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Voro Motors Updates: ANOTHER new scooter?

by Nathan Schaumann

Voro just released a new video detailing a plethora of exciting updates, including:

  • The Voro Motors website is now available in French and Spanish
  • They have rectified the Wolf King GTR shipping issues, and the battery no longer arrives dislodged
  • The Wolf King GTR chargers have been fixed
  • The Emove Roadster production models will include Magura brakes
  • Voro is now selling a Variable Charger, which can toggle between 1A and 10A charging for 60V scooters
  • Voro signed a deal with PMT, and will be including PMT tires as a stock option on the Emove RoadRunner Pro
  • Voro is working on developing a joystick throttle!
  • Voro is building an all-new factory from scratch in China
  • A new scooter is being released: the RoadRunner SE, which is a single motor level targeting the entry-level sit-down scooter market.

This is a lot of updates in one video, and it looks like Voro is moving fast! Exciting to see so many new things on the electric scooter horizon.

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