2022 Kaabo Mantis V2 Fluid Edition electric scooter review

2022 Kaabo Mantis V2 Fluid Edition electric scooter review

by freshlycharged

The Kaabo Mantis has been an iconic escooter since its initial release in 2018. Since 2018, Kaabo has released updated versions each year improving on the design.

The newest 2022 Mantis V2 from Fluid Free Ride is Jimmy’s favorite Mantis escooter we have reviewed. The sine wave controllers make for ultra smooth acceleration and not the jerky feeling you get from Minimotors square wave controllers.

In this review, we will let you know what we love and hate about the Mantis V2 along with the important updates for 2022, including why we think the LG version battery is the best option for most riders.

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What’s New on the Kaabo Mantis V2?

  • Sine wave controllers
  • IPX5 water resistance rating
  • Turn signal indicators
  • Stiffer suspension
  • High mounted forward facing light
  • Glued down silicone deck
  • Extra tire hugger fender
  • Rubber grips
  • Eco/turbo and single motor/dual motor buttons have feedback

What I love about the Mantis V2

  • Sine wave controllers
  • Stiffer suspension
  • High mounted forward facing light
  • Turn signal indicators
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Playful riding experience
  • Eco/turbo and single motor/dual motor buttons have feedback

What type of controllers are on the Mantis V2?

The Mantis V2 features a sine wave controller, which makes the scooter easy to control and modulate. Jimmy refers to sine wave controllers as being, “velvety smooth!” Sine wave controllers are far superior to square wave controllers because it eliminates the jerkiness that come with traditional less expensive controllers.

Most scooter controllers use square wave technology, also known as a trapezoidal wave because it is less expensive. The more expensive sine-wave controllers found on higher end escooters creates a more rounded wave that is quieter and smoother when ramping up speeds.

Other scooters that feature sine wave controllers are the Bronco Xtreme 11 SportKaabo Wolf King GT Pro, Blade 10 Pro, and Blade X Pro.

For more info on how sine-wave controllers work, check out this article from electricbike.com

Sine Wave 1
Courtesy of robotics.stackexchange.com and www.electricbike.com/sine-wave/

The suspension is better on the Mantis V2

The suspension spring on the Mantis V2 is now stiffer. A stiffer suspension reduces the stem from flexing when accelerating and braking.

In the previous versions of the Mantis, the suspension coil was pretty soft, which led to the stem flexing back towards you when accelerating and flexing forward when braking.

The new stiffer suspension helps minimize the stem flex, which ultimately leads to a safer riding experience.

The stiffer suspension also helps stabilize the scooter when traveling at higher speeds.

Kaabo Mantis V2 Stiffer Suspension

Improved lighting on the Mantis V2

The Mantis V2 adds a higher mounted light on the stem and turn signal indicators.

In the past, there were only deck lights on the Mantis and while the side LEDs on the Mantis helped make you more visible in dark conditions, the front facing lights were awful for night riding because they were too low to help riders see farther than 3 feet in front of them.

With the additional handlebar height mounted light, the light beam throw is increased making it more useful in the darkest nights.

The turn signals are another great addition for safety, but they can be hard to see, since they are so low to the ground.

Kaabo Mantis V2 Upgraded light

How much does the Mantis V2 weigh?

The Mantis V2 24.5Ah version weighs 68.4 lbs.

The Mantis V2 18.2Ah version weighs 66 lbs.

The Mantis V2 is one of the lightest scooters that go over 35 mph and because the Mantis V2 locks into itself when folded, it is one of the easiest 35 mph escooters to transport up stairs and load it into vehicles.

Kaabo Mantis V2 Turn Signal Indicators and horn

What type of riding experience should I expect from the Mantis V2?

The Mantis V2 offers a smooth riding experience.

If you hate the jerky feeling you get with Minimotors controllers, you’ll love the silky smooth experience from the sine wave controllers on the V2. The Mantis V2 ramps up speed smoothly which helps in turns.

On previous models of the Mantis, I had to be careful not to accelerate too hard out of turns. If I accelerated too hard out of turn, I could feel the rear tire slide out on me because there was too much power being delivered.

With the Mantis V2, I can mash down on the throttle out of turns and not worry about the rear tire sliding out. The sine wave controllers create a smoother acceleration curve, so you can grip it and rip it out of turns.

The smooth Mantis V2 offers a completely different feel than the Mantis Pro.

Kaabo Mantis V2 Full Scooter

How do I know if I am in eco/turbo mode and single motor/dual motor on the Mantis V2?

The buttons to toggle between eco/turbo modes and single/dual motor modes look the same as the previous Mantis version, but they added a blue led to help you know what mode you are in.

I didn’t mind the buttons in the past, because I could easily tell what mode I was in by riding the scooter a few feet. However, it is nice to have something visually telling me what mode I am in.

Click here for the pricing on the Kaabo Mantis V2 24.5Ah LG version
Click here for the pricing on the Kaabo Mantis V2 18.2Ah DMEGC version

Kaabo Mantis V2 Dual Motor Single Motor Eco Turbo button with feedback

What I hate about the Mantis V2

  • DMEGC battery cells on the 18.2Ah version
  • Display is near impossible to read in direct sunlight
  • Acceleration is not as fast as the Minimotors version
  • Top speed is lower than the Minimotors version
  • High mounted light could be stronger
  • Silicone deck gets dirty easy

What type of battery cells are in the Mantis V2?

Not all batteries are created equal.

The 24.5Ah version of the Mantis V2 features LG or Samsung battery cells.

The 18.2 Ah version of the Mantis Pro feature DMEGC battery cells.

LG and Samsung battery cells are far superior to DMEGC batteries simply because they are of higher quality. Higher quality battery cells typically have a higher capacity and will not fail as much.

You may never have an issue with DMEGC cells, but you may have a higher probability that a cell becomes imbalanced over time. If you have the money, I would highly suggest getting the larger battery.

Kaabo Mantis V2 Deck LED Lights

Can you see the display on the Mantis V2 in direct sunlight?

The LT-01 display on the Mantis V2 is nearly impossible to read in direct sunlight, even in the brightest setting.

You can read the LT-01 display fine at night and overcast days. However, it gets completely washed out if the sun is out. I would like to see them improve the brightness, because I like to know my speed at all times.

If not seeing your display in direct sunlight is a big deal for you, then consider the Mantis Pro. The Mantis Pro uses a Minimotors EY3 display that can be easily read in direct sunlight.

Kaabo Mantis V2 LT01 Display

Is the Mantis V2 or Mantis Pro faster?

The Mantis Pro is slightly faster than the Mantis V2, BUT the Mantis V2 is much smoother than the Pro version.

The Mantis V2 has two 25 amp sine wave controllers, where the Mantis Pro has two 27 amp square wave Minimotors controllers. The Mantis Pro has a faster acceleration curve and will hit 40 mph, where I can only reach 38 mph on the Mantis V2.

Kaabo Mantis V2 160 mm brake disc

Is the light on the Mantis V2 bright enough for safe night riding?

The Mantis V2 high mounted light is 3 times better than previous models. However, the light is still a bit lackluster. If you are going to do a lot of night riding, I would suggest purchasing one of our favorite brighter lights.

Kaabo Mantis V2 Upgraded high mounted light

Love/hate relationship with the silicone mat on the Mantis V2

I have a love/hate relationship with silicone decks. They are easy to clean, but they are a magnet for dirt and dust. You can clean the silicone mat in a few seconds, but it also just takes a few seconds to get the deck dirty.

I like that Kaabo is now using double sided tape on the edges of the silicone decks. In the past Mantis models, the silicone deck would flap around in the wind. There is no more flapping, because all the edges on the Mantis V2 are glued down to the deck.

Click here for the pricing on the Kaabo Mantis V2 24.5Ah LG version
Click here for the pricing on the Kaabo Mantis V2 18.2Ah DMEGC version

Kaabo Mantis V2 Upgraded Handlebar Grips

Kaabo Mantis V2 Pricing, Coupon and Discount Codes

Click here for the pricing on the Mantis V2 24.5Ah LG version
Click here for the pricing on the Mantis V2 18.2Ah DMEGC version

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