Beautiful Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike With Jimmy Chang in Front of mausoleum

Aventon Aventure Review: Rugged, Fat Tire, Electric Bike

by freshlycharged

The Aventon Aventure is a rugged, fat tire, ebike that is surprisingly affordable.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to review the brand new Aventon Aventure in their newest color, So Cal Sand. When we first received the box from UPS, the first thing we noticed was how massive the box was and when we unboxed the Aventon Aventure, we couldn’t believe how massive the tires were.

The Aventon ebike came 90% assembled and we simply had to put on the front tire, pedals, and handlebar. We immediately took the ebike for a spin and was impressed with the many features and benefits.

In this review, we will let you know what we loved and hated about the Aventon Aventure ebike.

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Beautiful Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike

10 Things I love about Aventon Aventure

  1. Massive 26″ x 4″ fat tires
  2. Hydraulic brakes
  3. Cable management
  4. Built in frame battery
  5. Color Display
  6. Comfortable ride
  7. Beautiful paint and welds
  8. Adjustable front suspension
  9. Wife loves it
  10. Bright light

How big are the tires on the Aventon Aventure?

The Aventon Aventure features massive fat 26 inch diameter tires that are 4 inches wide.

We reviewed the Grizzly with 20″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires, and the Aventure tires dwarf the Grizzly tires. My wife was riding the Aventure the other night and rolled up on to a full size curb with no problems at all.

The large tires help with stability and helps even the most timid of riders feel moree confident while making the ride very comfortable.

Beautiful Aventon Aventure Massive Fat Tires

What kind of brakes are on the Aventon Aventure?

The Aventon Aventure ebike features Zoom hydraulic disc brakes. The brake discs on the front and back are 180 mms. The braking power on Aventon Aventure is excellent, and easy to modulate.

You will need to do some adjusting of the brakes from time to time, so I highly suggest you learn the basic adjustments for the brakes.

Aventon Aventure Zoom Hydraulic Brakes with 180 mm Brake Disc

Great cable management

I love the cable management on the Aventon Aventure. All the wires are wrapped nicely and fed through the rugged frame. The only problem is that if you ever need to replace a cable, you will have to fish it through the frame.

Luckily, most parts on this ebike are plug and play so you should rarely need to rewire cables which makes replacing parts much easier.

The Aventon Aventure is an eBike that doesn’t look like it is giving birth to a battery

Many eBikes have batteries hanging from the frame or right above the rear tires. I’ve heard horror stories of batteries actually falling off eBikes when jumping the bikes. A nice heavy battery to the ankle or shin is never a pleasant experience.

The Aventon Aventure does an amazing job of building the battery into the frame. A key secures the battery, and you can remove it for charging or to make it lighter when transporting the bike by a hitch rack.

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike Integrated Battery

Color display for the win!

The previous Aventon eBike models had black and white displays. The Aventon Aventure comes with their brand new color display. The display is nice and displays battery levels and carbon offset.

However, there is no voltage display, so you cannot double check the battery gauge. The Aventon Aventure connects via a mobile app, but it can be glitchy on Androids.

From the app, you can unlock the peddle assist speed to go up to 32 mph.

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike Color Display

Is the Aventon comfortable for long rides?

One of my favorite things about the Aventon is how comfortable it is to ride on long rides. The massive tires, suspension and design make the Aventure comfortable for long rides.

One of my favorite things on the Aventon Owners Facebook page is seeing elderly people post about taking 20-30 miles rides.

Lives have completely changed, because more and more people are now able to get out and go farther with these motor assisted devices making them more active and involved with their community.

I remember my first PEV experience with the Onewheel and how it made me so much more aware of my surroundings, like local parks and trails. I love the Aventon Aventure for opening the PEV door for many, young and old!

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike Saddle Seat

What colors does the Aventon Aventure come in?

I love the colors that the Aventon Aventure comes in. We received the SoCal Sand color, but I love the Camouflauge Green and Electric Red color. The paint job pops on the Aventon.

The welds on the Aventon Aventure are also high quality and they appear seamless. The clean welds with the perfect paint job make the Aventure stand out.

The standard Aventure comes in SoCal Sand, Camouflauge Green, and Fire Black.

Aventon Aventure Standard Ebike Colors

The step thru Aventure comes in SoCal Sand, Camouflauge Green, and Electric Red

Aventon Aventure Step Thru Ebike Colors

I can’t believe my wife loves the Aventon Aventure!

I love PEVs, personal electric vehicles, but my passion for them drives my wife bonkers sometimes! I am always talking about them, thinking about them, and trying to get my wife to ride PEVs with me. However, she simply doesn’t feel as safe as I do on a scooter, EUC or Onewheel.

On other ebikes like the Ariel Rider Grizzly, she finds it too clunky, too fast, and the seat uncomfortable. However, with the Aventon Aventure, my wife loves it! She feels confident on the Aventure and will go on long rides with me.

The Aventon Aventure helps my wife tolerate my addiction to PEVs! I asked my wife what were her favorite features about the Aventon, and this is what she listed off to me:

  1. Comfortable seat
  2. Wide tires
  3. Speeds up and slows down smoothly
  4. Gears shift well
  5. Perfect for her at 5′ 8″
  6. Works well for females
  7. Like the turning and feels stable
  8. Stable kickstand
Aventon Aventure Rugged Kickstand

Is the Aventon Aventure light bright enough for safe night riding?

When I first looked at the Aventon Aventure light, I figured it would be weak because it is so tiny. I’ve seen escooter lights 4 times the size of the Aventure light and they weren’t bright enough. However, the Aventure light is so bright.

I was blown away by how bright the light is for such an itty bitty package. I don’t expect you to need additional light for safe night riding, especially because the tires are so massive. You can always buy additional lighting if you would like it super bright.

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike Headlight and Front Suspension

For current pricing on the Aventon Aventure, click here.

For current pricing on the Step Through Aventon Aventure, click here.

Things I hate about the Aventon Aventure

  1. Delay in throttle and pedal assist
  2. Not shimano shifter
  3. No rear suspension
  4. Rattles when jumped off curbs
  5. Throttle maxes out at 20 mph
  6. No bell
  7. Scraping peddles
  8. Have to be in PAS 1 or higher for throttle to work

How much torque does the Aventon Aventure have?

The Aventure does not have a ton of torque. There is a delay when using peddle assist or the throttle, and there isn’t an instant burst of power. The Aventon Aventure throttle does well bringing you up to 20 mph, but you aren’t going to get earth shattering acceleration.

I did gain a lot more respect for the bike when I unlocked the full potential of the peddle assist and was able to hit 32 mph. It certainly made the bike a lot more fun.

What type of shifter does the Aventon Aventure have?

The simple answer is, “I don’t know.” Initial videos showed them with Shimano shifters. However, many people report receiving their bikes with SunRace shifters.

We received our bike with the SunRace shifter and it has a weird layout.

You use your pointer finger to pull the shifter towards you to shift up, and you use your thumb to shift down. I did not like the modulation at first but once you figure out they both are not push, it is nice. I explained the wierd nuance to my wife and she said she enjoyed how smoothly it shifted.

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike Sunrace Shifter

Does the Aventon Aventure have rear suspension?

There is no rear suspension on the Aventon Aventure. The rear suspension is based on the tire PSI and the saddle. The saddle on the Aventon is made by Velo.

Aventon had Velo custom make the saddle for the Aventure. I don’t mind the saddle but would enjoy a little softer one. My wife loves the saddle and says it makes the ride ultra comfy.

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire No Rear Suspension

Is the Aventon Aventure designed for jumping?

I would not suggest using the Aventon Aventure for jumping. I used it to do wheelies and jump off curbs, and the chain and fenders rattle quite a bit.

The Aventure is designed to handle most terrains thrown at it, however, I do not suggest using the Aventure on advanced mountain bike trails. The bike is made for cruising on pavement, packed gravel, and light dirt trails.

Beautiful Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike Sun Race Derailleur

Whats the max throttle speed on the Aventon Aventure?

The max throttle speed on the Aventure is 20 mph. You can unlock the peddle assist to go up to 28 mph. 20 mph would be sufficient for most.

However, I would enjoy being able to throttle up to 28 mph. To me, 20 mph is simply too tame, and sometimes I don’t want to have to peddle to go 28 mph.

Does the Aventon Aventure have a bell or horn?

With such a cool bike, I expected at least a bell or electronic horn. With the Aventure, you get neither. You have to do the old-fashioned call, “On your left!”

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Cockpit and Velo Handlebar Grips

Do the Aventon Aventure peddles scrape?

They should have designed the peddles on the Aventure to be slightly higher. It is easy to scrape the peddles if you have your foot down on sharp turns. It is best to have your pedals level to avoid peddle clipping on tight turns.

My throttle isn’t working, is my bike broken?

One thing I found obnoxious about the Aventon Aventure was that I cannot use the throttle while in PAS mode 0.

I have to be in peddle assist level 1 or higher in order for the throttle to work. Sometimes I just want to throttle to get going and peddle like a normal bike.

I hate having to be bound to peddle assist if I want to use the throttle.

Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike

Who is the Aventon Aventure perfect for?

I am part of the Aventon Facebook group, and one of my favorite things I see posted is how many senior citizens are riding around on the Aventon Aventure. The Aventon Aventure does not offer the cheapest bikes, but they are built solidly and have some of the best service in the industry.

The Aventon owner is Chinese but their sales and service is here in the USA. This allows the Chinese owner to micromanage production and leave his American team to ensure top-notch service is received.

With a lot of PEV companies, you can never get anyone on the phone, and you are only dealing through email. I had an issue with the wrong size rack ordered, and I was able to get a customer service rep over the phone.

The Aventure is great for those who like to ride with either pedal assist mode or throttle. It is perfect for the person looking to cruise around and have slight assistance from the motor.

Beautiful Aventon Aventure Fat Tire Ebike with Rear Rack

Who should avoid the Aventon Aventure ebike?

The Aventon Aventure is not for the speed demon, since it caps out at 20 mph using throttle only. It is also not designed for the road bike enthusiast, because it is so bulky and massive. The Aventon Aventure is not the most portable because it does not fold, and needs a special hitch rack to carry it because it weighs 73 lbs.

If you want to use mostly throttle and pedal seldomly, I think a bike like the Ariel Rider Grizzly would be more suited for you. The Aventon Aventure is not for someone anticipating to take it on expert mountain bike trails.

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