Invanti Tornado – Accessory Laden Cargo Bike

by Nathan Schaumann

Invanti is a newcomer to the E-bike world, and they just released their first e-bike model, the Tornado. The Invanti Tornado is a cargo bike that offers more versatility than anything we’ve ever seen before, and it’s also taking bike safety to a new level. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about this new bike, and what our overall take on it is. 

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Invanti Tornado – Specifications

  • Motor Power: 750 W
  • Range: 100 miles (claimed)
  • Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Battery: 48V 14.7Ah 
  • Bike Weight: 77 lbs
  • 20″ wheels (puncture resistant)

Invanti Tornado – Features 

  • Integrated turning signals
  • Anti-theft GPS system
  • Remote power-off ability (Pro Version) 
  • 9 accessories to customize bike for your usage 
  • LCD Display
  • One size that works for heights between 4’11” and 6’3”
  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Torque Sensor

Invanti Tornado – Accessories

  • Front Rack Basket
  • Extended Range Battery
  • Pneumatic Seat Post
  • Frame Storage Bag
  • Passenger Foot Rests
  • Seat Pad
  • Passenger Handrail
  • Rear Rack Basket
  • Rear Twin Pannier
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Invanti Tornado – Things We Love

Hub Lock: The Pro version of the Tornado has a hub lock that prevents the bike from being moved and can be activated remotely on the app. You’ll never have to worry about bike locks again. 

GPS Tracking: The bike has GPS tracking so that you can always know where your bike is, and get an alert if it gets moved. You can also set a range for the bike that lets you know if the bike goes beyond that distance, and see how far you can travel based on your bike’s battery.  

Versatility: The Tornado has been called the “Swiss Army Knife” of e-bikes. With tons of accessories, you can really customize the bike to fit your lifestyle. 

Comfortable: The suspension, seat padding, torque sensor, and brakes come together to create a smooth riding experience.

Hauling: Whether it’s carrying two kids on the back, groceries, camping supplies, etc. the Tornado has both the room and weight capacity to fit your needs. 

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Invanti Tornado – Room For Improvement

Front Light: The front light is not very powerful. It is really only meant for identification, not for path illumination for the rider. 

Size: While the Tornado is relatively narrow for a cargo bike, it is very long. It might have trouble fitting into elevators or in the back of an SUV or pickup truck.

The Freshly Charged Take

The Invanti Tornado is one of the best cargo bikes currently available. It has innovative safety features such as GPS tracking, as well as a wide variety of accessories compatible with the bike. The design is also sleek, aesthetic and composed of high quality parts. There are early bird deals available that make the bike more affordably priced, such as the current 35% discount if you provide Invanti with your email address.

Click here for the latest price of the Invanti Tornado. 

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