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Review of the Fiido Q1 E-bike and E-scooter Hybrid

by freshlycharged

The Fiido Q1 E-bike targets a niche market of riders looking for a practical, portable, and familiar device to get around the city. With plenty of storage space and an optional child seat, the Fiido electric scooter is extremely practical and versatile.

When I first tried the Fiido Q1 electric scooter, I knew that this would be the perfect scooter for my mom.

The Fiido Q1 may not be the flashiest or fastest scooter around, but there are so many practical uses for the scooter. One of the most practical uses of the Fiido Q1 is allowing people with limited range and mobility to have the opportunity to ride PEVs.

While the Fiido Q1 looks like a miniature bike, the main reason they call the Fiido Q1 a scooter is due to the lack of bicycle pedals.

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What is the difference between the Fiido Q1 and the Fiido Q1S

We tested, reviewed and purchased the Fiido Q1 which I gifted to my mother. The Fiido Q1S is essentially the same scooter but with front and rear suspension which adds some weight to the setup.

Both the Fiido Q1 and Fiido Q1S have the same design and same 250W rear brushless motor which can provide 500 W of peak power output.

If you are interested in having suspension on your foldable electric scooter, then check out Voromotors for availability and up to date pricing on the Fiido Q1S.

Jimmy on the Fiido along the Colombia River

Top Five things we like about the Fiido Q1

  1. Non-intimidating and familiar
  2. Lightweight
  3. Portable
  4. Easy to use
  5. Practical

Can the Elderly Ride a Fiido?

The Fiido is low to the ground so people with mobility issues can get their legs over the Fiido. Bicycles can be tough for senior citizens because people with limited range can have a hard time getting on. The Fiido allows senior citizens, mothers with small children and people with limited mobility to experience PEVs (personal electric vehicles).

Jimmy’s elderly mother was able to mount the Fiido and ride with no prior experience. The Fiido is considered a scooter but having prior bike knowledge helps with balancing the Fiido.

Fiido Q1 electric scooter

How Heavy is the Fiido Q1?

The Fiido Q1 weighs 42.39 lbs/19.23 kgs when it has the child’s seat and rear basket on it. If you remove the child seat and basket, the Fiido Q1 weighs 38.58 lbs/17.5 kgs. I expected the Fiido to weigh more based off its appearance, but it’s surprisingly light.

Will a Fiido Q1 fit in a Trunk of a Car?

The Fiido’s handlebars fold to the side and makes the Fiido very portable. The Fiido should fit in the trunk of most cars due to the smaller footprint.

How Easy is it to Learn how to Ride the Fiido Q1?

Jimmy’s elderly mother and father were able to learn the Fiido immediately. With a few pointers on the throttle and brakes, Jimmy’s mom and dad could take off cruising on the Fiido Q1. Since you are sitting down on the Fiido, the twist throttle is easy to operate.

Electric Scooter Fiido Q1

Simply sit down on the scooter, turn it on, pull the throttle, lift your legs and you are ready to go! If you know how to ride a bike, learning to ride the Fiido Q1 should be a breeze in the park.

How Practical is the Fiido Q1?

The Fiido Q1 has a ton of features and is budget friendly. The design of the Fiido Q1 is very familiar, so most people can ride it. The Fiido Q1 comes with a bag and basket on the back, which is perfect for carrying groceries and miscellaneous items.

There is a stock alarm system on the Fiido Q1 for arming, disarming, and starting the scooter. The low seated position on the Fiido Q1 works for children, teens, adults, senior citizens and people with limited mobility.

You can get the additional child seat to bring your young children on rides. Overall, the Fiido Q1 is very practical for the price point.

Top 5 drawbacks of the Fiido Q1

  1. Low top speed
  2. Not for long range trips
  3. Low profile can be harder to be seen by vehicles
  4. Single motor
  5. Alarm, but easy to be picked up

What’s the top speed on the Fiido Q1?

The Fiido Q1 has a top speed of 15 mph. The stock Fiido Q1 is not designed for the speed demons, but you can upgrade the scooter to go faster.

Fiido Q1

What is the Range on the Fiido Q1?

The real world range of the Fiido Q1 is 15-20 miles. The range is dependent off of speed, rider’s weight, riding conditions, and temperature.

How tall is the Fiido Q1?

The Fiido Q1 is 47 inches/119 centimeters tall unfolded. One major downfall to the Fiido Q1 is you are not very tall when seated, so it may be hard to be noticed by oncoming vehicles. There are many drivers texting and driving, so heads are looking down buried in their phones a lot.

A good rule of thumb is to assume that people in vehicles do not see you. Make sure to stay away from blind spots and be careful when downtown because reckless drivers could come barreling out of parking garages without paying attention.

By assuming that no one sees you, you will be more active in your riding approach. Parking lots are dangerous when cars are backing out. Most vehicles backing up are looking for other vehicles, not someone seated on a Fiido.

Jimmy on the Fiido along the Colombia River and Bridge to Portland

How many motors are on the Fiido Q1?

The Fiido Q1 is a single 250 W motor scooter. Single motor scooters are great for casual cruising, but they do typically struggle on steep hills. I would imagine the Fiido Q1 is limited to hills with a 10 degree incline.

Is the Alarm on the Fiido Q1 any good?

The alarm on the Fiido Q1 can be a deterrent due to the noise. You won’t ride off on the scooter when deactivated, but the Fiido Q1 can still be rolled away. The Fiido Q1 is also light, that it could easily be picked up and stolen.

Fiido Q1 scooter

What Upgrades can you do to your Fiido?

Fiidos can start out as a tamed scooter, but can be upgraded to become a tire burnout beast! I love observing all the upgrades that can be done to Fiidos. There are people who have Fiidos that can go over 60 mph.

In the Phillipines and United Arab Emirates, Fiido seated scooters have penetrated the market. In the United States, I find that most consumers have no idea who Fiido is. I anticipate it will only be a matter of time before we encounter many Fiidos on the roads in the US since they are so practical.

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