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Mod Easy Ebike Review: A High Tech Vintage Ebike

by freshlycharged

The Mod Easy ebike is a great looking ebike with a vintage motorbike feel. Add the optional sidecar to the Mod Easy ebike and you will have the most unique ebike ever. Jimmy and I traveled all the way down to Austin, TX to test out the Mod Easy with sidecar, and we were not disappointed. Jimmy rode around Austin with his niece, nephew, and their dog named Louie. With enough smiles to go around, riding around on the Mod Easy, we were having a blast and turning some heads! In this review, we will let you know what we love and hated about the Mod Easy ebike.

Modbike Side Profile Easy ebike electric bike along the Colorado River in Austin

10 things I love about the Mod Bike Easy

  1. The most unique ebike I’ve ever seen
  2. Ability to add sidecar
  3. Ability to add storage cart
  4. Looks like a beach cruiser met a 1950’s motorcycle from World War 2
  5. Gets tons of compliments
  6. Battery hidden in “gas tank”
  7. Comes in straight or curved bars
  8. Ability to modulate the PAS levels and Amp output
  9. Amazing rear rack that is easy to modulate
  10. Wide street tires make it feel like a Cadillac

The Mod Easy ebike stands out from other ebikes

The Mod Easy is the most unique looking ebike I have ever seen.  This bike is a mashup of a beach cruiser and a 1950s motorcycle.  The sleek design will definitely make you stand out from other ebikes on the market.
Modbike Side Profile Easy ebike electric bike Standing out

Mod Easy sidecar is perfect for kids and dogs

What drew me to Mod Bikes is their amazing sidecar attachment for the Mod Easy.  I was leisurely scrolling through Facebook and saw Mod Bikes had a side cart and was so intrigued. I immediately thought of how much fun this would be for elderly dogs and little children. I love dogs but unfortunately, we outlive our best friends.  Dogs love walks but there comes a point when walks can be painful for them.  The Mod Bike with sidecar attachment would be the perfect solution to an aging dog. The key to a happy family is doing activities together. Riding the Mod Easy with kids in the sidecar would be an amazing family bonding experience.  Your kid would be the talk of the town if you dropped them off at school in the sidecar. The sidecar is amazing, but it does have some pitfalls like weight limit and top speed suggestions.  The weight capacity of the sidecar is 120 lbs and the suggested top speed is 10 mph. We hear you can exceed both of these suggestions with no issues but the 500-watt motor on the Mod Easy is not designed to handle so much weight. Jimmy and I rode the Mod Easy and sidecar together with no issues, but it did struggle to go up hills.
Mod Easy with Side Car and Kid and Dog Excited to Ride Jimmy Chang

Be the talk of the town

As I was cruising the trails along the Colorado River in Austin, TX, I received a number of questions and compliments about the Mod Easy. People love the bike for its looks and when they find out the Mod Easy is an electric bike, they love it even more!

Where’s the battery on the Mod Easy?

The battery on the Mod Easy is housed inside the frame that replicates the gas tank on a motorcycle.  There is also extra room in the tank to store and lock away small personal items like a wallet and cell phone. If you didn’t notice the hub motor and display on the Mod Easy, you would never guess that the Mod Easy is an ebike since the battery is hidden in the “gas tank.”
Modbike Side Profile Easy ebike electric bike battery compartment

Can I adjust the pedal assist and power output on the Mod Easy?

One of my favorite things about the Mod Easy is the ability to adjust the pedal assist levels.  You can adjust how many pedal assist levels there are and the output level.  On top of adjusting the pedal assist levels, you can adjust the amp output. With so many ways to adjust the pedal assist levels, you can dial it into your personal preference.

The little rear rack that could!

All of the Mod Bikes come with a rear rack.  The rear rack may look like your traditional rack but the Mod Bike rack is the most advanced rack Jimmy and I have ever seen.  The rack allows you to put on a Yepp child seat easily because of the hole in the center. There are many holes and notches in the rack for multiple use cases. Mod Bikes is also coming up with a new plate that will allow you to quickly exchange components.  You can go from a child seat to a locked in pannier bag in under 10 seconds.
Mod Bikes City Gel Seat with Mod Rear Rack 1
Rear rack on the Mod City+ which is the same one on the Mod Easy

What size of tires does the Mod Easy have?

The Mod Easy features 24” by 3” wide Kenda Flame street tires. The tires add to the look of the 1950s World War II motorcycle and make the ride extremely comfortable.
Mod Easy Wide Tires

5 things I hate about the Mod Easy ebike

  1. Would like a color display
  2. Needs better cable management
  3. 500-watt motor struggles up steep hills with throttle only
  4. Headlight is not that bright
  5. Not the nimblest bike

2021 deserves some color

I love how you can easily navigate the display on the Mod Bikes. Instead of P settings like we see on other ebikes and escooters, you can easily change settings without an instruction manual. However, the display reminds me of something I’d find on ebikes a few years ago.  For being 2021, I wish the display on the Mod Bikes were a little bit more advance.
Mod Easy Black And White Display

How’s the cable management?

The Mod Bike Easy is such a sleek design, it grinds my gears that the cable management is so poor.  They have a Mod Bike branded sleeve covering some of the wires but overall which helps to prevent a huge spaghetti mess of wires. Some cable wraps wouldn’t cost much, and it would make the bike look a lot more aesthetically pleasing.
Mod Bikes Berlin Spaghetti Wire Mess 1
Cable management from the Mod Berlin. Very similar to what we see on the Mod Easy.

Would love to see a 750-watt motor on the Mod Easy.

The Mod Easy only has a 500-watt motor which is fine most of the time. However, if you go up steep hills and try to use throttle only, you will crawl up the hill. Add the sidecar attachment, and you won’t make it up steep hills without peddling. I would like to see an option for a 750-watt motor on future versions of the Mod Easy especially for those interested in adding a sidecar attachment.
Mod Easy with Side Car and Kid and Dog Excited to Ride 1

Headlight looks cool but…

The Headlight on the Mod Easy looks sweet.  However, it is not strong enough for safe night riding. The light isn’t bright to begin with and the yellowish hue adds character but does not help with visibility.
Mod Easy in Austin Texas Capital

Perfect for beach cruising but not designed for busy cities

With curved handlebars, the Mod Easy rides very similar to a beach cruiser.  Beach cruisers are comfortable to ride but they aren’t very nimble. I do not recommend the Mod Easy for people living in crowded cities like Manhattan because it simply is not nimble enough around crowded conditions.
Mod Easy I love you so much

Who should buy the Mod Easy ebike?

If you like nice things and want an ebike that stands out, the Mod Easy is an excellent option. If you have kids and elderly dogs, you can get the sidecar attachment to bring them along on your stylish adventures. If you love beach cruiser bikes, the Mod Easy is the ultimate beach cruiser on steroids. If you like to go on a lazy rides and cruise around without peddling, the Mod Easy allows you to do that with the throttle.
Mod Easy with Side Car Jimmy Chang and Andrew on top of the world

Who should avoid the Mod Easy ebike?

Do not get the Mod Easy if you live in an area with steep hills. I would also not suggest the Mod Easy for people in heavily dense areas because the Mod Easy is stylish but it rides a little clunky.

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