Talaria Sting

Talaria Sting Review: Similar to the Sur Ron but with some Key Differences

by freshlycharged

Who will love the Talaria Sting?

Overall, the Talaria Sting is larger and heavier with a bigger battery compared to the Sur Ron and that will appeal to riders who want something more substantial between their legs.

What I think

The Talaria Sting is the newest ebike in the electric dirt bike genre geared towards adrenaline junkies looking to have some good clean fun.
And while the Talaria Sting looks similar to the popular Sur Ron, up close there are some key differences you should know about. The Talaria Sting is made by folks who broke away from Surron and that’s why it looks so similar. We’ve tested the Surron and Segway X260 ebikes and were impressed by those e-dirt bikes. From our time with the Talaria, it feels like the Sting took a lot of the good from the Surron and made it better. Check out pricing and availability of the Talaria Sting at Grit Shift.
Talaria Sting Review

Talaria Sting vs Sur Ron: So what’s the Same?

  1. 19” diameter rims front and rear
  2. Brakes
  3. Front forks
  4. Headlight
  5. Suspension options
  6. Power System: 60V 3000W
  7. Similar style
Talaria Sting ebike battery

Talaria Sting vs Sur Ron: Key differences

  1. Weighs more, 138 lbs vs 110 lbs
  2. It’s bigger… wider and taller
  3. More ground clearance
  4. Longer seat
  5. Wider rear swing arm which fits a wider rear tire
  6. Bigger battery 38 Ah vs 32 Ah
  7. One battery connector instead of two
  8. New Throttle
  9. New display with more control
  10. Better regenerative breaking that is now more easily adjustable
  11. New Start button: because it’s easy to forget the bike is on, the start button helps to prevent accidental wheelies
  12. New Gearbox which replaces the problematic Sur Ron belt
  13. Gearbox requires an oil change every 1000 km
  14. Less noisy
  15. More powerful initial acceleration
  16. Decreased turning radius
Talaria Sting vs Surron

Why choose the Talaria Sting over the Sur Ron?

Stock and out of the box, both bikes are very good for riding streets and light trails. The Sur Ron would be better for shorter riders and street riders since it is smaller and more lightweight. The larger, more powerful Talaria seems to be more suited for heavier and taller riders who do more trail riding but the initially jumpy acceleration will take some getting use to. A big consideration that many neglect in the decision making is maintenance and the Surron jackshaft and belt drive are notorious for needing repairs and replacing. The Talaria eliminates that issue by using a sealed gearbox. Yes, the oil will need to be regularly changed from the gearbox, but that’s pretty simple compared to replacing bad bearings or a busted belt.
Talaria Sting ebike vs Surron
The heavier and bigger Talaria feels more like a motorcycle and it’s definitely more punchy off the line. In conclusion, the Talaria is a bigger, heavier version of the Surron with some nice upgrades that should require less maintenance while the Surron is the time tested classic electric dirt bike with plenty of 3rd party accessories, parts and support. Check out pricing and availability of the Talaria Sting at Grit Shift.

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