New Lectric XPremium Review – Mid Drive Foldable Electric Bicycle

New Lectric XPremium Review – Mid Drive Foldable Electric Bicycle

by freshlycharged

The Lectric family of ebikes is quickly growing this spring season, first with the Lectric XP Lite and now with the Lectric XPremium, a featured packed ebike at a budget friendly price.

The biggest upgrade to the XPremium is the mid drive motor with a torque sensor and extra battery.

The XPremium is the lowest costing ebike equipped with a mid drive motor that we have ever reviewed. I was surprised to see a price tag of $1799 for preorders, especially when all the other mid drive motor ebikes we have reviewed have been over $3000.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the Lectric XPremium.

Click here for the current pricing on the Lectric XPremium ebike.

What I love about the Lectric XPremium Ebike

  1. Mid drive motor
  2. Torque sensor
  3. Two batteries
  4. Foldable
  5. Metal fenders included
  6. Rear rack included
  7. Foldable aluminum pedals
  8. Half twist throttle
  9. Step thru frame
  10. Zoom hydraulic disc brakes
  11. Budget friendly
  12. Up to 28 mph speeds in pedal assist
LECTRIC Xpremium folded bigger picture

What type of motor is on the Lectric XPremium?

The Lectric XPremium features a mid-drive motor with a torque sensor. Torque sensors are far superior to cadence sensors found on most hud drive motor ebikes providing a smoother more responsive ride.

Torque sensors measure the pressure you put on the pedals, and provide power accordingly whereas cadence sensors measure the revolutions of the pedals before turning on the motor assist.

The main downside to a torque sensor is they are more expensive than cadence sensors.

LECTRIC Xpremium Mid drive motor

How big is the battery on the Lectric XPremium?

Each battery on the Lectric XPremium is 48V 10.4Ah. With two batteries, it has a capacity of 20.8 amp hours.

This is one of the largest batteries we have seen on an ebike. There are only two ebikes we have reviewed with larger batteries: the Ariel Rider Grizzly and Bikonit Warthog MD 750.

LECTRIC Xpremium Dual Batteries and metal fenders

Does the Lectric XPremium come with fenders and rear rack?

The Lectric XPremium comes with metal fenders and rear rack.

The Lectric XPremium is the complete package and comes with everything you need to get started like the premium light and rear brake light.

Lectric Xpremium premium light cst bft 20 by 4 inch fat tire rear fender and rear rack

What type of pedals are on the Lectric XPremium?

The Lectric XPremium features foldable aluminum pedals. Most budget friendly ebikes feature cheap plastic pedals.

The Lectric XPremium has high quality metal pedals that are easy to collapse when folding the bike.

Click here for the current pricing on the Lectric XPremium ebike.

LECTRIC Xpremium Stand

Does the Lectric XPremium have a throttle?

There is a half twist throttle on the right handlebar of XPremium.

The twist throttle goes up to 20mph and is very helpful on getting the ebike moving. Most mid drive motor ebikes do not come with a throttle.

The only other mid drive ebike we have reviewed with a throttle is the Bikonit Warthog MD 750.

LECTRIC Xpremium twist throttle and shimano thumb shifter

The Lectric XPremium Step Through Frame

The Lectric XPremium only comes in a step-through frame. In the past, people have claimed step-through frames are designed only for women.

That claim is false, and anyone can ride a step-through frame. I prefer a step-through frame because they are easier to mount and you don’t have a bar in your crotch.

Step-through frames are also great for people with mobility issues, such as senior citizens.

LECTRIC Xpremium Stand 1

What type of brakes are on the Lectric XPremium?

The Lectric XPremium features Zoom hydraulic disc brakes.

This XPremium is the first Lectric ebike to feature hydraulic disc brakes, yet another reason why they call this bike, “Premium.” The brakes are strong and its easy to press the lever simply with one finger. The Zoom brakes are paired with 160mm brake discs.

Lectric Xpremium premium light cst bft 20 by 4 inch fat tire and zoom brakes

How much is the Lectric XPremium?

Right now Lectric is taking preorders for the XPremium at $1799 and that includes two batteries.

Originally, Lectric told us they were going to charge $1999 for two batteries with the preorder deal.

This is an amazing deal for this complete mid drive ebike. They haven’t told us what prices will be after the preorder special, so be sure to take advantage of this sweet deal before it is too late.

LECTRIC Xpremium zoom brake disc 1

What is the top speed on the Lectric XPremium?

The top pedal assist speed on the Lectric XPremium is 28 mph.

The Lectric XPremium comes as a class 2 ebike. However, you can unlock it to a class 3 ebike. The max throttle speed is 20mph.

Click here for the current pricing on the Lectric XPremium ebike.

LECTRIC Xpremium display with shimano thumb shifter

Things I hate about the Lectric XPremium

  1. Cable wrap
  2. Heavy
  3. Won’t fit in small trunks
  4. Front light not bright enough for night riding
  5. Suspension is not that great
LECTRIC Xpremium cockpit with zoom brake levers

Poor cable management on the Lectric XPremium

The cable management on the Lectric XPremium has a lot of room for improvement. The cables are wrapped in cheap cable protection. The cable wrap looks like someone pulled the film from a VHS tape and wrapped it around the wires.

Luckily, you can purchase higher quality cable protectors that will make the wires look so much cleaner. You can even choose color cable protectors to customize your ride.

I’m also not a fan that the cables are ran down the bottom of the bike frame. A much cleaner look would be to have the cables built into the frame.

LECTRIC Xpremium cockpit with zoom brake levers display and throttle

How much does the Lectric XPremium weigh?

The Lectric XPremium weighs 75 lbs.

The XPremium is the heaviest ebike that Lectric offers. Even though it folds up, it is still heavy to lift into vehicles. If you expect to travel with the XPremium, you may want to consider the 75 lb weight or look at a lighter foldable ebike such as the Lectric XP 2.0.

LECTRIC Xpremium folded from the top

Will the Lectric XPremium fit into small trunks?

The XPremium will have a hard time fitting into small trunks. It is the largest foldable ebike we have reviewed. If you have a small trunk, I would look at the Lectric XP 2.0 or Lite.

LECTRIC Xpremium from the front

How big is the Lectric XPremium folded?

The XPremium folded measures at 41 X 22 X 32.5 in.

When the XPremium is unfolded, it measures at 75.5 X 25 X 49 in.

LECTRIC Xpremium shimano tourney derailleur

Is the Lectric XPremium light safe for night riding?

If you are riding a lot at night, I would 100% get an upgraded light.

The Lectric XPremium comes with a premium light, which increases the throw of the beam. However, the LED isn’t strong enough for super dark nights.

You can purchase quite a few lights from Amazon that are much brighter.

Click here for the current pricing on the Lectric XPremium ebike.

Lectric Xpremium premium light cst bft 20 by 4 inch fat tire

How much suspension travel is on the Lectric XPremium?

The Lectric XPremium has 82mm of suspension travel.

The suspension is adjustable but it’s not that great. I was able to easily bottom it out at my current weight of 200 lbs. The bike suspension isn’t designed for technical mountain biking trails.

The main purpose of the suspension is to make your ride smoother on cracks and light off-roading trails. I would highly suggest upgrading to comfort package seat, to make for an ultra comfortable ride.

Lectric Xpremium front suspension

Who is the Lectric XPremium perfect for?

If you are looking for a mid drive motor ebike, but don’t want to spend $3,000 or more, the XPremium is perfect for you.

If you are living the RV or Campervan life, and want a premium foldable ebike, the XPremium is one of the best you can buy.

If you are an avid bicycling enthusiast, but want some assistance, a mid-drive motor will give you a more natural bicycling experience. The XPremium offers the most natural bicycling experience out of the Lectric ebike lineup.

You can’t go wrong choosing the Lectric XPremium, especially because it is backed by Lectric’s US based service.

LECTRIC Xpremium zoom hydraulic brakes 20x4 tires Throttle 1

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