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The Velotric Go 1 Review: Compact and Nimble Cargo Ebike

by freshlycharged

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Velotric Go 1, an exciting addition to the world of compact and nimble cargo e-bikes. Designed to combine versatility and functionality, the Velotric Go 1 offers a powerful and efficient ride. In this review, we will explore the features that make the Velotric Go 1 stand out from the crowd, providing an excellent cargo-carrying solution for urban commuters. We will also address certain areas that could benefit from further improvement. Let’s delve into the details! Click here for the current price on the Velotric Go 1 Save $60 with coupon code FreshlyCharged60

What I love about the Velotric Go 1

  • Powerful 750 watt motor
  • Excellent paint job
  • Integrated battery that matches frame color
  • Comes in a forest green color
  • Bamboo rear rack with lots of attachment slots
  • 4 piston hydraulic brakes
  • 80mm front hydraulic suspension
  • LG battery that is UL certified
  • Novatec thru axle hub
  • CST puncture-resistant tires
  • Equipped with Apple Find My
  • 120 lb cargo capacity
  • 440 lb weight capacity.

Powerful 500-Watt Motor:

The high-performance 500-watt motor provides ample power and torque, allowing for swift acceleration and effortless conquering of inclines.
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Excellent Paint Job:

The Velotric Go 1 boasts an exceptional paint job that not only adds to its visual appeal but also ensures long-lasting durability, keeping your bike looking fresh and vibrant.
Velotric Go 1 side profile

Integrated Battery:

The integrated battery seamlessly matches the frame color, enhancing the bike’s aesthetic appeal and providing a cohesive and stylish appearance.

Forest Green Color Option:

The Velotric Go 1 comes in a striking forest green color, making a bold statement and appealing to riders who appreciate a touch of nature-inspired style.

Bamboo Rear Rack:

Equipped with a bamboo rear rack featuring multiple attachment slots, the Velotric Go 1 offers versatility and convenience in cargo carrying. Securely transport your belongings while maintaining an eco-friendly aesthetic.

4 Piston Hydraulic Brakes:

The bike is equipped with 4 piston hydraulic brakes, delivering exceptional stopping power and ensuring optimal safety during your rides, even when carrying heavy loads.

60mm Front Hydraulic Suspension:

The front hydraulic suspension with 60mm travel provides excellent shock absorption, enhancing rider comfort and stability on uneven and rough surfaces.

UL Certified LG Battery:

The Velotric Go 1 utilizes a UL certified LG battery, ensuring reliable performance, extended range, and meeting stringent safety standards for worry-free riding.

Novatec Thru Axle Hub:

The use of a Novatec thru axle hub enhances the bike’s stability and responsiveness, allowing for precise handling and improved power transfer.

CST Puncture-Resistant Tires:

The Velotric Go 1 comes equipped with puncture-resistant CST tires, minimizing the risk of flats and providing added peace of mind during your urban adventures.

Apple Find My Integration:

The bike features Apple Find My integration, enabling you to track its location and enjoy peace of mind in case of theft or misplacement.

Generous Cargo Capacity:

With a cargo capacity of 120 lbs, the Velotric Go 1 allows you to transport your essentials and more, making it an ideal choice for urban commuting and running errands.

Impressive Weight Capacity:

The Velotric Go 1 can handle a weight capacity of 440 lbs, accommodating riders of various sizes and enabling the transport of heavier loads without compromising performance. Click here for the current price on the Velotric Go 1 Save $60 with coupon code FreshlyCharged60

What I hate about the Velotric Go 1

  • Apple Find My does not work with Android phones
  • Throttle can be a little jerky when not fully compressed
  • Throttle does not work in pedal assist 0
  • Wish there was a way to upgrade to a color display
  • Cadence sensor has a runoff after you stop pedaling.
While the Velotric Go 1 boasts numerous impressive features, there are areas that could benefit from further refinement:

Apple Find My Limited Compatibility:

The Apple Find My integration currently excludes compatibility with Android phones. Expanding compatibility to Android devices would offer a more inclusive and user-friendly experience for a broader range of users.

Jerky Throttle at Partial Compression:

The throttle can be jerky when not fully compressed. Enhancing the throttle response to provide smoother acceleration across various compression levels would improve the overall riding experience.

Throttle Functionality in Pedal Assist 0:

The inability to use the throttle in pedal assist 0 mode can be restrictive for riders who prefer manual control. Allowing throttle functionality in all pedal assist levels would offer greater flexibility and customization.

Lack of Upgrade Option to Color Display:

While the Velotric Go 1 features a functional display, some riders may desire a color display for enhanced visibility and a more engaging user experience. Offering an upgrade option to a color display would cater to these preferences.

Cadence Sensor Runoff:

The Cadence sensor occasionally has a runoff after pedaling, resulting in a brief delay before the motor disengages. Fine-tuning the sensor’s responsiveness to eliminate this runoff would improve the bike’s overall performance.

Shimano Tourney Derailleur:

For the price of the Go 1, I feel like it should be at least equipped with a Shimano Acera or Altus derailleur. Upgrading the derailleur to a higher-tier model would enhance shifting performance and durability. Click here for the current price on the Velotric Go 1 Save $60 with coupon code FreshlyCharged60


The Velotric Go 1 cargo e-bike combines compact design with exceptional performance, catering to the needs of urban commuters and cargo transporters. With its powerful motor, excellent paint job, integrated battery, bamboo rear rack, hydraulic brakes, and other outstanding features, the Velotric Go 1 stands out as a reliable and efficient cargo e-bike option. While there are areas that could benefit from improvement, the bike’s numerous strengths make it a compelling choice for those seeking a nimble and versatile cargo-carrying solution. Embrace the convenience and thrill of the Velotric Go 1 and unlock new possibilities in your urban adventures.
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