The EMOVE RoadRunner: a 34 MPH Mini Ebike/Escooter

The EMOVE RoadRunner: a 34 MPH Mini Ebike/Escooter

by freshlycharged

Who Will Love the EMOVE RoadRunner?

The EMOVE RoadRunner is a seated electric scooter that looks more like a mini motorcycle. It’s fast, portable, easy to ride, and very practical. The RoadRunner is true micromobility and is perfect for those looking for a fast and portable seated experience.

What I Think about the EMOVE RoadRunner

The small mini motorbike design is less intimidating than full sized motorbikes but the RoadRunner is plenty zippy, packing dual motors (rear 500W and front 350W) that go up to 34 mph and a 48V 26.1Ah 1253 Wh battery that will travel up to 53 miles on a charge. Check out pricing and availability of the Emove RoadRunner at VoroMotors. Save $50 on the EMOVE RoadRunner with COUPON CODE: GotScooter
Emove Roadrunner escooter
The RoadRunner’s smaller size puts you closer to the ground and makes it easier to ride and control. Because of the small size, folks on trails and sidewalks are more likely to give you a smile and less likely to get upset with you. EMOVE RoadRunner Specs 48V 26.1Ah 1253 Wh Motor: R: 500 watts F: 350 watts Stated Max Speed: 34 mph (55 kmh) Stated Range: 53 miles (86 km) Weight: 55 lbs (25 Kg) Charge Time: 12 hours Max Load: 330 lbs (150 kg) *dependent on rider weight, ride style, and conditions But the Road Runner isn’t perfect. While the top speed is impressive, the acceleration is just okay and there’s no regenerative braking. The display is near impossible to read in sunlight but that’s fine because the battery meter isn’t very accurate.
RoadRunner Tronic
For pure enthusiasts looking for more speed and power, the RoadRunner Tronic is your answer. It’s what you get when the folks at Rion Motors get involved and in addition to the speed and power boost, the road runner tronic is upgraded from the original in just about every way. Stay tuned for our full review on the RoadRunner Tronic.
Emove Roadrunner
An inconvenience with the Road Runner design is that the charge port is blocked by the frame and cannot be accessed unless you unlock and remove or partially remove the battery.
I’m not quite sure why dual and single motor modes are designated with the letters “R” and “I.” I do wish there was some sort of keyed ignition to make it harder for someone to just ride off with but it would be just as easy for someone to pick up the portable RoadRunner and walk off with it so make sure to lock it up. The tubular frame give you many options to easily lock up the RoadRunner with most bikes locks.
Emove Roadrunner ebike
  • Small and Portable
  • Maneuverable
  • Range
  • Speed
  • Fun
  • People think it’s funny
  • Easy to mod and upgrade
  • AWD
EMOVE Roadrunner review
  • Hard to be seen by motorists
  • Not for tall riders
  • No rear suspension
  • Vibrates at high speeds: possibly because of the poor front forks?
  • No electric or regenerative braking
  • Display difficult to read in the sunlight
  • Battery must be removed to charge
  • Easy to steal: no keyed start or lock
  • Battery meter is not accurate
  • Seat can be uncomfortable on long rides


This mini motorcycle is technically classified as a sit-down scooter but regardless of whether you call it a mini ebike or motorbike or scooter, one thing is for certain, it can move. The EMOVE RoadRunner is a dual motor scooter that is sure to put a smile on your face! Check out pricing and availability of the Emove RoadRunner at VoroMotors. Save $50 on the EMOVE RoadRunner with COUPON CODE: GotScooter

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