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Dualtron X Limited Review: This Powerhouse 2023 E-Scooter Just Bullies the Competition

by Nathan Schaumann

The Dualtron X Limited might be the first E-scooter we’ve tested that blurs the lines between scooter and motorcycle. It weighs 183 lbs, (by comparison, the popular electric motorcycle Zero FX weighs 246 lbs) it has a 5kwh battery (Zero FX has a 7kwh battery), and goes 65 mph (the Zero goes 85 mph). Based on that comparison, we’d say the line is getting pretty blurry indeed.

Just to give you an idea of how large 5kwh is for an electric scooter battery – the second largest electric scooter battery we’ve ever seen (or heard of) is the Dualtron Storm Limited, which has a 3.7kwh battery. Next is the Dualtron X2, with a 3kwh battery, and if you ignore all Dualtron models, the largest electric scooter battery we’ve ever seen or tested is the Nami BURN-E 2 Max, at 2.88kwh. Dualtron isn’t trying to compete with existing scooters, they’ve gone ahead and created a new category. You can get yours here at Voro Motors. Let’s look at the specs:

Dualtron X Limited – Specs

Price: $6995

Speed: 70 mph (stated) / 64 mph (Freshly Charged GPS-certified)

Range: 100+ miles (riding slow), 85 miles (riding fast)

Weight: 183 lbs

Max Rider Load: 330 lbs

Motor: 2 x 2000W

Water resistance: None 🙁

Tires: 13” x 5”

Suspension: Adjustable hydraulic coils, front and back

Brakes: Nutt 4-piston hydraulic

Battery: 84 V 60 Ah (5040 Wh)

Charging time: 15 hours

0 – 30 mph: 4.88 seconds (Freshly Charged GPS-certified)

Dualtron X Limited – Features

Dual 70A Square-wave controller

Handlebar extender

Phone charger

Separate battery for lights

Adjustable steering damper

Optional seat add-on

25.5” wide collapsible handlebars

Things we love about the Dualtron X Limited

The adjustable suspension on the X Limited is amazing. It feels SUPER plush, the amount of travel is massive, and you don’t even feel potholes. Easily the best suspension we’ve ever tested.

The Nutt brakes are fantastic, and are much better quality than most Zoom brakes we see on other electric scooters. The massive 180mm brake discs are also necessary on such a heavy scooter.

The X Limited has zero speed wobble, partially because of the extreme weight, and partially because of the excellent steering damper (which is adjustable) that comes pre-installed.

The deck is massive. We’ve never seen a deck this big (14” x 26”), and there are even 5” kick plates behind the deck.

Obviously, this scooter has more range than any scooter we’ve ever tested. 

The lights are super bright (there are 6 individual light buttons!), and are powered by their own separate battery. 

The folding mechanism is very sturdy.

Very clean cable management.

The new I4 display looks awesome

The scooter features Bluetooth connectivity through the app, where you can customize speed settings, regen brakes + lights.

Kickstand looks flimsy, but feels solid.

There are 3 charging ports, which if used simultaneously reduces charging time from 15 hours to 5. 

The gargantuan 13-inch x 5-inch tires will destroy any pothole, bump, or type of terrain.

The scooter is shipped in a metal cage, in addition to the multiple layers of cardboard, and our model had zero shipping damages.

Unlike previous Dualtron models, the trigger throttle doesn’t get in the way of the front brake lever. 

dualtron x limited electric scooter

Room for improvement on the Dualtron X Limited

Hugely disappointing is the lack of a water resistance rating. If you’re going to pay $7k for a scooter, you want it to replace your car, and the fact that you can’t ride it in the rain is a huge downside.

There is no key-start, and inputting the passcode takes a long time and is tedious. 

This scooter is not portable. Technically the stem folds down, but it is still a behemoth and will have a hard time fitting into most small SUVs. 

There are lots of unlabeled buttons (11 in total), and it took us a while to figure out their functions.

When unfolding or folding the scooter, you need a separate tool set.

You’d think for a $7k scooter, Voro Motors would include their $12 rubber ducky bell for free. Sadly, we had to purchase ours separately 😀

A large drawback is the square wave controllers. Sine wave controllers are widely known for their added control, and for a little added cost, you get a lot of benefit. It is strange to see such an expensive scooter stuck with square wave controllers, and it’s hard to maintain constant slow speeds while riding. A tiny flick of the throttle will send you lurching.

The last downside is of course the price – this is the most expensive scooter we’ve ever tested. If you want 85-miles of legit real-world range, you could save $1500 and get a Dualtron Storm ($2955), plus an extra battery ($1399) and carry it in a backpack with you. You could do the same thing with the Kaabo Wolf King GTR, which also features a removable battery, but we haven’t seen any additional batteries in stock yet on Voro Motors.

dualtron x limited electric scooter

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