 52 volt 17.5 Ah battery made from LG MJ1 cells.

It comes equipped with a single rear motor that has a peak output of 1450 watts. It does come with traditional spring suspension. The Dualtron Mini also features the iconic stem lighting.

Click here for the most up to date pricing on the Dualtron Mini at Voro Motors

Dualtron Mini Masterskut
Dualtron Mini courtesy of @masterskut

Dualtron Eagle Pro

The Dualtron Eagle Pro is becoming one of the most popular choices when people are choosing a Dualtron. It doesn’t break the bank but it offers a lot of power and great handling due to the rubber suspension. You can change out the rear suspension cartridge to your desired stiffness.

The Eagle pro is the replacement for the Dualtron 2, and is only being produced as a limited run. It boasts a 60 volt 22.4 amp hour battery and uses drum braking for less maintenance. It is a powerful beast and allows you to experience the high power of Dualtron without breaking the bank.

Click here for the most up to date pricing on the Dualtron Eagle Pro at Voro Motors.

FB IMG 1617242811664
Dualtron Eagle Pro courtesy of Eric Kelley

Dualtron Ultra 2

The Dualtron Ultra 2 is the price point where we start to see 72 volt batteries implemented. It comes with a massive 72 V 35 Ah battery that equates to 2520 watt hours. The dual motors produce a peak power of 6640 watts.

With the ability to go over 55 mph and have a range of up to 87 miles, it won’t disappoint the adrenaline junkie. It comes with a stiff front suspension and you can change the cartridge on the rear suspension to your desired stiffness.

Dualtron Ultra 2 Richard Klehe 1
Dualtron Ultra 2 courtesy of Richard Klehe

Dualtron Storm

The Storm offers a 72V 31.5 Ah LG battery that is also swappable. I love this idea on a high-powered scooter because you can ensure the fun does not stop with extra batteries. The whole suspension is adjustable and swappable.

The motors have quick disconnects for simple and easy maintenance. The Dualtron Storm is the highest powered convenient scooter on the market. The Dualtron storm has a stunning lighting system to make the scooters stand out.

Dualtron Sotrm Gookie Chung
Dualtron Storm courtesy of Gookie Chung

Voro Motors is the Perfect Partner for Minimotors

Voro has become the number one dealer for Kaabo products in the USA. It makes sense why Minimotors would want to team up with them to expand their network. Voro has created a network of dealers and repair shops across the country.

We are so excited for the partnership because we feel like the Dualtron brand has been underserved in the US. There are not many content creators that have an opportunity to review the Dualtron brand. There are many Dualtron owners in the US, but not a ton of review videos.

There are significant ride videos but not many in depth reviews on the features and benefits of the Dualtron scooters. We are hoping to get on the rotation with Voro Motors to review such an iconic scooter line.

To see all the Dualtron scooters that Voro Motors is carrying click here.

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