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This Carbon Fiber Ebike is Powerful: Heybike Hero Ebike Review

by Nathan Schaumann

We had the chance to check out the Heybike Hero a few months ago at CES, and this week we finally got the chance to test it out in Denver as well. The Heybike Hero comes in multiple configurations; you can choose between a mid-drive motor or hub-drive motor, and you can also select the step-thru or step-over version. We received the hub-drive motor, step-thru version to test.

Keep reading for a full list of specs + features, as well as our list of things we love and hate about the Heybike Hero.

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Heybike Hero – Specs

  • Top Speed: 35mph (Freshly Charged confirmed)
  • Motor: 1000W (hub-drive version), 750W (mid-drive version)
  • Torque: 100Nm (hub-drive version), 160Nm (mid-drive version)
  • Charger: 56.4V, 4A
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Battery: 48V 18Ah (864 Wh) (UL-rated, removable)
  • Tire: 26″ x 4″ (puncture resistant)

Heybike Hero – Features

  • Metal pedals
  • 4-piston hydraulic brakes w/180mm brake discs
  • Color display
  • Half-twist throttle
  • 9-speed Shimano thumb/trigger shifter
  • Large front light
  • Suspension with adjustable preload + lockout
  • Quick disconnects for easy maintenance
  • Carbon fiber frame

Heybike Hero – Things We Love

Throttle Power: We love that the throttle alone will take you all the way up to near it’s stated top speed. Andrew got to 33 mph with just throttle power.

Paint Job: The glossy orange paint looks super sleek, and makes a nice combo with the matte black. Unfortunately the excellent paint job does hide the carbon fiber, we wish there were some outward signs of the carbon fiber. Currently the only place it is visible is on the inside of the battery compartment.

heybike hero

Shimano Shifter: Most fat-tire e-bikes only offer 7-speed gearboxes, but the Heybike Hero offers a 9-speed Shimano shifter. Those extra couple gears are useful for hitting 20mph+ speeds.

Rear Suspension: The rear suspension impressed us – Andrew (who weighs 200 lbs) said the suspension did a great job of smoothing over virtually all bumps, cracks and crevices. The front suspension was noticeably worse, and we’ll talk about that in things we don’t like.

Battery: We are satisfied with the battery size – 864Wh should get you plenty of range. We also like that the Hero comes with a 4A charger. Most e-bikes come with a 2A or even 1.5A charger.

Twist Throttle: Jimmy in particular loves the twist throttle – thumb throttles can be tedious and also limit the grip on the handlebar. The Hero’s half-twist throttle is a nice touch.

Brakes: The 4-piston hydraulic brakes work excellently and provide great stopping power, especially when combined with the massive tires with a soft compound-composition.

Step-Thru Option: The step-thru configuration is great, especially for older folks, as it allows for easier mounting/dismounting. Heybike has done a great job of designing a step-thru bike that doesn’t look as feminine as some other step-thru e-bikes we’ve reviewed.

heybike hero

Heybike Hero – Things We Don’t Love

Cadence Sensor: The cadence sensor is not very sensitive, and it requires almost a full pedal rotation before the motor assist kicks in. This would be fixed either with a more finely-tuned cadence sensor, or the addition of a torque sensor.

Cable Management: The cable management is sloppy and disorganized, and doesn’t fit in with the sleek carbon fiber and glossy paint job.

Screenshot 2024 05 09 at 9.20.25%E2%80%AFAM

Front Suspension: At CES, we were told that the Heybike Hero would definitely have hydraulic suspension, however from our observations the Hero instead has coil suspension in the front. It bottoms out pretty easily, and doesn’t work as well as we would have expected it to.

Screenshot 2024 05 09 at 9.06.06%E2%80%AFAM

Light: Although the light is huge, and looks like it should be strong, it is actually a pretty weak and ineffective light.

Improper Labeling: On the website, the Hero is listed as having hydraulic suspension, which is not correct. The website also lists the battery as being 964Wh, while it is actually 864Wh. The website also states the top speed as being 32mph in one place, and 35mph in another. Some clean-up of the website would go a long way in terms of giving potential buyers accurate information before they place an order for the Heybike Hero.

No Fenders: It’s weird to see a bike that is meant for off-road conditions… not come with front or rear fenders.

Screenshot 2024 05 09 at 9.17.38%E2%80%AFAM

The Freshly Charged Take

If a fast 35mph fat-tire, full-suspension, carbon fiber e-bike gets you excited, then check out the Heybike Hero using this link!
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