Mod Black Ebike Review: Great for Mountain Biking and Even Better for Commuting

by freshlycharged

The Mod Black ebike is do it all ebike of the collection that can work as a daily commuter but is not afraid of hitting the mountain bike trails on the weekends for some fun.

With full suspension and 27.5 inch knobby tires, the Mod Black can tackle any terrain thrown in its direction.  With a smooth mid drive motor equipped with torque sensor, the Mod Black ebike will give you the ultimate adventuring ebike experience.

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10 things I love about the Mod Black Ebike

  1. Full suspension
  2. Mid drive and torque sensor
  3. Sturdy build
  4. Battery looks like it is part of the frame
  5. If battery dies, bike still rides fine as a normal bike
  6. 27.5 inch by 3-inch knobby tires
  7. Looks sleek in all black
  8. Rear air suspension
  9. Strong hydraulic brakes
  10. Comes with kickstand, rear rack, fenders, and gel seat

Send it!

With the full suspension on the Mod Black, you can hit jumps with ease. You’re not going to replace your full suspension mountain bike, but you will with the motor assist you will be able to ride farther and longer while still be able to send it in style!

What kind of sensor and motor is on the Mod Black?

The Mod Black features a mid-drive motor with torque sensor.  Torque sensors are far superior to cadence sensors because torque sensors detect the pressure you put on the pedals and react accordingly giving a much smoother ride, whereas cadence sensors activate after it detects the pedals go around for a preset number of revolutions.

The few downsides to a torque sensor: they are more expensive and they often do not offer a throttle only option.

Mod Bike Black Mid Drive Motor with Torque Sensor

The Mod Black doesn’t look pregnant

Batteries on a lot of ebikes can look out of place and make the bikes look like they are pregnant with the large battery bulging from the frame.

While the Mod black battery is not built into the frame, the design makes it look like it is part of the frame. I would like to see more ebikes design their batteries like the Mod Black.

No battery, no problem with the Mod Bike Black

On most ebikes, when the battery dies, it is hard to peddle the bike without any power assist because the ebikes are so heavy. Surprisingly with the Mod Black, you can ride the bike without power much easier than most electric bikes that we have reviewed.

What kind of suspension is on the Mod Black?

The Mod Black features air suspension in the rear and hydraulic suspension in the front. Air suspension is my favorite because you can dial it in to your preferred riding style and weight.

Mod Bike Black Rear Suspension Ebike

The Mod Black is a full suspension electric mountain bike with all the upgrades

Full suspension mountain bikes normally strip you of basic things like a kickstand, rack, and fenders.  Normally mountain bikes remove them because of weight, but what does it matter when you have the power of a mid-drive torque sensor.

With the Mod Black being an ebike, they added all the features that makes this bike great for commuting such as a bell, a rear rack, a light, and a kickstand.

Mod Bike Black Full Suspension Ebike in all its glory

5 things I hate about the Mod Black ebike

  1. Front suspension could be better
  2. Cable management
  3. Battery is not built into frame
  4. No throttle
  5. Only one size

Front suspension on the Mod Black is weak

The Mod Black is a great bike, except for the front suspension.  The front suspension is cheap and doesn’t fit the overall build quality of the rest of the bike. The rest of the complaints on my list are nominal, but the front suspension is a serious issue.

I can’t imagine the front suspension lasting long if you plan on jumping the ebike constantly.

Mod Bike Black Front Suspension Ebike

Spaghetti wire mess

Mod Bikes makes some sweet ebikes. However, they all suffer from mediocre cable management. They use a mod bike sleeve to bundle some of the cables but cable wraps would make for a cleaner look. 

Is the battery on the Mod Black built into the frame?

The battery looks like it is built into the frame on the Mod Black, but it isn’t. I would have preferred a fully integrated battery into the frame especially on a mountain bike that may potentially be seeing rugged terrain.

Many of the high-end full suspension electric mountain bikes we have tested and seen have their batteries integrated directly into the frame.

Mod Bike Black Full Suspension Ebike with Removable Battery but not built into frame

Does the Mod Black ebike have a throttle?

Unfortunately, the Mod Black ebike does not have a throttle. 

While many mid drive ebikes do not have a throttle, the Bikonit Warthog MD 750 is a mid-drive ebike that has a throttle.

Sometimes I want to be lazy and not peddle, especially when starting from a stopped position going uphill, so I would have loved to see a throttle option.

Mod Bike Black Faux Leather Grips with fancy famous bell but no throttle

Does the Mod Black come in different sizes?

The Mod Black comes only in one size. Mod Bikes told us you can adjust the seat and handlebars to fit all sizes, but that can only accommodate certain heights. I would not recommend the Mod Black if you are shorter than 5’ 5”.

Who should get the Mod Black ebike?

If you are wanting a versatile ebike that can work as a commuter while comfortably handling most off-road terrains, the Mod Black is an excellent choice.

You can hit jumps, rip single tracks, and ride loose gravel with ease. If you want to take it to the streets, the wide tires and full suspension make for a comfy ride.

Mod Bike Black Full Suspension Ebike in all its glory 2

Who should avoid the Mod Black ebike?

If you are a mountain biking enthusiasts and want to replace your full suspension mountain bike with the Mod Black….I would look elsewhere.

The Mod Black is nice, but it does not offer premium suspension for experienced mountain bike riding.  If you are wanting a true mountain biking experience, I would look at the Trek Rail 7 or other high end full suspension Santa Cruz ebikes.

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