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Biktrix Juggernaut – Crazy 2,300W Full-Suspension E-Bike Review

by Nathan Schaumann

Biktrix has just unveiled the “Hummer EV” of E-bikes – the Biktrix Juggernaut FS. It’s big, powerful, eye-catching, and expensive. Featuring a massive 2,300W mid-drive motor that was custom designed specifically for this bike, the Juggernaut can tackle absolutely any hill, and the full suspension + fat tires ensure it can handle virtually any type of terrain. Keep reading for our full list of pros/cons, and whether or not we think you should get this bike.

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Biktrix Juggernaut – Features

  • Mid-drive motor
  • Dual-piston brakes
  • 52V 17Ah removable battery
  • Front suspension: Inverted Air Fork with 100mm Travel,
  • Rear suspension: RockShox Monarch RI with 51mm travel
  • Dual-drive chain
  • Torque-assist sensor
  • 2000-lumen headlight
  • 26″ x 4.8″ tires
  • 5 assist levels
  • 40-miles range
  • 71.9 lb weight (no battery)
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Things We Love About The Biktrix Juggernaut

There are plenty of solid reasons to make the Juggernaut your next e-bike splurge. Here they are:

All-Terrain, All-Weather Capabilities

There are numerous Biktrix bikes bearing the “Juggernaut” name: the Juggernaut Duo, Juggernaut Ultra, Juggernaut Eagle, and finally the subject of this review; the Juggernaut FS. Of this lineup, only the FS is equipped with every possible feature to make off-roading a breeze. The front and rear suspension plus the massive 26″ x 4.8″ tires ensure excellent traction through dirt or gravel, wet or dry. Furthermore, the 2000 lumen headlight allows for safe night riding. I can’t think of a weather / terrain combination that the Juggernaut FS wouldn’t plow through with ease.

2300W Mid-Drive Motor

Typically when we see 1000W+ motors on e-bikes, those watts are packed into a hub motor in the rear wheel. Not so with the Biktrix Juggernaut FS – Biktrix actually designed a unique mid-drive motor specifically for the Juggernaut FS, which packs an astounding 2300 watts. Instead of driving to the top of a hill and mountain biking down, you can just switch the Juggernaut to assist level 5, rip up the hill yourself, then turn the pedal assist off and hit the trail exactly how you would on a regular mountain bike.


I love e-bikes that stand out visually, and the Juggernaut FS does just that. The bold red/black color combo is striking, and the aggressive angles of the frame imply that this bike isn’t for the faint of heart. If you bring this bike to your next e-bike meetup, expect stares.

Dual Chain

As the company explains; “The innovative Coaxial-Drive motor provides all the handling and weight distribution benefits that come with a mid-drive motor. But with all this power you need a drivetrain to handle it! The Biktrix Juggernaut XD features a motor side drivetrain designed specifically to handle the power this motor puts out to keep this bike even more reliable than your average mid-drive motor.”

biktrix juggernaut fs

Biktrix Juggernaut – Room For Improvement

The Juggernaut isn’t perfect, though it’s pretty close. Here are the main drawbacks we see to purchasing this E-bike.


With a steep price of $4999, it’s easy to compare the Biktrix Juggernaut FS to similarly priced e-dirt bikes like the Surron or Talaria. Obviously with the latter two you are getting a much larger battery pack, nearly double the top speed, and even more torque/hill-climbing ability. However, the Juggernaut’s value comes in its versatility – with the addition of pedals and the ability to turn electric assist off, you can get a workout that simply isn’t an option with a Surron.

Battery Size

The 52V, 17Ah battery (884 Wh) is plenty of capacity for some fun trail riding, but if you’re looking to commute long distances with one of the higher-assist modes turned on, you’d be better off picking up an Ariel Rider Grizzly (on sale here for $3099), which has a massive 1820Wh battery pack that gets over 75 miles of range.


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