Moped or E-bike? Juiced HyperScorpion

by Nathan Schaumann

Is the Juice HyperScorpion really an E-bike? Even Juiced themselves can’t seem to decide, as they market it on their website as a “Electric Moped-Style Bike”. Technically, it is a class 2 bike with a settings override that can bump it up to class 3 (although it smashes even the class 3 speed ceiling of 28 mph with its top speed of 31 mph). Aside from the speed, it has an massive 1000Wh battery that will keep it going for over 70 miles, and a smattering of other features such as a Shimano 8-speed transmission, blinding headlight, rearview mirrors, a built-in rear rack, and even a remote alarm system. And all that for under $2000 (we recently saw a flash sale as low as $1899, but the current price is back at $1999). The bike isn’t without its faults, however – it’s uncomfortable to pedal, especially at low speeds, and the pedal clearance is a little too low to take tight corners. Overall, we think this bike is an excellent fit for those with a $2k budget who want a super powerful e-bike, with many of the bells and whistles typical of much more expensive mopeds + motorcycles.


Price: $1999

Speed: 30+ mph (independently tested 31.5 mph)

Motor: 1000W (1600W peak)

Battery: 52V 19.2Ah (998 Wh)

Range: 70+ miles (35 miles on throttle only)

Brakes: Tektro two-piston hydraulic, 180mm (front + rear)

Wheel size: 20” x 4.25” 

Weight: 90 lbs (bike) + 12 lbs (battery)

Max Rider Load: 275 lbs

Front suspension: Hydraulic fork with adjustable pre-load, compression, and lockout

Rear suspension: Swingarm with dual adjustable spring coilover shocks

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1-year Warranty

Electrek’s “E-bike of the Year” award

UL certified battery

Shimano 8-speed cassette transmission

Rearview mirrors

Turning signals

Torque sensor

Twist throttle

Dual Suspension with adjustable lockout

3 riding modes

Matrix LCD display

2000 lumen headlight


Integrated brake lights

Puncture resistant tires

Remote alarm system

Loud horn

Phone charging USB port

Rear rack included

Universal sizing (5’2”+)

2020 03 12 HyperScorpion Offical Product Renders v16 v1

Things We Love

We love that the battery is UL certified. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – every E-bike manufacturer should make their batteries UL certified. Battery fires are all too common these days, and the added certification provides peace of mind when charging or transporting the battery.

The HyperScorpion comes with super grippy fat street tires, which ensure a very smooth and comfortable ride.

This bike features a true torque sensor that transitions smoothly between pedal assist levels. Huge plus!

Although 100+ lbs seems extremely heavy for a bike (and it is), the torque and ergonomic design of this bike mean it doesn’t feel as heavy as it is when riding. Once you step off, however, it transforms back into a 102 lb behemoth and it is somewhat cumbersome to lift / carry.

While originally sold for $2500, the current price of $1999 is almost a steal for the amount of power + features that you’re getting. The HyperScorpion was already an excellent value for money at $2500, and now it is just a steal.

We like the step-through frame, making this bike more accessible to a wider variety of riders.

HS Checkered 4

Room for Improvement

The pedal clearance is low enough that the pedals occasionally scrape during turns, reducing the maneuverability of the bike.

While the two-piston brakes provide adequate stopping power, four-piston brakes would be even better. We’d love to see four-piston brakes on bikes that weigh as much as this one does.

The HyperScorpion is relatively uncomfortable to pedal, making the 8-speed transmission somewhat redundant. 

HyperScorpion2022 Alum

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