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Extremely Capable and Affordable: The KBO Breeze Electric Bike Review

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Who Will Love the KBO Breeze Electric Bike?

The KBO Breeze electric bike is great for anyone looking for an alternative means of transportation that can possibly replace the car but won’t break the bank or cause you to break a sweat while commuting. 

What I Think About the KBO Breeze

The KBO Breeze ebike improves upon everything I didn’t like about the KBO Hurricane ebike.

A few weeks ago I reviewed the KBO Hurricane, a sleek entry level ebike, and while it was a solid ebike for an amazing price, the Hurricane had a few shortcomings: low versatility, lack of power, and ride comfort. Read the entire review here.

Lo and behold the KBO Breeze addresses all of those issues with the KBO Breeze ebike and did so while keeping it at an amazing price. 

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KBO Breeze Versatility: 

The KBO Breeze is all about letting you ride however you feel through several assist levels and a throttle.

  • Level 0: The bike offers no assist which is useful for navigating tight spaces. 
  • Levels 1 and 2: These are great for the days you still want a little exercise during your ride but don’t want to do it all. 
  • Level 3: I found this perfect for cruising through areas that have speed limits 
  • Levels 4 and 5: These are the “I don’t want to take a shower after my ride” levels where you are flying with minimal effort.
  • Level “I’m feeling lazy today”: You don’t select this one using the bike’s display. This level comes in the form of a throttle on the right handlebar! Just twist that thing and away you go.
  • Gears: Compared to single-speed bikes like the KBO Hurricane, adding a gear shifter to the Breeze makes riding at top speed more efficient with less pull on the battery and allows you to adapt to your terrain if you run out of battery.
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KBO Breeze Power: 

While the name “Breeze” suggests something much tamer than something like “Hurricane” you won’t be lacking any power. The KBO Breeze ebike packs a punch. 

I had barely started pedaling on level 1 when I took the Breeze out for my first ride and I was surprised at the fast acceleration. Push that bad boy up to level 5 and wow!

Top speeds still cap out in the low 20s like the KBO Hurricane but it reaches top speed faster and with less effort. 

image 4

Or just don’t pedal at all.

I decided to commute to work one day using nothing but the Breeze’s throttle and it was well … a breeze.

The bike also packs an impressive battery to keep up with the power. After 22 miles of using nothing but the throttle, I had only used 2/3rd of the battery so reaching 30 miles with nothing but throttle shouldn’t be an issue. 

After a full charge, I was able to get another 44 miles between levels 4 and 5 when the battery finally started giving out. Dropping to assist level 3 or lower should be able to extend the range up to 50 miles without much difficulty.

KBO Breeze Comfort:

The entry level KBO Hurricane had a bit of a rough ride due to the stiff road tires, lack of suspension, and hard stock seat. The Breeze offers the exact opposite for all of those.

The tires are wider and deeper for smoother gliding while the front fork suspension takes the jolt out of the cracks and bumps. Throw in the cushioned seat and you’ve got some smooth sailing.


KBO Breeze Dislikes:

As great as the KBO Breeze ebike is, there are a few drawbacks.

The LCD Display:

OK, it does have some good things going for it. It has +/- buttons for cycling both ways through the assist levels. The speed, battery, and power meters are big and clear. After that it’s downhill. 

In the bottom right corner, there are 4 metrics you can cycle through. 1) Odometer, 2) Trip Time, 3) Trip Odometer, and 4) Trip Max Speed. The problem is that the trip metrics don’t reset themselves each time you turn on the bike. You have to manually go into the settings mode and reset the trip metrics. 

image 2

The instructions on how to use the settings mode are lacking. Overall the display and owner’s manual display a lack of attention to detail in the user experience. 

KBO Breeze Weight:

The KBO Breeze ebike is a tank weighting in at 62 lbs.

At 62lbs, getting this bike onto the lowest level of the hanging bike racks at the office was a bit of a chore.

It also makes assembling the bike more of a two-person job. Speaking of set up, KBO has some great set up videos for their products which I think all ebike manufacturers need to do:

The bike comes mostly assembled but tasks like attaching the front wheel are cumbersome if you don’t have someone to assist you.

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KBO Ebike Design:

The KBO Breeze screams “I’m an e-bike”.

But if someone gets the bright orange color like the model I used, I’m guessing they want people to know what they are riding.

Final Thoughts on the KBO Breeze Electric Bike

Despite a few drawbacks and misses, this the KBO Breeze is a great comfy commuter bike at a great price. The budget KBO Breeze has everything the even more budget KBO Hurricane did not and if you don’t mind the extra weight, I would say, get the KBO Breeze for the extra power and suspension.

Whether you want to get a little exercise during your ride or effortlessly cruise the entire way, the Breeze has you covered.

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For up to date pricing and shipping times, check out the KBO website for the KBO Breeze.

Special thanks to Richard Kennedy for helping to test and review this ebike. Purchases made through our affiliate links go towards supporting the website and YouTube channel.

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