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Basically a Better Aventon Aventure 2 But for Less Money: GoTrax Tundra Review

by Nathan Schaumann

The GoTrax Tundra is the biggest E-bike currently offered by GoTrax. We were expecting it to be pretty much a clone of the Aventon Aventure 2, but it actually has some key features that set it apart. The GoTrax Tundra presents a unique combination of plentiful features, great specs, and a reasonable price point. Read on to see our full list of things we liked and hated about the Tundra, and whether or not we think you should purchase it.

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GoTrax Tundra – Specs

  • Tires: 26″ x 4″ (Chao Yang puncture-resistant)
  • Speed: 28 mph
  • Battery: 48V 20Ah (960 Wh), UL-rated
  • Motor: 750W
  • Range: 74 miles (stated)
  • Weight: 78 lbs
  • Charge Time: 7 hours
  • Max Load: 300 lbs
  • Water Resistance: IPX4

GoTrax Tundra – Features

  • Coil suspension with lockout and adjustable preload
  • Torque sensor
  • Hydraulic brakes w/180mm brake discs
  • 7-speed Shimano shifter
  • Color display
  • Bell
  • Thumb throttle
  • Metal fenders
  • Front-facing light w/adjustable angle
  • Integrated rear lights
  • Motor quick disconnect for easy tire changes

Things We Love

Torque Sensor: The GoTrax Tundra has one of the most sensitive, best-tuned torque sensors we’ve ever tested. This torque sensor also has no issues getting the bike all the way up to the top speed of 28mph, once you switch into pedal assist level 5. Pedal assist 5 requires much less effort to get up to speed, and we love the way they have programmed that.

Battery: This battery is 1/3 larger than the Aventon Aventure, which itself has a pretty large battery. You would be hard-pressed to find situations in which you would need even more than the Tundra’s 74! miles of range.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 9.49.54%E2%80%AFAM

Price: Despite having a larger battery, the GoTrax Tundra is priced $400 cheaper than the Aventon Aventure, making this a pretty sweet deal.

Color Display: We like GoTrax displays, and this one is no exception. It provides crisp, clean lines and is easy to read in direct sunlight.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 9.57.22%E2%80%AFAM

Front Light: The front light on the GoTrax Tundra is considerably smaller than a lot of competitor bikes, but it is also much brighter, which is really all that matters when you are trying to ride safely at night.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 9.56.27%E2%80%AFAM

Tires: We love the puncture-resistant, hippo skin Chao Yang tires. Chao Yang makes their tires out of a softer rubber compound, which improves grip and braking performance.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 9.55.10%E2%80%AFAM

Coil Suspension: Despite not being hydraulic suspension, the Tundra’s coil suspension gives it a nice cushion, and it is rated for riders all the way up to 300 lbs, making it an excellent choice for heavier riders like Andrew.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 9.53.43%E2%80%AFAM

Brake Lights: We love the brake lights being integrated into the frame. They work both as brake lights and visibility lights, depending on whether or not you toggle the light switch on or off.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 8.26.58%E2%80%AFAM

Fit and Finish: The GoTrax Tundra has remarkably clean welds, and decent cable management to give this bike a polished look.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 9.52.15%E2%80%AFAM

Things We Hate

Shimano Tourney Derailleur: We see this specific derailleur on a lot of budget e-bikes, but since this bike is trying to compete against more luxury e-bikes, we would have liked to see either an Altus or a Sora derailleur.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 9.58.38%E2%80%AFAM

Bluetooth App: Although this bike is overall better than the Aventon Aventure, one thing it is missing is a Bluetooth app so you can adjust settings with more detail from your phone.

Noisy Motor: The Bafang motor surprised us with the amount of noise it makes. This bike doesn’t provide the whisper-quiet acceleration we’ve become accustomed to on modern e-bikes.

Size Options: The GoTrax Tundra does come in a step-over and a step-thru configuration, but there is only one size of each available. Additional sizes would make this bike more suitable for riders of different heights.

Pedals Too Low: If you’re trying to make a tight turn and your pedal is low, you run the risk of scraping on the ground. This is an obvious design flaw that make this bike not nearly as well-suited for heavy trail riding.

Screenshot 2024 06 11 at 10.00.53%E2%80%AFAM

The Freshly Charged Take

The GoTrax Tundra is for those who are looking for an all-terrain e-bike with fat tires, a huge battery and an affordable price. The Tundra features a unique torque sensor that we’ve never seen before on an e-bike that is also worth checking out.

Click here for the latest price of the GoTrax Tundra.
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