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Pedego Moto – What Happens When You Mix A Tandem Bike With An E-Mountain Bike?

by Nathan Schaumann

Pedego has added to their collection of adventure e-bikes with the Pedego Moto, a Class 2 bike that can seat two adults and looks more like a moped than a traditional bike. It’s a hefty bike with the typical hefty price that accompanies Pedego’s bikes, but it has unique features that make it worth looking into. Read on to learn this bike’s specifications, features, and what we think you’ll love (or won’t love) about it. 

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Pedego Moto – Specifications

  • Battery: 922Wh (48V, 19.2Ah)
  • Range: 75 miles
  • Pedal Assist: Up to 20 mph
  • Wheels: 20 inches

Pedego Moto – Features 

  • Two person capacity
  • Turn signals
  • Easy unboxing and assembly
  • Front light
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Front and rear shocks
  • Proprietary connector for charging
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Pedego Moto – Things We Love

Versatility: The huge tires and soft suspension make it easy to take this bike off of paved paths and onto trails and beaches.

Large Battery: The battery life on the Moto is impressive, good for long trips or just for the convenience of only having to plug it in every couple of uses. 

Safety Features: The Moto has many features that increase its safety on the roads such as a front light, turn signals, and hydraulic brakes.  

Powerful motor: The 85 nm of torque from the motor gives the Moto a kick even when there are two people on the bike. 

Pedego Moto – Room For Improvement

Pricey: We have to say the almost $4,000 price tag on this bike puts it outside the range of a “good deal.” 

Not for casual commuters: The Moto is heavy and clunky compared to traditional bikes, and is definitely overkill for those needing a simple city commuter.

Pedego moto

The Freshly Charged Take

The Pedego Moto is a fun bike made for the adventurous soul with deeper pockets. If you are simply looking for a e-bike that can fit two people, there are cheaper options on the market. What sets the Moto apart is features like the suspension and bright front lights, and Moto’s “no excuses” warranty.

Click here for the latest price of the Pedego Moto. 

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