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A Shocking Ride on the Trek Rail 7 Electric Mountain Bike

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

I truly believe the Trek Rail 7 electric mountain bike is perfect for those looking to go out, do more, and have more fun. Whether you are getting into mountain biking, or are looking for a way to go further and longer, or if you are contemplating a return to the sport, this Trek Rail will amplify your powers and skills so you can enjoy more of what you love.

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  • Quality build and components
  • Reputable company with a long history
  • Fast and responsive customer support
  • Removable battery

What I think:

My experience with the Trek Rail 7 and the experience blew me away. I went into this review cold having done no research and I guess I didn’t know what to expect when I first got on the bike.

I wasn’t sure if the electric mountain bike and its 625 Wh battery paired with one of Bosch’s newest motors would leave me holding on for dear life ala Simon Cowell of if the added weight from the battery and motor would feel big, clunky and overweight.

What I did find, shocked me.

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All my concerns about riding an electric mountain bike vanished as I pedaled through the Rocky Mountains with my friend Andrew.

The Trek Rail 7 feels natural and supernatural all at the same time. If that sounds strange, let me explain. 

There’s a familiarity to riding the Trek Rail 7. At its core it is a mountain bike. A very good mountain bike. 

The bike’s flashy exterior on the model I tested is definitely eye catching. When you get on the bike and look down at your hands there are the standard front and rear brakes, gear shifters, and dropper post controls on the handle bars.

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The Trek Rail 7 looks like a great mountain bike and it feels like a great electric mountain bike.

The easy to use Purion display on the left handlebar gives away the fact that this mountain bike is more than meets the eye. From the electronic display you control how much assistance you want from the Bosch motor.

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There is no throttle to activate the assist. The Trek Rail 7 knows when you need the help and does so as you pedal.

I put the bike into turbo and I sped up steep inclines with superhuman strength leaving the other mountain bikers in the dust as they walked their bikes up the hill- huffing and puffing.

Don’t get me wrong. I still had to do my part and exert myself. But while everyone else was walking their bikes up the hill, I was pedaling.

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When I reached the top of the hill, I was sweating and breathing hard. I put in the work. But I was assisted by a motor that augmented my abilities, allowing this mid 40 year old father of four to do something I otherwise would not have been able to do.

Some people call it cheating, but I love how one couple who stopped to talk to us about the amazing Trek Rail 7 e-mtb put it: “You’re not cheating! You’re being smart! Work smarter, not harder!”

And with that encouragement along with the assistance of the electric motor, we were able to complete many more runs on the mountain than we otherwise would have which made it an absolute joy of a day to ride.

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The Trek Rail 7 lifted our confidence on the trails with its sturdy design, easy to use controls, and comfortable suspension. Even during long descents on rocky terrain, the shocks helped us to feel we were in control. 

The Trek Rail 7 Bosch motor is smaller and lighter than most motors but to accommodate the motor and battery, the bike has to be heavier than analog mountain bikes.

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The only time the weight ever became a factor was during the navigation of tight features where the bike did not seem as nimble as some of its lighter counterparts but the bike still felt playful and the weight never detracted from our fun.

I absolutely loved my time on this bike. I’m a middle aged father of four who enjoys getting out and looking for an adventure. The problem is between family, work, and other commitments, it’s hard to find time to adventure so with my busy schedule, I need to make the most of the little time to go out and play.

Instead of spending most of my time struggling to climb up long ascents, the Trek Rail 7 gives me the boost to charge up trails so that I can enjoy more and struggle less.

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Bosche proprietary charger

The Trek Rail 7 is the perfect bike for folks like me, someone looking to get into the sport of mountain biking for the first time or for someone looking to return to the sport of mountain biking.

You may not be in the best shape like me or you may be sick of being the guy who struggles to keep up on group rides. The Trek Rail 7 is your friend.

It doesn’t matter if you are at peak physical condition or if you are just getting back into a sport after a long time away. The Trek Rail 7 will take what you have and give it a boost so you can go farther and longer.

The Trek Rail 7 brings the joy back into riding. It’s a great combination of quality and performance which justifies the price.

The Flaws:


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

The Trek Rail 7 is heavy, weighing in around 50 lbs. This only matters when you need to lift or carry the bike. Otherwise, the state of the art Bosch motor has you covered while traveling long distances or when riding up steep inclines. 

The price tag is steep and will turn some buyers away. While there are cheaper off brands available on the market, the Trek Rail 7 comes with the backing of a reputable company that can stand behind their warranty.

Trek is a big company and in an anonymous test call, they were quick to respond to my inquiries. 

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As a big fan of single wheeled devices like the Onewheel and the electric unicycle, I never considered an electric bike or electric mountain bike. 

After riding the Trek Rail 7, I think I am hooked. I can do things and ride terrain that I just can’t tackle on my other personal electric vehicles (PEV). 

Each PEV has its appeal and can do something or provide something that other PEVs cannot. The Trek Rail 7 blazed up a steep and rocky trail at over 12,000 ft while I struggled to keep up on my electric unicycle.

If the opportunity arises, I’ll be getting an e-bike and I look forward to reviewing more bikes in the future.

Interested in getting the Trek Rail 7 or some other quality eMTB? Check out the latest directly from Trek.

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Loveland Pass in Colorado. Over 12k feet elevation!

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