Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter Review

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter Review

by freshlycharged

Jimmy and I are thrilled to be the first Americans reviewing the Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter, a low maintenance dual motor electric scooter with features rarely seen in its price class.

The Pegasus features a unique design, dual 500 watt motors, large LCD display, with maintenance free features. In this review, I’m going to tell you what I loved and hated about the Varla Pegasus.

Varla Pegasus with Denver Cityscape Horizontal

Top 10 things I liked about the Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter

  • Unique design and look
  • Dual Motors
  • Large LCD display can be seen in daylight
  • Never worry about flats
  • Thumb throttle
  • Extra brake pads and lock
  • Kick plate
  • Power sliding
  • Thick silicone mat
  • Budget friendly

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Varla Pegasus Specifications

Battery 48V 15.6 Ah
Watt hours 748.8Wh
Motor Size Dual 500 watt motors
Peak Power Output 1600 watts
Stated max speed 28 mph (45 km)
Andrew’s max speed 30 mph (48 kmh)
Stated Range 28 miles (45 km)
Andrew’s max speed range test 19 miles (31 km)
Weight 66 lbs (30 kg)
Max load 280 lbs (127 kg)
Charge time 7-8 hours
Tire size 8 inches by 3.5 inches wide
*dependent on rider weight, ride style, and conditions

With the Varla Pegasus, you will stand out

Varla originally asked us to review their Varla Eagle One electric scooter, which is a rebrand of the Turbowheel Lightning, ZERO 10X and Apollo Pro. Since we had reviewed the Turbowheel Lightning and ZERO 10X we decided to pass on the Eagle One.

We asked if Varla had anything exclusive to them coming out, and they told us about the Pegasus. The Pegasus offers a unique design that Jimmy and I have never seen in an electric scooter.

The one-piece deck with built-in kick plate looks sleek and well thought out. The LCD display looks much more sophisticated than the QS-S4 display we see on most scooters and the silver, black, and light blue accent control arms make a fantastic color combo we have never seen on an electric scooter.

Dual 500 Watt Motors

Dual motors on scooters completely change the feel. The dual 500 watt motors make the Varla Pegasus quick off the line and help rally it up hills giving this electric scooter plenty of power for commuting. I am impressed with how much power is generated when you press down the throttle.

Large LCD you can actually read in direct sunlight

The display on the Pegasus is the same as the one on the Lectric eBikes and it is a good one. Varla knocked it out of the park with the Pegasus display. Not only is the display large and informative, it can also be seen in direct sunlight.

We hope to see better displays becoming the standard on electric scooters just like in the eBike world.

As far as electric scooter with large LCD displays, we have only seen displays on the Varla Pegasus and Nami Burn-E. The YUME X7 has just started carrying a display as well.

Varla Pegasus LCD Display and thumb throttle

What kind of tires are on the Varla Pegasus?

You will never have to worry about flat tires when you ride the Pegasus. The Pegasus features 8 inch by 3.5 inch wide solid tires. The solid tires are softer rubber than the rigid plastic we have seen with other electric scooters.

The softer rubber offers better traction and dampens the vibrations better than the rigid plastic solid tires but not as well as pneumatic tires.

Solid tires are an excellent choice for those who do not live near a scooter repair shop or are not mechanically inclined.

Varla Pegasus Solid Tire and Mechanical disc brake

What type of throttle is on the Varla Pegasus?

The Varla Pegasus features a thumb throttle. I find that most new escooter users prefer the thumb throttle to the trigger throttle. The thumb throttle is much easier for people to modulate and it doesn’t interfere with braking.

There are a lot of people who upgrade their trigger throttles to thumb throttles, so I like that Varla has made it standard on the Pegasus. I like all types of throttles and can adapt pretty quickly so I have no preference.

Extra brake pads should come standard with electric scooters

We love that the Varla Pegasus comes with extra brake pads and a lock. Disc brakes are awesome on electric scooters, but they can run through brake pads quickly.

It is not a matter of whether you will need brake pads, but when you will need them. I would rather have them on hand, so I don’t have down time waiting for brake pads to ship to me.

Brake pads are inexpensive for manufacturers. I wish more companies would throw them in just like the Pegasus.

The chain lock it comes with is fine for quick stops into coffee shops. There is a fabric cover to help protect the chain from scratching your electric scooter. However, be weary using the lock in high crime areas because it can be easily broken with a battery operated angle grinder or bolt cutter.

Built in kick plate

I love kick plates on scooters. Kick plates are perfect for planting more weight over the rear tire to increase traction. Normally kick plates are attached to the deck, but on the Pegasus the kick plate is part of the deck.

I like the clean design of the kick plate on the Pegasus and the angle is not awkward, like we have observed on other scooters.

Varla Pegasus Kick Plate Rear Suspension and Fender

Solid tires make power sliding effortless

I can powerslide on most electric scooters. However, solid tires make power sliding effortless on electric scooters. If you want to learn how to powerslide, I suggest practicing at slow speeds and on wet grass.

Simply get some speed, pull on the rear brake only, and twist your body to make the rear slide out. With solid tires, it is easy to do a 180 degree power slide. Once you master it on wet grass, it is easy to duplicate it on concrete and they are a lot of fun.

High quality silicone mat

Some silicone decks on electric scooters can be flimsy and thin, offering little to no traction. The silicone deck on the Varla Pegasus is thick and has a great pattern which offers excellent traction. The mat is securely attached to the deck and does not come up around the edges.

The only issue I recognize with the mat firmly attached to the deck is when you may need to open up the deck. The mat will have to be removed.

Varla Pegasus Silicone Deck with Blue Control Arms and MEchanical Brakes

The Varla Pegasus is feature packed and budget friendly

The Varla Pegasus has many features, like dual motors, full suspension, solid tires, large LCD display, thumb throttle, and kick plate. Surprisingly, the Pegasus comes in at a budget friendly price of only $1049 after using coupon code: JimmyChang. Rarely do we find dual motor scooters offered for less than $1500.

Top 4 things I hated about the Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter

  1. Road vibrations when traveling slow
  2. Voltage not set correctly
  3. Stiff suspension and tight steering
  4. Lights

Solid tires are not for everyone

Solid tires are maintenance free, but I prefer air filled pneumatic tires because I know how to change a tire. The solid tires on the Varla Pegasus feel great when traveling at higher speeds. However, at lower speeds you can really feel the cracks and vibrations of the road.

Some solid tires make my teeth chatter. Luckily, the Pegasus tires are not the stiff plastic, the ride is above average for solid tires on a suspension electric scooter.

P settings voltage not set correctly

The inital P-settings voltage on our escooter was set incorrectly to 36 volts out of the box. The scooter will still work but the battery display will be incorrect. The battery display will still read full when you are at 40 volts, which is right above the 39 volt cutoff.

If you don’t fix the setting and are not paying attention to the voltage reader, you could end up with a long walk or expensive Uber ride. I have reached out to Varla to have them change the P settings before the scooters are shipped.

Hopefully, they get it fixed because I could see this issue upsetting customers and leaving them stranded.

Stiff suspension and tight steering

I would like the suspension on the Varla Pegasus to be a little softer. The stiff suspension is great when traveling at high speeds. However, the stiff suspension does not absorb the vibrations well at slower speeds.

I also like to preload my jumps by pressing down on the suspension before trying to get some air. The stiff suspension makes it hard to preload before jumping. The steering is also tight so its hard to maneuver the scooter in tight turns.

However, I understand why Varla designed the suspension to be stiff and the steering to be tight. When turning the pegasus, it is more about body distribution rather than turning. If suspension was soft and steering was loose, it would make the Pegasus unstable.

Upgrade lights for safe night riding

Most electric scooters do not offer adequate lighting for safe night riding. The Varla Pegasus is no exception. If you will do significant amounts of night riding, we highly suggest upgrading to rechargeable handlebar lights.

There are lots of great options for handlebar lights. Most built in lights on electric scooters are mounted low and don’t throw enough light forward. Mounting them higher on the handlebars helps throw out a lot more light to help see dangerous obstacles at night.

Varla Pegasus Front Light brakes suspesnsion and locking mechanism

Who should get the Varla Pegasus electric scooter?

The Varla Pegasus is for the person who worries about flats and cringes at the thought of having to change a flat tire on an electric scooter.

If you need the power of a dual motor scooter to tackle hills during your commute that has speed and range in an affordable package then you should consider the Varla Pegasus.

If you don’t care to go over 30 mph and are not very handy, the maintenance free design of the Pegasus will meet your needs. It’s a unique scooter with a great display and it will stand out from a sea full of all black scooters.

Who should avoid the Varla Pegasus escooter?

I would not suggest the Varla Pegasus for people who ride with heavy pedestrian traffic. The steering is tight and the Pegasus is not very nimble, so it could be a little dicey riding in highly congested areas.

If you have back issues, I would suggest getting a scooter with more suspension or a seat.

I was only able to achieve 19.5 miles of range when doing a max speed range test. If you need to travel more than 20 miles on one charge, I would suggest upgrading to another scooter with a larger battery.

If you are a speed demon and want to go over 30 mph, you will want to look elsewhere. I was able to achieve 30 mph. The display read 35 mph, but the GPS data said 30 mph.

Ecoflow Pro charging up the Varla Pegasus with Denver Landscape
Charging the Varla Pegasus with the EcoFlow Pro

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