The Aventura X is a Stylish Budget Electric “Vespa” | Full Review

The Aventura X is a Stylish Budget Electric “Vespa” | Full Review

by freshlycharged

The Aventura X is the classiest looking electric scooter in its class and at first glance, the Aventura X looks just like the iconic Vespa scooter.

But once you notice there is no motor or exhaust noise coming from it, you begin to realize there is something special about the Aventura X electric scooter.

We had the luxury to be one of the first Americans to test and review the Aventura X, a nostalgic looking sit down scooter that is fully electric. In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Aventura X electric scooter.

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Aventura X Electric Scooter next to a Vespa 50cc Primavera

Top 10 things I love about the Aventura X

  1. Gorgeous
  2. Fast acceleration
  3. Nimble
  4. DOT approved
  5. Large and can ride two up
  6. Lots of color options
  7. Quiet
  8. Loud horn
  9. Key fob and alarm system
  10. No noxious fumes and low maintenance

Aventura X is like an Electric Vespa

I first saw the Aventura X when I was at the Electrify Expo in Orange County, California. The Aventura X immediately caught my eye, because it looked so similar to a beautiful Italian Vespa scooters.

I have a passion for sit down scooters, and have been an avid rider since I was 17 years old and I currently own a 175cc Vespa and a 150cc Yamaha Vino, so I was ecstatic to see a sit-down scooter that was all electric.

Aventura could see my excitement, so they decided to send me and Jimmy the Aventura X to test and review.

The Aventura X is aesthetically pleasing and has a classy and refined look to it, obviously inspired by the Vespa line of scooters. From the beautiful lines to the chrome features, the Aventura scooter looks gorgeous.

How fast is the Aventura X scooter?

The Aventura X tops out at 30 mph. While that doesn’t sound amazing, where the scooter shines is in the great bottom end torque.

As soon as you twist the throttle, you get instant response from the 2000 watt brushless DC motor. The Aventura X is much faster than any other 50cc scooter I have ridden.

Electric motors are more efficient and have great acceleration while internal combustion engines on 50cc scooters take a while to ramp up and pick up speed.

Aventura X Electric Scooter Side Profile

Aventura X handling

The turning on the Aventura X is more nimble than my Vespa or Yamaha Vino scooters. The throttle is instantaneous and takes a little bit to get used to if you are coming from a gas throttle.

The overall design is great for maneuverability, and the lighter weight makes it easier to turn. While the scooter is light compared to other gas engine scooters, the Aventura X isn’t too light. At 160 lbs, the Aventura still felt very stable even in gusty winds or driving by 18 wheelers.

Aventura X Cockpit with throttle rear view mirrors and brakes

Can I register the Aventura X with the DMV?

One of the best features of the Aventura X is that it is DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. Aventura ships parts and components from China, and manufactures the scooters in the USA. By doing this, they are able to get the scooter DOT approved.

There is a VIN number and title, so you can take it down to your local DMV to register the scooter.

Aventura X Title

Can I ride with a passenger on the Aventura X?

Most 50cc scooters are too small to be ridden with two adults. The engine just can’t handle it.

The Aventura X is much larger than a 50cc Vespa, Yamaha Vino, or Honda Metropolitan. You can easily fit two average sized people on the seat, and there is plenty of power to get the scooter moving.

Aventura X Two Up Jimmy Chang

How many colors does the Aventura X come in?

The Aventura X currently comes in 6 different color options: Midnight Black, Vanilla White, Mint Green, Sky Blue, Cherry Red, and Pink.

We received the Mint Green which really pops in direct sunlight.

Aventura X Downtown

Aventura X – A stealthy version of a Vespa

The Aventura X is extremely quiet which is good but takes some getting used to.

Because the scooter sounds the same on and off, be sure to have the kill switch set to the “on” position to avoid assuming the scooter is off and inadvertently twisting the throttle. The powerful motor will take off on you.

While riding, the Aventura X is so quiet that you hear noises that are normally covered up by the normal combustion engine sounds.

Some may miss the engine noise, but I love the quiet ride because when on dates with my wife I can now have deep conversations without being disturbed by a running motor.

Aventura X Electric Scooter next to a Vespa 50cc Primavera 2

Does the Aventura X have a loud horn?

Many electric vehicles choose to use electronic horns. Electronic horns have a digital, unfamiliar sound, and they are not easily heard from vehicles, especially vehicles with rolled up windows.

The horn on the Aventura X is loud and sounds familiar on the road just like a traditional Vespa horn.

Since the Aventura X is so quiet, a loud horn is necessary to alert vehicles that you are on the road with them.

Aventura X Loud Horn

Does the Aventura X have an alarm?

I love that the Aventura X comes stock with an alarm and key fob.

Depending on your location, scooters may be stolen quite often, so having an alarm on the Aventura X will help deter thieves. The alarm works even when the battery cable is disconnected.

Aventura X Key Fob

Say goodbye to noxious fumes

Electric vehicles are the future. Green house gases and noxious carcinogenic fumes are unhealthy. The Aventura X does not emit harmful gases, so enjoy the fresh air while riding.

In addition to the lack of sticky exhaust, you can also say goodbye to a lot of the normal maintenance needed on internal combustion engine scooters, which is a huge plus! For example, in the winter, just remove the batteries at 50% charge and store them somewhere cool and dry. That is all.

Click here for the current pricing on the Aventura X.
Save $100 with coupon code: JimmyChang

Aventura X Cockpit with throttle rear view mirrors ignition brakes

Top things I hate about the Aventura X

  1. All plastic body
  2. Low range
  3. Creaky
  4. Suspension is easy to bottom out
  5. 30 mph max speed
  6. Headlight is weak
  7. No storage space for a helmet

The Aventura X body is plastic

The Aventura X body is constructed out of plastic. I do wish the body was made out of metal like a Vespa. However, majority of 50cc scooters are made out of plastic like the Yamaha Vino, Yamaha Zuma, Honda Ruckus, and Honda Metropolitan.

Making the Aventura X out of plastic makes it more lightweight and helps with cost and range.

Aventura X Electric Scooter that Looks like a Vespa in Downtown Denver

What is the range on the Aventura X?

The Aventura X comes with one battery with a 25 mile range. Additional batteries are available for purchase and you can fit two batteries inside the Aventura X.

Each battery on the Aventura X is a 60V 20Ah LG battery. If you have two batteries, you should expect to get about 50 miles of range under ideal riding conditions.

I wish there was more range than the 25 or 50 mile range option, because I love long rides on a scooter. However, 50 miles will be plenty for most scooter enthusiasts.

Aventura X Being Delivered
No damaged boxes with Aventura’s professional delivery

A little too quiet

The Aventura X is like a Tesla vehicle. They are so quiet, that you hear everything. The Aventura X is so quiet, that I could hear the steering column creak and the brakes squeak, sounds normally drowned out by the engine noise.

A little lithium grease and brake caliper lubrication would help minimize the noises you hear when riding the scooter. I let the owner of Aventura X know of these issues, and it sounds like they will resolve these noises for the end user.

What type of suspension is on the Aventura X?

The Aventura X features hydraulic coil suspension in the front and rear. I currently weigh 200 lbs and could easily bottom out the suspension. Most of the time, the suspension works fine though.

However, I can tell the scooters needs higher quality suspension when I hit big pot holes.

Aventura X Front Suspension

What is the max speed on the Aventura X?

The top speed on the Aventura X is 30 mph. I wish the scooter could at least go up to 40 mph. I believe this scooter can go faster than 30 mph, but it feels like a governor kicks in as soon as you hit 30 mph.

I’m sure someone smarter than me in the future will find a way to unlock a higher top speed. Aventura recently released a preorder for a model that will go up to 40 mph.

Aventura X Electric Scooter next to a Vespa 50cc

Is the headlight on the Aventura X strong enough for safe night riding?

The headlight on the Aventura X needs improvement. It’s pretty weak compared to a headlight on Vespa or Yamaha Vino.

The headlight has low beam and high beam options, but I would like something brighter for better visibility so I can spot upcoming dangers on the road.

Aventura X Dim Headlight

Is there any storage space on the Aventura X?

There is only a small compartment on the side of the scooter for storage. If you have the charger in the storage compartment, there is not much more room for anything else.

Since the batteries take up all the space under the seat, there is not a ton of storage space on the Aventura X.

Aventura X Storage Space with USB Charger
Side storage space with USB port

Who is the Aventura X perfect for?

The Aventura X electric sit down scooter is perfect for someone looking for a classy, head turning ride that has great pep and low maintenance.

If you have owned a sit down scooter in the past, but hated the winter maintenance, the Aventura X is an excellent choice.

There have been many times when I go to start my scooter after it has been winterized, and the battery is dead or the carburetor is dirty.

If I didn’t start my scooter once a month during winter, my battery would die and I would have to replace it.

With the Aventura X, you don’t have to winterize the scooter and you won’t have dead battery issues. Just pull in the batteries during the winter months, store the battery at 50% charge, and put them back in the spring time.

If you are a sit down scooter and electric vehicle enthusiast, the Aventura X will combine your passions in one.

Aventura X Electric Scooter that Looks like a Vespa with Andrew

Aventura X Pricing, Coupon and Discount Codes

Click here for the current pricing on the Aventura X.
Save $100 with coupon code: JimmyChang

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