kawasaki elektrode

Kawasaki Elektrode – An E-Motorcycle for 5-year olds?

by Nathan Schaumann

The Kawasaki Elektrode is an entirely new category of PEV: kids motorcycle. The Elektrode is marketed as the equivalent of a bike-with-training-wheels for budding motorcyclists. As Kawasaki states on their website: “few products exist to help bridge the gap to a small displacement motorcycle”.

With a 250W motor and a max speed of 13 mph, you can ensure that your kids are not going to hurt themselves too badly while trying out this fun toy. Since its release, the Kawaski Elektrode has been getting rave reviews, praised mainly for its unique look, unique functionality, and high-quality features.

Kawasaki Elektrode – Notable Features

Adjustable Seat Height: The Elektrode is meant for kids aged 3-8, and the adjustable seat allows the bike to grow with the kid as they develop their riding skills.

Electric Motor: The electric motor has no moving parts and is virtually silent, allowing for uninterrupted fun and learning.

Authentic Motorcycle Decals: The Kawasaki Elektrode is designed to resemble a “big-kid motorcycle” rather than a child’s bicycle, and so styling features include a Kawasaki KX™-style front number plate, KX-inspired color and graphics, high quality paint, and motocross-inspired knobby tires.


The Freshly Charged Take

This is a great bike that will definitely get your kids outside. While it won’t provide as much exercise as a pedal bicycle, at least they won’t be playing video games! With a brand name like Kawasaki, you can be confident in the build quality and after-sales service that will be provided once you purchase the Kawasaki Elektrode. We’d recommend this for anyone with adventurous kids and a decent amount of trails nearby.

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