OKAI Neon ES20 Electric Scooter Review: Premium Features at a Budget Price

OKAI Neon ES20 Electric Scooter Review: Premium Features at a Budget Price

by freshlycharged

The OKAI Neon ES20 is a little known commuter electric scooter aimed at riders who want a premium electric scooter filled with features, but without the high price tag.

When we unboxed the OKAI Neon ES20, I realized this electric scooter wasn’t going to be another bland commuter escooter. In fact, the OKAI Neon ES20 is one of the most unique escooters we have reviewed at such a low price point.

The display is dazzling, and the stem lights up as soon as it is plugged in to charge. The sleek white design brings a refined look to a budget escooter field crowded with black and grey colors.

OKAI Neon ES20 Specs

Battery 36V 9.8Ah
Watt Hours 352.8
Motor 250 watts/Peak 500 watts
Motor Type Brushless Gearless
Stated Max Speed 15 Mph (24 Kmh)*
My Max Speed 18 Mph (29 Kmh)*
Stated Range 25 Miles (40 KM)*
My Max Speed Range Test 12.87 Miles (20.5 KM)*
Weight 35.27 lbs (16 kg)
Charge Time 4 Hours
Max Load 220 lbs (100 kg)
Water Resistance Rating IPX5
Front Brakes Electronic Braking System (EBS)
Rear Brakes Mechanical Disc Brake
Front Tire 8.5 Inch Tubeless Pneumatic
Rear Tire 8.5 Inch Solid Honeycomb Tire
*dependent on rider weight, ride style, and conditions

In this review, I will tell you what I love and hate about the OKAI Neon ES20. I will also let you know who I think this scooter is best suited for, and some history on the OKAI brand.

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OKAI Neon ES20 Beautiful White Scooter with solid tire suspension controllable rgb led lights

Things I love about the OKAI Neon ES20

  1. Smart App
  2. NFC Card Reader
  3. IPX5 Water Resistance Rating
  4. Solid Tire and Rear Suspension
  5. LED Lights on deck and stem
  6. Large deck
  7. Beautiful display
  8. Hook to hold bag
  9. Lightweight and portable
  10. Sleek looking

How to use the app on the OKAI Electric Scooters

You will need to download the OKAI Global app for your phone and pair it via Bluetooth. Once you pair the scooter to the app, you will be able to adjust a number of settings.

The top buttons allow you to lock the scooter, adjust the ride mode/regen braking, and even locate it. The lower buttons allow you to track your previous rides, run diagnostics, adjust lights and track your current ride. I am impressed with all the app options.

One of the best features is the app binds your phone to the scooter. So if someone steals the scooter from you, they will never be able to control the scooter with the app.

What can I use to unlock the NFC card reader on the OKAI Neon ES20?

The OKAI Neon features an NFC card reader to prevent the scooter from being turned on without the key. The scooter can be unlocked with the card or app, and you can even program your phone to unlock it.

You will still want to use a good lock because thieves can just pick up your scooter to steal it.

OKAI Neon ES20 NFC Card

Does the OKAI Neon have a water resistance rating?

The OKAI Neon has a IPX5 water resistance rating, meaning the scooter can handle light rain.

You will still want to be careful in wet conditions, because OKAI does not cover water damage. I do not know of any scooter dealers or manufacturers that warranty water damage.

OKAI Neon ES20 with a Christmas Tree and lights on with solid tire large deck bell rear suspension bright

What type of tires are on the OKAI Neon ES20

The OKAI Neon ES20 features a solid tire in the rear and a tubeless pneumatic tire in the front. Both tires are 8.5 inches in diameter. You are more likely to get a flat tire in the rear, so that is why scooter manufacturers will often make the rear tire solid.

By having an air filled front tire, it helps make the scooter feel more comfortable when hitting cracks and crevices. The OKAI Neon ES20 also features a stiff rear suspension to help absorb the chatter from the solid rear tire.

If I didn’t know the Neon had a solid rear tire, I would never guess just by riding it. Some solid tire scooters make my teeth feel like they are going to rattle out of my head. The OKAI Neon ES20 is surprisingly smooth for a solid tire scooter.

Stand out with amazing lights!

The lights on the OKAI Neon ES20 paired with the white color make the scooter stand out from a crowded space full of black and gray commuter scooters. There is a LED strip up the stem and LED strips running down each side of the deck.

The light colors and light patterns are all adjustable from the app.

OKAI Neon ES20 Lights up stem and Deck

How big is the deck on the OKAI Neon ES20?

Pictures online do not give justice to how large the OKAI Neon deck is. When I first pulled it out, I was surprised how big the deck actually was. The deck is 30″ by 6.75″ with a usable space of 22″ by 6.75″.

There is plenty of room, and I never felt crammed on it when I did my full throttle, max speed range test. I wish there was a kick plate, but it isn’t needed on a low powered commuter scooter.

OKAI Neon ES20 Massive Deck and Air Filled Front Tire

The most advanced display on a electric scooter under $700

I’d even go as far as to say this is the best display on a scooter under $1000. I love how clean and refined the display looks. You can adjust the display to have three different faces, and they all have their unique look.

Another great feature of the display is that it can easily be seen in direct sunlight.

A hook to hold your helmet and bags!

I always wonder why all scooters don’t have a hook to hold bags when riding. It is a simple addition and helps tremendously, since you need two hands to ride a scooter. I also like a hook to hold my helmet when I stop into stores.

How much does the OKAI Neon ES20 weigh?

The OKAI Neon weighs 35.27lbs (16KG).

The scooter quickly folds and is easy to put into vehicles or carry up stairs. One feature I like about the folding mechanism is that the stem will always lock into a centered position.

The scooter is also small enough that you can use it with public transportation options like buses, subways, or trams. I find the OKAI Neon ES20 is a great option for last mile solutions.

OKAI Neon ES20 with a Jimmy Chang 1

The OKAI Neon ES20 is the sleekest scooter under $700

The OKAI Neon ES20 is by far the sleekest scooter I know of under $700. There are so many features and benefits packed into this beautiful white scooter.

If you are thinking about buying a Ninebot or Xiaomi scooter, but want something more refined, I find the OKAI Neon ES20 fits the bill.

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OKAI Neon ES20 on 16th street mall with lights on with solid tire large deck bell rear suspension bright

What I hate about the OKAI Neon ES20

  1. App doesn’t work on Androids currently
  2. Low range
  3. Not a great hill climber
  4. No way to turn off deck and stem lights without app
  5. Front facing light is not bright
  6. 15 mph top speed
  7. Folding mechanism needs a security strap

App works flawlessly on Apple devices, but not so much on Androids

I love the app… when it works. On Jimmy’s iPhone 13 pro, the app works flawlessly. On my Samung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the app constantly freezes and glitches.

Since the scooter is brand new, I’m confident that OKAI will eventually update the app for full Android functionality.

However, in its current state, it is frustrating when trying to adjust the scooter settings from an Android device.

What is the range on the OKAI Neon ES20?

The OKAI Neon ES20 states range up to 25 miles (40 km).

I currently weigh 200 lbs and tested the OKAI Neon ES20 at full throttle in 51 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. I was able to squeeze 12.87 miles (20.5 km) out of it.

If I weighed less and if the weather were warmer, I would think I could get 15 miles out of the OKAI Neon at full throttle. You could even possibly get the 25 miles stated, but I imagine that you would have to be moving at very slow speeds and weigh less than 150 lbs.

OKAI Neon ES20 Integrated Kickstand
Integrated kickstand

How does the OKAI Neon ES20 perform on steep hills?

The OKAI Neon ES20 performs well on flat land. Throw a steep hill in its way, and you’ll find the scooter’s kryptonite. It will go up 10-15 degrees inclines fine and will throttle you down to 10-12 mph.

The scooter is rated for up to 20 degrees inclines. However, on a 20 degree incline, the scooter would struggle to crawl up it, especially for heavier riders.

OKAI Neon ES20 Beautiful White Scooter

Can I turn off the stem and deck lights without the app?

Unfortunately, most settings are controlled by the app. You can turn on the front facing light and adjust the speed modes without the app. But the lights on the stem and deck are solely controlled by the app.

I wish there was a way to turn off the lights without the app to conserve energy. LED lights don’t take a ton of power but when you are trying to squeeze out extra range, all that power counts.

OKAI Neon ES20 Beautiful White Scooter at the Capital in Denver Colorado

Is the front facing light on the OKAI Neon ES20 safe for night riding?

The front facing light on the OKAI Neon ES20 is awful for safe night riding. It’s better than nothing, but not that much better.

You will definitely want to invest in extra lights to mount onto the stem if you plan on using it at night.

The handlebars and bottom part of the stem are fat, so you will want to attach an external light on the top part of the stem.

What is the top speed on the OKAI Neon ES20?

The top speed on the OKAI Neon ES20 is 15 mph. Is 15 mph enough? It really depends on the eye of the beholder.

I like my scooters fast. However, I always receive comments from friends who say that rental scooters are fast. Rental scooters top out at 15 mph, so you would be happy with the OKAI Neon ES20 if you were accustomed to riding ride share escooters.

For me, I wish there was an option to unlock the device to go at least go 20 mph. I’m sure someone smarter than me will eventually figure out a way to hack it to go faster.

Is the folding mechanism on the OKAI Neon ES20 safe?

The folding mechanism needs an extra strap around the latch, like you see on the INOKIM OXO. We never had any issues with the folding mechanism collapsing the scooter mid ride. However, we did have the latch pop loose a few times when I would power jump the scooter.

You really shouldn’t be power jumping commuter electric scooters, but I do it to test the durability of the scooters we test and I know that plenty of people will do it for fun.

For the locking mechanism to fail while riding, the latch must not only detach, it must be pushed down to a 90 degree angle. The latch can slightly pop out of place when jumping the scooter or dropping a curb forcefully, so I would like a strap secured around it.

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OKAI Neon ES20 Folding Latch

Can I trust OKAI scooters? And who is OKAI?

I had never heard of the brand OKAI before. Apparently, they have been the manufacturers behind leading brands in the shared-economy scooter marketplace. And now OKAI is manufacturing consumer scooter models under its OKAI signature brand.

OKAI claims to have 17 years in the micro-mobility space and over 500 employees. OKAI also claims to produce 120,000 personal electric vehicles (PEVs) every month.

It is always hard to vet companies we don’t know much about, but Alibaba does do independent reports to help consumers gain insight.

According to Alibaba, OKAI was established in 2011 and has done over $2,500,000 worth of sales. 70% of their sales consist of western Europe, which makes a lot of sense why the Neon ES20 caps out at 15 mph. Europe normally has rules and regulations stopping the scooters at 25 kmh which is 15 mph.

OKAI may have embellished up their resume by adding 6-7 years of experience, but OKAI definitely has experience in the micro-mobility space, and it shows through in the Neon ES20.

I do find that many manufacturers are now branding their own PEVs. These manufacturers have been making a lot of money for making scooters for other companies to sell, but they are realizing they can make even more money if they can create and sell their own brand.

Based on my research and dealing with their company, I believe you can trust OKAI. I attached the Alibaba OKAI independent report so you can research the company more in depth.

Who is the OKAI Neon ES20 perfect for?

The OKAI Neon ES20 is perfect for someone who wants one of the most tech filled last mile solution scooters at a budget friendly price. The OKAI Neon is light enough for most people’s portability needs. If your round trip is under 12 miles, the the OKAI Neon will get you there in style.

Jimmy calls the OKAI Neon the “poor man’s Unagi” because of the features and price of this hi-tech commuter escooter.

I think the Neon is the “every man’s Unagi” because I would take the Neon 10 out of 10 times vs the Unagi if I didn’t live in a hilly area.

I like the smooth ride experience on the OKAI Neon way more due to the air filled tire, suspension, and unique solid tire. When I ride the Unagi, I can feel every crack and crevice on the road and feel like my teeth will fall out at any moment.

If you are looking at the Segway Ninebot Max or E45, but don’t need the extra range, I find the OKAI Neon looks better and offers better features at a lower price. You will also stand out more, since most ride share scooters are clones of the Segway Ninebot Max.

The OKAI Neon with its sweet display and programmable lights looks like it belongs in 2022, whereas the Segway Ninebot Max looks like a 2017 Xiaomi M365 with few upgrades.

OKAI Neon ES20 Display with stem and deck

OKAI Neon ES20 Pricing, Coupon and Discount Codes

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