EVOLV Terra Electric Scooter Review

by Nathan Schaumann

The EVOLV Terra is a brand new dual motor scooter that requires little to no maintenance, has smooth power, and is a lot of fun to ride. Urban Machina has created a commuter scooter that packs power and features into a nice compact, low maintenance package.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the EVOLV Terra.

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What we love about the Evolv Terra

  • Solid tires compound is softer
  • No more flat tires
  • Adjustable stem height to fit most heights
  • Dual motors
  • Accelerates great for a commuter scooter
  • Little to no maintenance on the drum brakes
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Nimble and fun
  • Safety latch to prevent stem failure
  • Collapsible handlebars
  • Metal fenders
  • Kick plate with handle
  • Side lights look sweet at night
  • Locks into itself when folded
  • Quick disconnects for motor hubs
  • Unique looking
  • IP54 water resistance certified
  • Dual suspension that doesn’t bottom out easily

Evolv Terra Solid Tires are Actually Good!

The Evolv Terra features 8.5 inch solid tires that are made from a soft rubber compound.

I often hate the feel of solid tires due to their hard rubber compound. Hard rubber tires don’t stop well and can feel unnatural when riding. The tires on the Evolv Terra grip well when braking and actually feel like I am riding pneumatic tires.

The best part is you won’t ever have to worry about flat tires. Flat tires are extremely inconvenient and definitely a mood killer.

Evolv Terra Solid front tire suspension front charging port and light

How tall is the stem on the Evolv Terra?

The stem on the Evolv Terra can be adjusted from 29 inches to 39 inches.

The adjustability of height allows it to fit riders of most heights, making it a great choice for teens to adults of all sizes.

Evolv Terra from the front

How fast is the Evolv Terra?

The Evolv Terra states a max speed of 31 mph.

I was able to get the Evolv Terra to 35 mph on the display and I felt that it could go even faster. If I weighed less than 200 lbs, I wonder how fast I could get Evolv Terra up to.

I was very impressed with the acceleration curve of the dual 600-watt motors. We reviewed the Kaabo Mantis 8 with dual 500-watt motors, and the acceleration curve wasn’t even close to the Evolv Terra.

Evolv Terra silicone deck and kick plate and kickstand

What type of brakes are on the Evolv Terra?

The Evolv Terra features drum brakes that will require little to no maintenance.

I prefer disc brakes over drum brakes, but you will have to change brake pads every few hundred miles.

With drum brakes, you should be able to go a few thousand miles before having to do any major maintenance. You may have to tighten the brake cable slack but that’s a simple turn of a nut.

Overall, the drum brakes on the Evolv Terra stop well but if you like to do power slides on your scooter, know that you can’t do powerslides with drum brakes.

Evolv Terra Solid rear tire suspension quick disconnect and metal fender

No collapsing of stems with the Evolv Terra

Scooters with stem locking mechanisms similar to the Evolv Terra were notorious for failing on beginner riders.

If you don’t hear a click when setting up the scooter, you could still ride the scooter and feel like it was correctly assembled. But as soon as you hit a small bump, you could be eating a face full of cement.

With the new red safety latch on the Evolv Terra, this ensures you will never have to worry about the stem collapsing on you during a ride. Jimmy and I are all about safety so we like the redundancy of the safety latch.

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Evolv Terra folding mechanism cable wrap and safety latch

Stand out with the Evolv Terra

I enjoy the Evolv line because due to its unique look and colorway. You can immediately tell the scooters from their red bars that run along the deck. Electric scooters can often look like clones of previous models, but the Evolv Terra has a distinct look.

The red glow bars remind me of a Sith lightsaber, and at night they really pop. With the Evolv Terra, you’ll stand out from a sea of scooters that look like a Xiaomi M365 or Ninebot Segway Max.

Evolv Terra from Urban Machina and Rev Rides vertical

What is the water resistance rating on the Evolv Terra?

The Evolv Terra has been certified with a IP54 water resistance rating.

IP54 means that the Evolv Terra can withstand low pressure spray from any angle for 10 minutes – commonly referred to as splash proof.

You shouldn’t ride the scooter in torential downpours but you should be fine riding the Evolv Terra in light rain. Just know that no dealers cover warranty claims on water damage.

Evolv Terra collapsible handlebar adjustable stem cable management and deck

Is the Evolv Terra portable?

The Evolv Terra is extremely portable due to the collapsible handlebars, adjustable stem, and locking into itself when collapsed. You can easily lift the Terra onto public transportation and fit it into small trunks.

The Terra weighs 53 lbs so keep that in mind when looking at it as a option for portability.

Evolv Terra compact and folded for portability

Does the dual suspension on the Evolv Terra bottom out easily?

I was impressed with the suspension on the Evolv Terra. I didn’t have issues with it bottoming out and I weigh 200 lbs. Suspension on swing arm or c type suspension can be hit or miss. A lot of times I can bottom out suspension on commuter type scooters.

The suspension also helps with the solid tires to not make them feel so rigid when riding over cracks and bumps.

Evolv Terra silicone deck and kick plate and kickstand 2

What we hate about the Evolv Terra

  • Lights are not bright enough for safe night riding
  • Charge port location
  • Display is hard to read in direct sunlight
  • Red and yellow buttons for single/dual motors and eco/turbo mode
  • Silicone deck gets dirty easily

Does the Evolv Terra have lights bright enough for safe night riding?

You will want to get an upgraded light for your handlebar if you are planning riding the Terra at night time. The lights are too low to the ground and not that bright; you will have a hard time seeing the road further than 10 feet in front of you.. The glow bars will help you be seen at night.

Evolv Terra charge port location

Poor charge port location on the Terra

Most of the Evolv scooters have charge ports on the front. The charge ports in the front is a precarious position.

While plugged in, you can break the charger plug or port if you turn the stem such that the suspension system hits and damages the charging port.

You also run the risk of getting water in the charge port if you leave it uncovered during a ride.

Evolv Terra Solid front tire suspension front charging port and light close up

Can you read the Evolv Terra display in direct sunlight?

The display on the Evolv Terra can get washed out in direct sunlight and is hard to read. I like the colors on the display of the Evolv scooters, but they simply are not bright enough for the day.

Evolv Terra washed out display

Its 2022 and we need to get rid of the cheap red and yellow buttons

I hate the red and yellow buttons that control the dual/single motors and eco/turbo mode. They look cheap and they are counter intuitive based on the writing on the buttons.

I prefer the black silicone buttons that the 2022 Kaabo Mantis use because they look a lot more sleek and have a blue light to show you what mode they are in.

Evolv Terra left side of handlebar and adjustable stem

Silicone decks get dirty easy

Most scooters are moving away from grip tape and going towards silicone decks. Silicone decks are easy to clean, but they show dirt easy. I prefer the traction of grip tape but they are painful to clean.

Click here for the pricing on the Evolv Terra
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Evolv Terra silicone deck and kick plate

Who is the Evolv Terra perfect for?

The Evolv Terra is a great choice for consumers looking for a powerful commuter scooter. The dual motors will get you from point A to point B swiftly and it will easily climb hills.

If you ride scooters and hate the thought of flat tires and tire changes, the solid tires on the Evolv Terra will be your best friend. If you want a scooter for the family to enjoy, the adjustable stem allows the whole family to get in on the fun.

If you ride public transportation and want a scooter that can be easily carried onto buses, subways, or light rails, the Evolv Terra compacts nicely so it can transported easily.

If you want to buy a scooter that stands out from the rest, the Evolv Terra will be a great choice and comes in at a budget price.

Evolv Terra side profile

Evolv Terra Pricing, Coupon and Discount Codes

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