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Mod City+ Foldable Ebike Review: Premium Feel at a Premium Price

by freshlycharged

With the ability to fold the Mod City+ ebike in under 5 seconds, the Mod City+ is an excellent ebike for those with limited space. Don’t have a garage? Limited on space? Don’t live in an area safe enough to leave a bike locked to a rack? If you answered yes to any of the questions, the folding Mod City+ ebike may be the perfect fit for you! In addition to saving space, the Mod City+ allows owners to transport the bike without the need for a gigantic vehicle or costly racks. Just fold it up and shove it in the trunk or back seat. In this review, we are going to let you know what we loved and hated about the Mod City+ foldable electric bike.

Mod Bikes City Folding Ebike Side Profile featuring suspension battery rear rack cassette suspension gel seat adjustable stem handlebars

10 things I love about it

  1. Foldable in under 5 seconds
  2. Great throttle response
  3. Large display
  4. Spacious when standing over frame
  5. Standard rear rack that is easy to mod
  6. Sturdier build than other ebikes we have reviewed
  7. Bell works well and sounds great
  8. Password protected
  9. Heavy duty kickstand
  10. Fully adjustable peddle assist levels and amp output

No need for a bike carrier

The Mod City+ is a portable ebike that can fold in half in less than 5 seconds.  You can save space in your garage and you don’t need to buy a bike carrier when transporting the bike. Some SUVS could fit two Mod City+ in the back so this foldable ebike is perfect if you have riding partner.
Mod Bikes City Folding Ebike Lifted up one handed and being

Cadence sensor with great response

Most bikes with cadence sensors have a one second delay.  You typically have to pedal one full revolution before getting a response from the hub motor. With the Mod City+, the response is almost instantaneous. The slight delay from the cadence sensor on the Mod City+ is far superior to most other cadence sensors on other ebikes.
Mod Bikes City derailleur and hub motor with cadence sensor

The little rear rack that could!

All of the Mod Bikes come with a rear rack.  The rear rack may look like your traditional rack but the Mod Bike rack is the most advanced rack Jimmy and I have ever seen. The rack allows you to put on a Yepp child seat easily because of the built in hole in the center. There are useful holes and notches to modulate the rack. The best part is Mod Bikes is coming up with a new plate that allows you to quickly exchange components which will be a game changer for riders who often find themselves changing out storage on their rack. You can go from a child seat to a locked in panier bag in under 10 seconds.
Mod Bikes City Gel Seat with Mod Rear Rack

Built like a tank

When I first saw the Mod City+, I immediately thought it looked very similar to the foldable Heybike Mars bike that we have reviewed in the past. However, after riding the Mod City+, it is quickly apparent that the Mod City+ is in a whole different league than the Heybike Mars The first indicator was dropping off a curb. When I drop curbs with the Heybike Mars, the suspension bottoms out and the plastic fenders rattle. When I drop curbs with the Mod City+, the bike sounds solid without any rattling. From the comfy gel seat to the hydraulic brakes, the Mod City+ is simply a better constructed bike than the HeyBike Mars.
Mod Bikes City overlooking Colorado River in Austin

Extra security with password protection

All the Mod bikes allow you to password protect them for added security in addition to a good lock. It’s good if you are trying to prevent your kids from taking off on the bikes and going too fast. If you are using it as a security measure when going into stores, you will want to invest in a good lock. You won’t be able to use the peddle assist or throttle without the password, but a thief can easily ride away on your bike manually.
Mod Bikes City Folding Ebike Display with adjustable PAS

Can I adjust the pedal assist and power output on the Mod City+?

One of my favorite things about the Mod City+ is the ability to adjust the pedal assist levels.  You can adjust how many pedal assist levels there are and the output level. With so many ways to adjust the pedal assist levels, you can dial it into your personal preference.

5 things I hate about the Mod City+ Foldable ebike

  1. Handlebars are tall for shorter riders
  2. Cable management
  3. Thick weld marks
  4. Pedals and cables can get in other the way when folding
  5. Front suspension is not the best

Is the Mod City+ good for shorter riders?

The Mod City+ comes in two types, standard and step thru frame. However, it only comes in one size. Jimmy’s wife is 5’ 4” and we found the Mod City+ was is too big for her. She was able to stand above the step thru frame, but the biggest issue was the tall handlebars. The handlebars were simply too tall for her to feel comfortable when riding for long distances. My wife is 5’ 8 and she felt comfortable with the size of Mod City+ ebike.
Mod Bikes City and Mod Black at the Austin Texas Bat Bridge

Spaghetti wire mess

Mod Bikes makes some sweet ebikes. However, all the ebikes suffer from poor cable management. They use a Mod bike branded sleeve to cover some of the cables but they could use cable wraps to make them look cleaner. This is my biggest gripe with Mod Bikes.
Mod Bikes City Folding Ebike Cable Wrap But Hanging Wires

Thick weld marks: love them or hate them

All the Mod Bikes have thick weld marks. It’s not the end of the world, but for the price, I would like to see the weld marks sanded down a little like on the Aventon Aventure. While the thick weld marks give the bikes a more rugged appearance, some prefer a cleaner look on such a good looking bike.
Mod Bikes City Folding Ebike Folding Mechanism

Fold in under 5 seconds unless…

The Mod City+ can fold in under 5 seconds. However, it takes some skill to fold it quickly. The first few times I tried, the cables and peddles got in the way. I do wish the cables were a little longer because I feel like I might break something when folding the Mod City+. But with some practice you can fold the bike easily.
Mod Bikes City Folding Ebike Foot Pegs

Front suspension is lacking

For the price of the Mod City+, I would like to see a better front suspension.  To me, the front suspension is the achilles heal of the of the Mod City+ ebike. If the front suspension was higher grade on the Mod City+, it would be the ultimate folding ebike.
Mod Bikes City Folding Ebike Front Suspension

Who should get the Mod City+ ebike?

The Mod City+ is perfect for people who don’t own a truck or bike rack but love to travel with their ebikes. If you are limited on space in the garage, the Mod City+ folds into a compact footprint. The Mod City+ is the highest quality foldable ebike we have reviewed so those that like nice things will enjoy this ebike.
Mod Bikes City Folding Ebike Folded

Who should avoid the Mod City+ ebike?

If you are on a budget, the Mod City+ is twice the price as the Heybike Mars, a budget foldable ebike that we have reviewed.  The Mod City+ is clearly a better ebike than the Heybike Mars but it will put a bigger dent in your wallet. If you want a bike that feels like a traditional bike, you will want to look for a bike with a torque sensor like the Mod Berlin.  Torque sensors measure the pressure you put on the pedals, whereas the cadence sensor on the Mod City+ measures how many revolutions the pedals go around. Overall, a mid-drive torque sensor bike will give you the feeling of a traditional bike but with superhuman powers.

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