Segway X260 vs Sur-Ron X Dirt E-Bikes: So Similar & So Different

Segway X260 vs Sur-Ron X Dirt E-Bikes: So Similar & So Different

by freshlycharged

If you’re reading this article then you’ve probably read all the other articles comparing the Segway X260 vs the Sur-Ron X electric dirt bikes and you are serious about getting a dirt e-bike. Well, I’m going to share with you the similarities and differences between these bikes and tell you which I recommend.

Segway X260 vs Sur Ron X: Similarities

The Segway X260 and the Sur-Ron X are made in the same factory. They look the same. They ride the same. They sound the same. They even feel the same. Check out these pictures to see just how similar these two dirt e-bikes are.

Segway X260 Ebike
Sur ron X ebike

As you can see above, the Segway comes with a front fender. The Sur-Ron also came with a front fender but we didn’t install it because it seemed pretty flimsy.

Sur Ron X seat
Segway X260 Seat

The seats both feel the same but the Segway has some added fabric stiched to the side with their branding which adds a nice touch to the look of the X260.

Sur Ron Top
Segway X260 Top

The view from the top with the control box open is also very similar between the Sur-Ron and the Segway. The rear fender on the Sur Ron X broke off after an attempted wheelie.

To make things fair, Seth put the Segway X260 through the same type of crash and the rear fender did not break off in our standardized testing.

Sur Ron X Front
Segway X260 Front
Sur Ron Suspension
Segway X260 Suspension
Sur Ron Kick Stand
Segway X260 Kick Stand

Segway X260 vs Sur-Ron X: Differences

Now for the differences between these electric dirt bikes.

Price: The biggest immediate difference to the consumer researching these products is the price. Depending on the sale or discount, the price difference will vary, but at the time of writing this the Segway is about $400 more expensive than the Sur-Ron X. But the price difference may be worth it. Continue reading to find out.

Colors: The Sur Ron only comes in black. The Segway comes in 4 different colors: black, silver, blue, and red. The powder coated finish looks great and is very durable.

Wire Cutting: The Sur Ron X requires you to cut a wire in order to unleash the full potential of the device. Until you cut that wire, you are maxed out at 28 mph. After cutting the wire, you can ride up to 50 mph. Some may not like cutting wires on their brand new device. On the Segway X260, all this is controlled via an app.

App: To modify your ride setting like the amount of power and regenerative breaking, adjustments can be made on the fly with an app that you download and use on your phone. The app is intuitive and easy to use. There are no extra cables to lose or settings to memorize to adjust your ride. Just do it all on the app.

The Sur-Ron has no app. To adjust the settings you need to connect a programming cable and enter in a morse code like input via the brake lever to make changes to the quality of your ride. This is cumbersome and requires you to remember to code settings and to remember where you last put that programming cable.

Screen Shot 2020 12 11 at 9.32.14 AM

What do I recommend?

Having seen and ridden both the Sur Ron and the Segway X260, I must say they are both very similar dirt e-bikes. But the color options and the ability to make adjustments to your ride on the the Segway through an app saves me time and will save me from losing and misplacing the Sur Ron programming cable.

Segway has come a long ways. Once synonymous with dorky tour guided groups and mall cops, they are now branching into recreational electric vehicles that are amazing fun, low maintenance, and easy to use all at an affordable price when compared to traditional dirt bikes.

For these reasons, I recommend the Segway X260. If you found anything of value in this article or in my video comparison, consider making your purchases through my links which may help to support the channel and website at no additional cost to you.

Pricing on the Segway X260 at REVrides which offers amazing customer support. Get $50 off with the code: GOTSCOOTER

Pricing on the Sur Ron X at Luna Cycle.

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