KOTTO 750L Electric Bicycle – Style Over Substance

by Andrew N

When it comes to electric bikes, the KOTTO 750L stands out as one of the coolest-looking options we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. With its sleek design and visually appealing features, it’s bound to turn heads. However, as we delved deeper into our experience with this e-bike, we were left somewhat underwhelmed, especially in terms of power and performance.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the KOTTO 750L.

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What I love about the KOTTO 750L

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Backed by REV Rides amazing after sales service
  • Massive 48V 25Ah LG battery
  • Great suspension
  • Soft and comfy seat
  • Nice front headlight
  • Great cable management

Aesthetically Pleasing:

Let’s start with the obvious – the KOTTO 750L is a head-turner. Its modern design, sleek frame, and integrated features make it a joy to look at and ride.

KOTTO 750L side profile

Excellent After-Sales Service:

Backed by REV Rides, the KOTTO 750L comes with the assurance of fantastic customer support and after-sales service, which is a comforting thought for any e-bike owner.

KOTTO 750L on the open road

Impressive Battery:

The KOTTO 750L boasts a massive 48V 25Ah LG battery, offering impressive range and reducing the anxiety of running out of power mid-ride.

KOTTO 750L Massive LG 48V 52ah battery

Great Suspension:

The e-bike’s full suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing bumps and imperfections on the road. The front has dual forks and the rear has adjustable air suspension.

KOTTO 750L jumping

Comfortable Seat:

The seat is not just aesthetically pleasing but also soft and comfortable for extended rides.

KOTTO 750L rear air suspension

Effective Lighting:

The front headlight provides excellent visibility, enhancing safety during night rides.

KOTTO 750L power sliding

Thoughtful Cable Management:

The KOTTO 750L showcases great cable management, giving it a clean and organized look.

Hydraulic Brakes:

Equipped with hydraulic brakes and thick rotors, the e-bike offers reliable stopping power. I was surprised that the unbranded brakes worked so well.

KOTTO 750L 2 piston hydraulic brakes with thick brake rotors

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What I hate about the KOTTO 750L

  • Buttons feel cheap
  • Low clearance for the derailleur
  • Shimano Tourney derailleur
  • Pedaling is worthless for anyone above 5 feet tall
  • Hard to reach speeds above 23 mph
  • Poor packaging

Cheap Buttons:

Some of the buttons and controls feel less durable and premium than one would expect from a bike in this category. The turn signal button doesn’t line up correctly, so you can accidentally turn it on thinking it is off.

KOTTO 750L buttons
The turn signal button looks like it is centered but it is actually in the left turn signal position

Low Derailleur Clearance:

The bike’s low clearance for the derailleur can be problematic when riding in rough terrain or on uneven surfaces.

KOTTO 750L shimano Tourney Derailleur low clearance

Shimano Tourney Derailleur:

The Shimano Tourney derailleur may leave more experienced riders wishing for an upgrade to a higher-tier component for smoother gear shifts.

KOTTO 750L fall colors surron

Pedaling Limitations:

For riders above 5 feet tall, pedaling becomes rather inefficient, leaving you more reliant on throttle only. You do not want to have to pedal this bike if you ever run out of battery.

KOTTO 750L sharp turn

Speed Limitations:

It can be challenging to reach speeds above 23 mph, which may disappoint riders looking for more exhilarating performance.

KOTTO 750L specs
KOTTO 750L specs

Poor Packaging:

The bike’s packaging could be improved, we had issues with damage during shipping due to the lack of proper packaging. It needs more foam and that tire should be placed in a different location to prevent scratching on the frame

KOTTO 750L packaging job

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the KOTTO 750L Electric Bicycle is a solid choice for those who prioritize aesthetics and want a stylish e-bike that can cover long distances. It’s also a great option for riders who don’t require blazing speeds or who wish to modify the bike to their liking.

Additionally, it could be an excellent choice for parents looking for a safe and stylish e-bike option for their kids, as it doesn’t allow them to go too fast. While it may fall short in certain aspects, it still offers an enjoyable riding experience for the right audience.

KOTTO 750L from the front

KOTTO 750L Coupon Code, Discount Code, and Current Price

Click here for the current price of the KOTTO 750L
Use coupon code: FreshlyCharged to save $50 on any purchase over $500.

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