Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ vs the New Kaabo Wolf King+

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ vs the New Kaabo Wolf King+

by freshlycharged

What I would choose:

People are wondering if they should choose the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ or get the new Kaabo Wolf King+.  The choice for me is simple, I love extra speed and torque so I would purchase the Kaabo Wolf King+.


The scooters are essentially the same components except the Wolf King+ has an upgraded 72-volt 28 Ah battery, dual 1500 w motors, and upgraded 72 v Minimotors controller.

Kaabo is claiming that even though the Wolf King+ battery has 84 less watt hours, it has a greater range.  Kaabo is also claiming that the Wolf King+ runs more efficient even though motors are larger, voltage is higher and it has an upgraded controller compared to the Wolf Warrior 11+. There are 7 less amp hours on the Wolf King+ compared to the Wolf Warrior 11+, 28Ah vs 35Ah.  

The one cosmetic upgrade to the Wolf King+ is the gold color. They do also offer the King+ in the original black color, but I feel more people will gravitate towards the gold color to let people know they have the latest and greatest model. By choosing black, it would be tough to tell if it was the Wolf King+ or Wolf Warrior 11+.

Kaabo will be selling the gold components so I do expect to see consumers upgrading their Wolf Warrior 11+ to the gold color. In the US, VORO Motors is only carrying the 72V Wolf King+ in gold.

Kaabo King

The Main Specs:

Model Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ Kaabo Wolf King +
Motor 2×1200 Watts 2×1500 Watts
Battery LG/Samsung Li-Ion 60 V 35Ah LG/Samsung Li-Ion 72 V 28 Ah
Est Range 70 miles (eco/single drive) 93 miles (eco/single drive)
Top Speed 50 mph 62 mph
Weight Limit 330 lbs 330 lbs
Tire Size 11″ tubeless pneumatic tires 11″ tubeless pneumatic tires
Charging Time 17.5 hours 19 hours
Suspension front hydraulic/rear springs front hydraulic/rear springs
Lights front/side/rear LEDs front/side/rear LEDs
Display Minimotors EY3 Minimotors EY3
Controller Minimotors 60V40A*2 Minimotors 72V40A*2
Climbing Angles <45 <50
Dimensions 49.2 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches 49.2 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches
Folded Dimensions 59 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches 59 x 24.6 x 49.2 inches
Weight 102 lbs 106 lbs
Drive front and rear wheel drive front and rear wheel drive
Kaabo Warrior 11 1 edited

What I hope they change with the Wolf King+

Since the Wolf King+ is in production, we only know they have upgraded the motors, controller, battery, and color. I would hope that they would at least loctite all the bolts and add Armor-Dilloz/Slime to the tires. Kaabo’s bolts are known for vibrating out so loctite to me, is a must.

I would also like them to make the Wolf King+ a little more waterproof over IPX4 but I do not think that will happen on this model. The chain that holds the folding pin is also flimsy and is notorious for breaking. If they could create a better leash it will help prevent the safety pin from getting lost.

Kaabo Wolf King Front Suspension at an Angle
weak chain they use to hold the pin on the folding mechanism

These are the changes I would hope that Kaabo would implement. However, I do not think Kaabo will implement these changes on the new Wolf King+

Why I prefer the Wolf King+ over the Wolf Warrior 11+

Some people believe that the 28 Ah battery on the Wolf King+ vs the 35 Ah battery on the Wolf Warrior 11+ will lack range. Kaabo is claiming that it will be more efficient at 72 volts and should get more range in single motor/eco mode. For me, I am not worried about range because I do not normally drain the battery on the Wolf Warrior 11+, and would prefer power/torque over range.

They have also stated that the Wolf King+ can climb 50 degree angles vs the Wolf Warrior 11+ that can climb 45 degree angles. I think this statistic could be off and is probably based on a moving scooter. Wrong way has performed a test with the Wolf Warrior 11+ on a steep hill from stand still, and it failed to reach the top.

Why should you choose the Wolf Warrior 11+

If you don’t want to spend an extra $500, don’t care for the gold color, and don’t mind a top speed of 50 mph, the Wolf Warrior 11+ is a great choice. You also get 7 more amp hours and 84 more watt hours with the Wolf Warrior 11+. So if you don’t care for more torque and 10 extra miles per hour, the Wolf Warrior 11+ will do just fine.

Speculation until we receive some to test

We know Kaabo has upgraded components but will never know the real performance until they land in the US. Until we have a live test, a lot of what we state is technically speculation. Based off of the history of Kaabo, I do trust them that they have made a more powerful scooter.

2/16/21 Update

There have been a few Kaabo Wolf King+ tested for range. OhManDan, Dan August, has tested the Wolf King+ at full speed and power, and was able to 23.5 miles out of a full charge. Dan said that he is able to squeeze out 24 miles on a Wolf Warrior 11+ at full speed and power.

It would have been nice to see the Wolf King+ get a little more range than the Wolf Warrior 11+. However, I’m very impressed with the increased power, speed and torque from the Wolf King+ coming very close to the range of the Wolf Warrior 11+.

Dan will be running a real world range test at lower speeds and settings, so we will update this post as he comes out with that info. We are also excited to receive our Wolf King+ shortly to run our own test.

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