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New NAMI KLIMA MAX Electric Scooter Review – The best 10 inch scooter we’ve tested

by Nathan Schaumann

We tested out the highly anticipated NAMI KLIMA MAX electric scooter on varying terrain and conditions to come up with our comprehensive review. This cutting-edge vehicle is setting new standards in the world of electric scooters, offering a thrilling ride coupled with a sleek design.

In this review, we will delve into the features that make the NAMI KLIMA MAX a standout choice for urban commuters and what we love and hate about the scooter.

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What I love about the NAMI KLIMA MAX?

  • Adjustable hydraulic suspension
  • Sine wave controllers
  • Matte black
  • TFT LCD display
  • Bright headlight
  • IP55 water resistance rating
  • Welded tubular frame
  • Stable at high speeds
  • High deck clearance
  • Strong kickstand
  • 3-inch wide tires
  • It has memory and remembers speed setting
  • 5 amp charger
  • NFC card reader
  • Screw on sliders
  • Nimble and easy to power slide
  • Logan hydraulic disc brakes
  • A solid design that sounds good when jumping 
  • IP55 water resistance rating

Unparalleled Performance

The NAMI KLIMA MAX excels in delivering a high-performance riding experience. Here are some features that contribute to its exceptional performance:

Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension:

The advanced hydraulic suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on uneven terrains. Riders can easily adjust the suspension to match their preferences and optimize performance.

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Sine Wave Controllers:

The integration of sine wave controllers enhances the scooter’s efficiency and precision, resulting in seamless acceleration and improved energy management.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.27.13 AM

Stability at High Speeds:

Thanks to its welded tubular frame and meticulous engineering, the NAMI KLIMA MAX maintains stability even at high speeds. This feature offers riders confidence and control when cruising along city streets or exploring open roads.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.27.50 AM

Nimble Maneuverability:

The scooter’s smaller tires and overall design allow for easy power sliding and nimble riding. The KLIMA is a lot more agile and precise comapred to it’s predecessor the BURN-E MAX 2.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.32.16 AM

Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes:

The NAMI KLIMA MAX prioritizes safety with its Logan hydraulic disc brakes, offering responsive and reliable stopping power, even during high-speed rides or emergency situations.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.56.05 AM

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Innovative Design and Features

The NAMI KLIMA MAX showcases a sleek and contemporary design, blending aesthetics with functionality. Let’s explore the standout design elements and features:

Matte Black Color:

The scooter’s matte black finish exudes sophistication and elegance, making it a head-turner on the streets while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.57.02 AM

TFT LCD Display:

The clear and vibrant TFT LCD display provides riders with essential information such as speed, battery life, and ride mode. This user-friendly interface enhances the overall riding experience and keeps riders well-informed.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 4.05.34 AM

Bright Headlight:

Equipped with a powerful headlight, the NAMI KLIMA MAX ensures visibility and safety during nighttime rides or in low-light conditions. Riders can confidently explore the city streets, knowing they have excellent visibility ahead.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 4.09.28 AM

High Deck Clearance:

The scooter’s high deck clearance allows for a more comfortable riding position and better maneuverability, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride even on off-road terrain.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 4.10.48 AM

3-Inch Wide Tires:

The NAMI KLIMA MAX features wide 3-inch tires that provide superior traction, stability, and shock absorption. This feature enhances overall control and delivers a more comfortable ride, even on bumpy roads. Most 10-inch electric scooters come with 2.5-inch wide tires.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.58.41 AM

Memory Function for Speed Settings:

With its intelligent memory function, the NAMI KLIMA MAX remembers your preferred speed settings, allowing for a personalized riding experience every time you hop on the scooter.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.30.10 AM

5 Amp Charger:

The inclusion of a 5 amp charger ensures faster charging times, minimizing downtime and maximizing your riding experience.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.23.14 AM

NFC Card Reader:

The built-in NFC card reader offers convenient and secure access to your scooter. Simply tap your NFC card to unlock and start your ride effortlessly. You can easily program Android phones or NFC cards.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 4.06.09 AM

Screw-On Sliders:

All the electric scooters we have tested in the past have rubber axle nut covers that slide over them. The KLIMA MAX comes with hard plastic ones that screw on so you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 4.04.49 AM

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What I hate about the NAMI KLIMA MAX?

  • The dead zone in the thumb throttle
  • Holes in the rear
  • Doesn’t lock into itself when folded.
  • No turn signals in front
  • Front fender sucks

While the NAMI KLIMA MAX excels in many aspects, it’s essential to address certain areas that could benefit from further refinement:

Dead Zone in Thumb Throttle: I was hoping that Michael Sha had fixed the dead zone issue in the thumb throttle with the KLIMA MAX. The same dead zone in the throttle that plagued the BURN-E MAX 2 is still present in the KLIMA. However, this can be mitigated through familiarity and adjusting riding techniques.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 4.06.47 AM

Holes in the Rear: The presence of holes in the rear may raise concerns regarding water and dust ingress. NAMI should consider implementing covering these holes or not punching them into the frame to address this issue.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.35.34 AM

Folding Locking Mechanism: Unlike some other models, the NAMI KLIMA MAX does not lock into itself when folded. This can be inconvenient during transportation and storage, as it requires additional measures to secure the folded scooter.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 4.16.01 AM

Lack of Front Turn Signals: The absence of front turn signals might pose a challenge for riders in terms of communicating their intentions to other road users. Integrating front turn signals would enhance safety and improve overall visibility.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.26.28 AM

Front Fender Design: The front fender design is less effective than the rear fenders in preventing water splashes and debris from reaching the rider. Improving the design to offer better protection would be a welcome enhancement.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 4.18.02 AM

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Save $100 on with discount code: FRESHLYCHARGED100


The NAMI KLIMA MAX electric scooter embodies a perfect blend of performance, style, and innovative features. Its adjustable hydraulic suspension, sine wave controllers, matte black color, TFT LCD display, and other exceptional attributes make it a top choice for riders seeking an exhilarating urban commuting experience.

Screen Shot 2023 07 11 at 3.22.02 AM

While there are minor areas for improvement, the NAMI KLIMA MAX’s numerous strengths make it a compelling option for those in search of an electric scooter that seamlessly combines performance and design. Experience the future of urban mobility with the NAMI KLIMA MAX and unlock a new level of excitement in your everyday journeys.

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Click here for the current price on the NAMI KLIMA MAX.
Save $100 on with discount code: FRESHLYCHARGED100

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