Cargo E-bike That Has It All: Aventon Abound

by Nathan Schaumann

When considering features you might want on a cargo E-bike, the Aventon Abound has it all. It’s massive, has a staggering payload capacity of 440 lbs, provides excellent suspension, has a 720 Wh battery with adequate range, and feels extremely stable and easy to ride no matter the cargo load. We found it difficult to find things we didn’t like about this bike, and it stacks up well against its closest competitors, the Velotric Packer 1 and the RadWagon 4, despite being $200 cheaper. The only things we could find to complain about (besides minor nitpicky things we’ll get to later) were us wanting even more power and even more range, but for the $1799 price it’s pretty hard to complain. Overall, we’d recommend this bike to anyone looking for a relatively low-cost, extremely robust cargo bike with nearly limitless carrying capacity. And now for the specs:


Price: $1799

Speed: 20 mph

Motor: 750W

Battery: 48V, 15Ah (720 Wh)

Range: 50 miles

Brakes: Tektro HD-E350 Hydraulic disc brakes

Drivetrain: Shimano 7-speed

Wheel size: 20” x 2.4”

Weight: 81 lbs

Payload Capacity: 440 lbs (rear rack 143 lbs)

Suspension: SR Suspension Fork, 50 mm travel w/ Lockout (front)

abound gray side


Integrated lights + turn signals

Iphone + Android App

Torque Sensor

Full Color LCD Display

Center-mounted storage bag


4 levels of pedal assist (Eco/Tour/Sport/Turbo)

Thumb Throttle

Extended rear rack

abound gray 09

Things We Love

Weight carrying capability is extremely important on a cargo bike, and we were delighted to see the Abound rated for a whopping 440 lbs of total payload capacity. That can include up to two (small) riders in the back, or a whole lot of gear.

We love E-bikes with torque sensors, as they give the bike a natural and responsive feel. We typically only see torque sensors on higher-end bikes, so it’s great to see the feature present in bikes more towards the affordable end of the spectrum, like the Abound.

We love that everything necessary for carrying cargo is included, instead of being an add-on like most competitors. Examples include the rear rack, running boards, and a small cargo compartment that fits behind the seatpost. 

The motorcycle-style kickstand and low center of gravity (due to the smaller tires) make it easy to load up with cargo, and keep the bike stable yet maneuverable when turning.

The styling of the Abound is eccentric, but we like it. It differs from the more utilitarian design prominent on many other cargo bikes and makes it stand out.

In addition to the 50mm of travel offered by the front suspension, the seat post helps to increase comfort with an additional 20mm of travel.

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Room for Improvement

Cable management is not fantastic

The running boards are located close to the pedal, and those with larger shoes might hit them on the boards


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